5 Simple Ways to Get Fit With Me!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 27, 2021 | Workouts

Are you looking for ways to get fit? Then look no further…. I have some simple tips and the all-around solutions to help you get fit – and stay fit!! When it comes to ways to get fit, it takes some exercise, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. They don’t have to be drastic changes, but can be if you really want to achieve healthy goals. The good news is that my DeniseAustin.com membership area has everything you need to get started on a healthy path – and it is free to join! Start your 30-day free trial now and access allllll the content, tips, inspiration and more – all ways to get fit with me!

Here are 5 simple ways to get fit:

1. Add in cardio. Cardio exercise is important for so much when it comes to health: it helps keep our weight at a healthy level, boosts our metabolism and energy, helps keep our hearts healthy and our digestive systems running smoothly… truly the list goes on and on. I recommend most people get 30 minutes of cardio exercise three to four times per week. This can be a walk, run, bike ride… or a fun dance workout or step routine in my member area! Here is a 10-minute Legs and Thighs Cardio Kickbox Workout from my plan – start your free trial today to access the entire workout PLUS over 120 more cardio workouts!!!

2. Do some strength training. Strength training workouts are also important when it comes to ways to get fit. They are vital to helping keep muscles strong and healthy, and also help to promote a healthy heart, proper posture, energy and metabolism, and more. I recommend about two days of strength training workouts each week, to maintain muscle strength. In my member area, I have over 115 toning workouts to try, that target the arms and upper body, the booty, thighs and legs, and more.

3. Begin to eat healthy meals and snacks. Support your hearty workouts with hearty meals that are delicious, nutritious, and won’t leave you wanting more! My customizable meal plan has almost 200 recipes that are easy to make and taste great. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks… it’s all there – plus a shopping list function and the ability to swap out any recipes you don’t like. Check out this post on what I eat to stay healthy and some of my favorite high-protein recipes – all available when you join!

4. Practice stretching exercises. In addition to cardio and toning, when looking for ways to get fit, you will want to add in stretching exercises to your lifestyle. They help to keep you lean, limber, flexible and standing tall and proud! Plus when you practice gentle exercises such as yoga and Pilates, it helps to calm your mind, too – self-care at it’s best! This Beginner’s Balance & Toning Yoga is a 20-minute yoga practice from my member area – give it a try, then get access to 48 more yoga workouts!

5. Challenge yourself! When it comes to ways to get fit, challenging yourself is important! When you mix it up, you stay interested and engaged. That’s why I have so many fun Challenges in my plan, from my 10-Day Fit and Fab Challenge to my Summer Slimmer Challenge to my 2-Week Natural Body Bootcamp – a no-equipment challenge that will help you get a beautiful, strong body! Try this 10-minute Natural Body Boot Camp Toning Workout, and if you enjoy it, join today and you can access the entire Challenge (all the other ones!) right away!


And I am adding new workouts to my member area, so why wait – try these ways to get fit by joining my DeniseAustin.com membership! Free for 30 days… I think you’ll love it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

Ways To Get Fit: Transcripts

10-Minute Legs and Thighs Workout Transcript

It’s time to burn fat cardio light. Today it’s a little martial arts. Kickboxing. Let’s get started. Okay, I want you right here. Shuffle your feet side to side, come on. Let’s get ready to pump it up. Get your arms out right up here. Guard your face. It’s beautiful. So protect it because we’re ready to do some jabbing and some punches. Let’s begin punches it out right here. This is called Cross Jab. Punch it out. Stomach tight. Its all in your waist C’mon. Tell me you’re strong. You’re strong. You’re powerful. One more good. Okay. The other side. Here we go. Punch it up. Punch it up, punch harder. Come on. Powerful. That’s it. Twist it a little bit with the waistline. Your abs are tight. Tight, right here.

