Why You Should Do Pilates In 2019

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 22, 2019 | Workouts

Hi Everyone! I have talked a lot about yoga over the years, and how much I love it as a form of exercise that can lean and lengthen the body and provide that mind-body connection that is so important to overall well-being. But I also love Pilates! Pilates movements can be beneficial to your body and mind in so many ways, and it is a form of exercise I have practiced for years. My all new Stop The Clock Workout Plan has an entire section devoted to Flexibility and Balance exercises, to help you stay Fit and Fabulous after 40! They include Pilates movements, since Pilates not only focuses on and improves your core (or powerhouse), but also promotes strength, balanced muscle development, flexibility and more. Learn more about my guide, and check out these benefits of Pilates!

Benefits Of Pilates:

  1. Pilates works on the body as a whole. Pilates really uses all the parts of the body in a unified workout, so you never need to worry about overusing some areas and underusing others. This makes Pilates a great workout on its own, but also a wonderful complement to other workouts such as biking or running, where one area of the body is used more heavily than others.
  2. It urges you to connect the mind and body. A Pilates workout will include focusing on your breath, your body, and how they work and move together. By centering your mind and body, you will focusing your concentration, controlling your movements, doing those movements in a precise way, all while breathing and creating a flow between movements. It’s a beautiful way to integrate a mind-body connection into your workouts.
  3. Pilates can ease back pain. It helps to stabilize the core’s lower back region, which can help to alleviate stress on this area. Lower back pain can be addressed – and even prevented – with a regular Pilates routine! And a bonus side effect of a healthy, strong back? Good posture!
  4. Pilates is easy on joints. The slow, controlled movements of Pilates puts minimal impact on your joints. This is why Pilates is a great exercise when rehabbing injuries. Athletes use Pilates to rehab joint and muscle injuries because it is effective yet gentle.
  5. Anyone at any level of fitness can start Pilates – and see benefits of Pilates. You can be young and fit, older and out of shape, and you will still see the benefits of Pilates when you start a regular Pilates routine! By starting with the core, then moving to proper alignment and bringing in the mind-body connections mentioned above, Pilates will benefit not only your body, but your mind and outlook as well. So no matter what your age, start a Pilates routine today with my new Stop The Clock Workout Plan – it includes three weekly workouts that incorporate Pilates movements!
  6. It promotes flexibility. Think about when your muscles are tight – you naturally tend to shrink inward, protecting those muscles. Pilates targets those tight muscles and encourages a wider range of motion that ultimately leads to greater flexibility and even leaner muscles that are toned.
  7. Pilates gives you more energy. As we all know, more exercise equals more energy, and Pilates is no exception to this! It gets your breath and circulation moving, stimulates your spine and muscles, and provides your mind and body with the good feelings that comes with exercise. You will feel so much better after a Pilates workout!
  8. It can help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. You will hear “lift your pelvic floor” in a Pilates class, and what this translates to a strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. This is why Pilates is such a great workout to add to your life even if you are older.

I think that if you practice Pilates regularly, it will transform your body – you can become longer, leaner, stronger… you can improve your muscle tone, posture and balance… and you will even move more gracefully and with ease. These are all reasons I included a Pilates workout in my new Stop The Clock Workout Plan! You will practice Pilates (and yoga) moves three times a week for four weeks, and trust me – you will love it AND see results! Check out my new Stop The Clock Workout Plan today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Pilates For You

Hey everybody, it’s Denise Austin and I’m so excited about my brand new Stop The Clock Workout Guide! You will love it, has all the exercises to firm and tone your body, especially my favorite part: a pilates and Yoga flexibility and balance section. Toned and firmed up your legs so you have long lean legs, stretching for flexibility, yoga moves. It has everything you need to really feel good about yourself and stretching is so important. You’ll love it. So check it out at DeniseAustin.com.

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