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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 25, 2019 | Workouts

My new FREE toning workout mini-challenge started today – have you signed up yet? ThisĀ 2-Week Total Body Toning Challenge will help you get in great shape for summer – starting today!! I LOVE this new Challenge – it is a perfect mix of my super popular TV show workouts and inspirations combined with new target – toning workout, stretches and recipes. Everything you need to get toned and fit! Check it out!

Today’s workout is from my “Daily Workout” TV Show, and is a 10-minute arms and bust workout. This is so great for targeting the areas that tend to droop and sag as we get older. Do this toning workout and you will feel and look firmer and more lifted! All you need is a set of weights (1-5 pounds, your choice), or you can do it without weights and still get benefits, too.

Sign up today for access to all of my Total Body Toning workout challenge, stretches, recipes inspirations and more!! We’ll tone up together!

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to your daily workout in today, our daily spot is arms and bust. So grab your weights and let’s get to it. Let’s begin. First of all, stand up nice and tall and squat, and we’re going to work the bicep muscle, the front of those arms. That’s right. Focus in the front of the arms. Good and down. Now for those of you that don’t have weights, I don’t want you to say, oh, I can’t do this because I don’t have those. Wait, don’t you worry. Go inside your cupboard and get any can out of the cupboard and you can use those as your resistance. They weigh about a pound each. That’s right, or you could use water bottles filled up. There’s no more excuses from those arms. Tighten up the biceps. Great. Tighten them. Good. Two more, one and two. Now, side to side side.

Good progress. That’s really, pull them up. Let me see those muscles. Good. My goal here for you is to get nice arms, sculpted arms. That’s right. Not big, bulky arms. We’re women. We will never be able to have those big bulky muscles. You want to know why? Because we don’t have the male hormone testosterone at the levels of your body, so don’t you worry. This is the tone and firm up the arms. Nice contours. Sexy, good, last set, good. Now turn to the other side. Go halfway up. Start here and go lift. Lift. Like you are carrying a tray. That’s it. Just lift up. This is working at different muscle groups of the Bicep, inside. More VR exercise right here. Focusing on that muscle right there. That’s it. We’re always going to work on their posey muscle groups. This is the front of the yard. I stepped. Next up, we’re going to work on the back of the items, the triceps, the area, all of us women.

target. We got two more. One, two, beautiful. Elbows come up and I really, I really, now we’re targeting the back of our arms, the tricep muscle, the area. All of us really need to burn and the lift. No more underarm sag. No more. I’m strong. Flap permit by dot. That’s right. That’s the air we’re targeting. Let me give you a couple tips here. First of all, make sure your elbows stay up very high. That’s it. The higher the elbows, the better the workout. Making your time more efficient. That’s what we’re into. Making effective. So every single one town. That’s right. Good. Two more. Last one. Now we hold it up. We do middle cutter. Middle touches. That’s a hard one. Try it though. You can do it. Little touches back here. Touch, touch, touch the weights you. That’s hard, but lift your arms higher.

The higher you lift on stuff better for you. That’s right. More effective. You’ll see results a lot quicker. Numerous sagging underneath the arms. Two more. One, two. All can shake it out. Shake it out. Beautiful. She, now we’re going to work on the shoulders. Get Nice, sexy shoulders. Let’s begin. Lift. Release. This release also works on the chest muscles. That’s right. Our pectoral. Give the breasts a little uplift. This’ll work on the muscles underneath the chest, underneath the breast. Give it more of a lift. The breast won’t say good truth. That’s what we’re working on for us and good. Let me see the definition. Let me see the cleavage. That’s it. Good. Really permit. Good net empress. Come on. Show me those muscles. That’s beautiful. Good. We’ve got two more. One more. Good and release. Turn to the side. Ready for the upper back. We work the chest, shoulders, and now the upper bound.

No more bra overhangs and release. Release. You can take this slower. Slower is a lot harder though. Your pds, your baby fingers or lifting through the actual myth through the baby being peace, sat, lead will make you work. The upper shoulders and the upper back. The lock that up as high as you can. You’re doing great. This one’s a killer. I know. You know what? That’s the area we’re targeting the upper part of the bat, so we won’t have that Bra Overhang. Nothing squishy. Now that’s it. And Nice, sexy back. We could wear those beautiful babies. That’s right. Or The backless dresses, halter tops and your back looks beautiful. That’s it. Not only do you want it to look good, but you also want healthy back. And this is one of the best exercises we got. Two more stomach should be in last one. Okay. Shake it out.

Shake it out. Now for our overhead presses. Ready? Both hands right here. Ready? Next release. Lift. Relax. This is for the entire upper body. That’s right. This works. Trust those weights. Getting your body in shape is so important. Birming and Tony with weights really, really works. You see the body shape a lot better. That’s it. It’s one of the fastest ways to reshape your body. Working out with weights. Good. Couple more you guys. You can do it. Come on. Work those arms so we have nice, beautiful upper bodies. When did the most beautiful parts of the body or the arm? They are visible a lot of the time. Remember those tank tops that you want to where now you can wear them. That’s right. Two bar. Come on, give me all last one. Hold slowly. Premiums down slowly, slowly, slowly. This is working all the arm. Spring it up again up all the way. Good holds us and bring it down. Slowly. Feel the resistance working. The muscles that get straight, the tummies tight. Everything is working. The chest. One more circle up. This is a great exercise. Release a town all the ways, all the way down. Release, release, release.

Oh, okay, you did it. Place your weights right down. Never want to really stretch with those weights. That’s it. Okay. The hard part’s over. You did it. Working out with weights is great and working your upper part of the body gives you more that tapered off month. So when you work the upper part of the body, you have that nice trimmed slim waistline book and that’s what I’m trying for you to get a nice balanced body instead of just straight body. This way it gives it a lot of contours and shape and it makes your hips and waist line look smaller. You have some muscles up here. Gives that wonderful silhouette. Book the look we all want. And remember the clothes you wear is important to try to find clothes that really help your body spa. That’s it. Now stretch that. Stretch the arm across the body.

Feel that wonderful stretch in your arm and shoulders since we use those muscles, that’s it. Get rid of the tension in the shoulders. Relax your neck. Oh, it feels so good. How about the other side? Hold the stretch. Hold it. This is where I want you to feel it now to spiel it. New to form. Now let’s stretch your neck. A lot of times your neck gets a lot of tension and all you have to do to release tension to stretch it out and hold it. That’s it. Good. You’re doing great. And one last stretch. Lift your body up, stretch, arms back. Improve that posture. Stretch the spine. Something so important, giving space to every single vertebrae in your back and really take a nice cleansing breath. Inhale and exhale. You did great today. Give yourself a big hand. I’m so proud of you.

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