Good. Let’s get that arms and legs. Okay, pull up here. Pull up. you ready punch punch, pull the knee up to work the waistline. Hold on, come on. Come on. Give it all. You’ve got to fight it out right now. all the energy and punch it out good. great pump pump we got two more. Two more. We got to work two relax the other side you ready? The knee comes up. Punch it out. Working the waist. Tighten up. all in the waist good go. stomach is in, back is straight.low impact but you’re moving, you are punching two more, one two. Because you’re punching in your shake it out just jumping rope is one of the fastest ways to get in shape? you can only do a few minutes of it, but build up, cardiovascular workout. Burn fat right now. Here we go. Now skip rope like this toe comes up thats it. All the boxers, top athletes skip rope. I do it sometimes on the road, bringing my jump rope. A fat blasting workout, a quick efficient workout.

I’m always talking to muscle. Here we go. Let’s get ready for our waistline. Were gonna do jabs. go your legs are wide you twist good these are jabs. cross good. a lot of people hook it now, see my waistline? hook it, little boxing cmon martial arts, Get Low. Double, double, double punch it out. good you’re Strong. Come on, pick up your pace. pull up the knee, you got it and double  it up. pull and pull. how are you feeling? If you are tired just walk in place, don’t go to the refrigerator. Good. Good. aerobic exercise is where we’re going to fight the heart disease. A lot of cross training. two more last one march it out, skip rope, remember those days? It was fun, right? I did my little girls out there and jump rope with them all the time. a great form of exercise. keep it moving that is the whole goal. can you jump with your knees up? a little harder but give it a try. Now we’re going to work the sides of our waistline rock right back to work. pull pull its all in the waistline the obliques. pull pull you’re tightening up the abs. ok shake it out stay tuned ill be back to work the hips and thighs. It’s our anti aging workout. Today we’re focusing on our hips and our thighs. Let’s get started. The first exercise is down on your elbows, so I want you to lift the leg and slowly bring it down. This is now working on the front of your thighs. All right here. to fight the gravity that starts to have a little extra droop and sag over the knee joints. this way we will fight that keep it nice and firm and toned so nothing droops and sags. ward off the aging process. good lift it up, We’ll keep fighting as you bring it down. Hold it right here. Really targeting the inner thigh and outer thigh. Also, I want you to concentrate on stabilizing your abs. your abs are tight here too, making the most of the workout working your abs and thighs two areas we all need help with. keeping your legs long and lean. All always trying to concentrate for you on good body alignment. So you’re stabilizing your abs. the one month, so why you’re still can delay, but right now we’re stabilizing your legs to the side all the way up and stretch up your body, holds your body weight up and do a T stand now you are working your legs and waistline hips too. do what you can hold. beautiful. slowly switch sides lift the leg out and up hold yourself upright, look up at your fingertips. working the sides of your waistline. the obliques. stabilizes all the muscles of the body, walk with ease stand up with a good carriage. Straddle your legs out. reach it out reach it out elbows to the knees

Beginner’s Balance & Toning Yoga Video Transcript:
Welcome to beginner yoga. Let’s begin our practice together with a deep cleansing breath, breathing in the oxygen. Inhale and exhale out any stress you may have. Let’s take a nice deep cleansing breath. This time. Breathe in through your nose. Inhale and let it all out your mouth. Just Ah, let it out. Wonderful. Let’s begin in mountain pose. Pull up and in the abs. Press your legs together. Your feet are grounded into the ground, and now bring your arms straight overhead, and let’s do a beautiful half-moon stretch up and over. Feel the length through the spine. Squeeze through the buttocks, and just feel the stretch. Go deeper. Hold that stretch now. Breathe in through your nose and out your nose. Inhale and exhale and lift up through the hips, making yourself taller, and let’s go to the other side. Lift through the hips, squeeze the buttocks together. That’s it, and feel the stretch.

Hold it. Can you go a little bit more? That’s it. And release. And now let’s begin our sun salutation in the beautiful blue skies. Begin in mountain pose, prayer pose. Taking a deep breath. Inhale up full body extension and now slowly died forward feeling the late through your spine and reached down to the floor and do a forward bend. Feel the stretch and now slowly lift your back out straight, trying to get your nice back nice and flat. Hole that back. Hold it up. That’s it, and release it to the floor. Now slowly reached one leg behind you. Hold the lunge. Open up through the chest. Feel the legs stretch. They’ll bring the other leg together and hold right here. Slowly drop to your knees, take you to your chest, lifted up to beginner collaborate. Just stay right there. That’s it. Just hold right there.

Lift your chest up, open up through the chest, open up through the heart. That’s the Dell. Slowly Bring Your Body Upright and tabletop and curl your toes under. Lift your hips up to down dog, just all that stress. Inhale through the nose. Exhale out the nose. Try to get your hips up and now slowly reached the other lake through and bring your body all the way up and let me see that smiling face up and release. Let’s try to get with the other leg. Inhale up, extend through the spine. Exhale, dive forward. Feel the reach to the floor, stretching out your legs. Inhale up, extend through the spine, flat, back, and exhale all the way down there. Now the other leg comes back. Reach your chest forward and stretch back to plank pose. Drop to your knees to your chest, up to cobra justice, down upper chest, and now slowly press up to tabletop.

Curl your toes under and downward facing dog. Reach your hands. Really spread your hands. Reach away through. Feel the stretch through the body and reached the other leg through head slowly. Step all the way up to mountain pose and prayer. Wonderful. Now let’s open up to triangle. Placing your hands in line with your feet and now slowly lift your hips out to one side. Turn your toe, reach out. That’s it, and now slowly float down. Float down. Now hold in. Triangle. Wherever you are, just lift through the hips, lift through the chest, open up. If you can look up to your fingertips. Now you’re trying to keep your hips really nice and street as if this exercise is through two panes of glass, nice and straight. That’s it, and inhale up. Wonderful, and let’s go the other side. Turn your toes, turn your other toe out, reach out to triangle, reach out, and then float down.

It’s a nice flowing motion and open up through your hips. That’s it late than through the spine. Hold. Inhale and exhale. If you can look up to your fingertips, to the sky, look up, up, up, that’s it, and now slowly float up. Inhale and exhale, and now wide stance. Slowly lean, slightly forward, pulled in a nice position, fought back and now place one hand down. And let’s do a nice torso twist. So great twist, twist goal. Keep your abdominal muscles up and that’s it. And let’s go to the other side. Reach your hand up. The other comes up and twist, twist in whole. Try to keep your legs lightly that and slowly bring your hands back and arms out. Place them on your hips and use your guys to come all the way up. Wonderful and slowly bring your legs together. Now we’re going to go into chair pose.

Sit down, sit back, sit as far as you can without arching your low spine. Keep it nice and strong. Your legs are strong, your legs are together. Share pose, chest is up. You’re lifted your strong and use your thighs to come all the way up. Inhale and exhale. Let’s try it again. Sit back to chair pose. Hold it there, hold it, sit way back. Abs are pulled up and then pull that stretch. That’s it. Hold it there and releasing. Come all the way up and now we’re going to do a nice, beautiful flow. Let’s begin to sun salutation and add a couple exercises and poses. Inhale up and Exhale, Swan dive forward. Bend. Inhale up, straight back. Exhale, release, and now bring this leg through. Now I would like you to drop it. Place your back foot down and crescent pose modified. Bring Your Body Upright, slight stretch in the spine.

Hold that stretch. You should feel this all opening up. Feel so good. Extend through the body. Elongate good alignment here, stretching and release, and now place your hands down. Curlier toe under. Let’s go all the way up to pose. Hold that stretch, hold the pose. Can you straighten your back leg? If not, you could keep it bent. That’s okay. Hold that. Stretch strong crescent pose and bring your hands all the way down and bring your hands nice and strong lakes together. Hold plank pose. Hold it here. This time I want you to try bringing your knees down, your chest, down, all the way through up dog. Now the arms are little straighter. You’re all warmed up. There you go. And Curl your toes under. Push yourself up to downward facing dog. Hold down dog, and now slowly walk your feet out. Press through the heels, getting a full body reach, stretch it out, and slowly bring your legs together and walk your hands all the way up.

Then slowly all the rep to cheer post whole chair pose. Hold it, hold it. You can do it. Strong body, strong lines because you are worth it. And now slowly stand up. Let’s go to the other side. Think about good mountain pose. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale down to swan, dive forward, bend and inhale. Inhale deeply and exhale back down. This time, curl your toes under and crescent pose to this position. Hold it up. Feel the late through your spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy. Keep it strong, be flexible with my yoga works.

Yeah, and now slowly place your hands on your thighs and curl your back to wonder and full crescent pose. Reach your arms all the way up. I love this one, Hold it up and slowly hands back down to the floor and Chaturanga, keeping your body upright and drop your knees. Make it easier. Lift up to up dog. If you can, make sure your shoulders are down about your wide in your chest and curl up and slowly lift your hips all the way up into downward facing dog and just like walking out, walking out. Doesn’t that feel wonderful? Two more and hold now slowly bring your leg through and stand up nice and tall all the way up and into beautiful chair. Hold Chair. That’s it. Lift your chest high and slowly come up nice and tall and turned to the side. First of all, I want you to try yoga. We’re your one so the toe is out. This back leg is nice and strong and straight. Lift the kneecap. Hold it right here, and go into warrior one. Hold the pose.

That’s it. And now twist your body to hold to warrior one. Hold it right here. That’s it. Notice this leg is strong and straight right now we’re trying to get the hips to square off. That’s it. Really used that back leg. Feel grounded into the crowd. And now slowly lift your arms up. Reach up, smile. You’re doing a wonderful yoga workout for you and release. Let’s straighten out the leg. Walk over to the other side. Turn your toe out. This slowly down this lake. Stay strong. This back foot stays nice and flat. Now twist your hips forward if you can pull them forward and now slowly bring your arms all the way up into warrior one. Inhale up and exhale and release and slowly turned to the other side. Let’s go to warrior two. Now your hips are more open, open up through the chest, open up through the entire heart, open up your heart and hold the pose. Warrior two, and let’s do our reverse warrior. Placing your hand on your thigh and lift up and slowly come down. Press your legs up. Let’s turn your toes to the other side and and a worrier to lengthen through the spine, open up through the hips. So important. It’s a wonderful flexibility pose that also strengthens a thigh and reverse warrior up
and slowly come on, straighten out your leg and slowly jump your legs together. Ready and jump together. Inhale, let’s take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale to prayer. Again. Inhale up and exhale to prayer. Wonderful, and now let’s begin in chair pose. Hold this chair pose. Now we’re going to do revolve. Just bring your hands together and we’re going to twist the torso. Hook your elbow to the knee if you can, open up through the chest. Wonderful. Open up, twisted a little more. Keep your tummy in and shop and to the other side and twist over. Evolve. Great for the waistline. Twist up, turn, twist. Look up if you can, that’s it. Wonderful and come all the way up, smile and exhale out, and let’s do a nice pose of the dancer. Green your leg behind you lifted out and now slowly come forward. If you can’t live, that may hold, find focus. You could use a chair, two extra stretch and balance lifted up and release. It’s good. The other side pose of the dancer. Lift that heel up and slowly come slightly forward. Lift the leg behind you. Just do the best you can

and now slowly come together. Inhale all the way up and exhale down. It’s come down to bridge, bringing your body on your back and slowly lift your hips bridge, bringing your hands all the way to the floor and your hips all the way up, opening up through the front of your body and take it back down. Let’s try it one more time. Inhale up and exhale out. Now, for those of you that could really scooch under your shoulders and then clasp your hands underneath your hips, that would be great. Just give it a try. Now you’re opening up through the chest, so important for deep breathing. Inhale and exhale. Good and slowly come down and now try with your legs together. Bring your legs together and slowly roll up and now try to hold position. Bring your arms up. If you can just right here, thinking about the beautiful ocean behind you.

Enjoy this beautiful yoga practice together. Hold this for strong abdominals and release and now reverse plank, placing her hands behind you while your buttocks. We’re going to lift the hips up. We’re going to point the toes. We’re going to have a strengthening pose right now. Hold reverse plank. Hold it right here. Lift your chest high and slowly come down. Let’s try that one more time. Placing your hands behind you. Make sure the fingertips are right towards your buttocks. Lift up your hips, hold it up there, beautiful and come back down all the way down and now roll over to your tummy and I want you to do some back exercises. Airplane, you’re going to bring your arms out and bring your toes up and you’re gonna. Hold it up there. Your neck is long, your back is lifting. Your buttocks are nice until you’re lifting your toes.

It’s great for your spine and release. Let’s try it one more time. Lift up airplane up, airplane, hold, hold. Lift your arms higher. Wonderful, and now slowly grab one ankle and now the other if you can, and now slowly lift up. Only give it a try. Just try it. It’s worth it. It winds up your whole front body so good for you and slowly come back down and now slowly lift your chest high up and release into child’s pose and back down to table top and reciprocal reach. You’re going to reach one leg and now the opposite arm. You’re strengthening your spine. These are your spinal exercises and release the other side lifted up. Notice it’s the opposite arm to the opposite leg. Very important for balance. You’re thinking about getting a table top. Nice straight back and release. And one more. Lift up. Hold it up. Hold and lift. Lift, lift. Abs are pulled up and in and release. Last on the side. Lift up your long, your lean. Really stretch it out, hold it out there and release and now come forward. Inhale the way up and mermaid to the side just stretched to the side and were made stretching through the hips, through the dies. That’s it, and mermaid to the other side. Up and over. Feel the stretch through the hips, through the spine, so great for you. That’s wonderful

and slowly come all the way up. Inhale and release and now slowly lie on your back. I want you to give yourself a little minute of relaxation rule one vertebrae at a time. I want you to elevate your feet and rotate your ankles first to relax the leg muscles and now slowly bring your knees in and relax. Just lie on your back for a few seconds taking deep breaths. Think about just melting into the floor. Inhale through your nose, exhale out your nose. This time I want you to really inhale through the nose and I want to hear you exhale out. Your mouth is beautiful. Just relax a few seconds here. Close your eyes, relax and slowly bring your knees to your chest. Rock yourself all the way up to a smiling face, taking a nice deep cleansing breath together. Inhale and exhale. Namaste.

Natural Body Bootcamp Toning Workout Video Transcript:

Welcome everybody to your Natural Body Bootcamp. Today it’s an overall toning routine, everything from head to toe to tone up, so let’s begin by taking a deep cleansing breath in, bringing in the oxygen, and exhale out any stress. One more time. Inhale, bring it up and exhale out. Beautiful, and let’s just warm up and ease into the workout. Warming up through the shoulders, your legs, your hips. Shake it all out. That’s it. Stretch and tone. That’s what we’re gonna do. Overall, toning for all the major muscle groups from head to toe, shape and tone, and from. That’s it. Good stretch your arm all the way back now really opened up through the chest. That’s it. Great for the arms, shoulders, no more tension. That’s it. Beautiful. Shifting your weight side to side. That’s it. Reach out and over and over. That’s it. Feel it stretch your legs. Good warm up, getting your whole body ready.

That’s it. Beautiful. Got One more lift up and over and now stretch. Just told the body stretch. That’s it. Lean, now look up. Hold that stretch. Beautiful. And now all the way up to the other side, reach out and over. Reach. Beautiful, great for your back. We’re up through the legs, your hips, that’s it, and over all the way over. That’s it. Stretch all the way. Great for the spine is your lifeline. Last one. Now hold it. Hold it. That’s it. Hold it right there. Feel the elongation through the spine. Feel your arms stretching your legs. Beautiful stretch. Oh, okay. Let’s begin bringing your feet about shoulder width apart. We’re going to begin with a squat and come up and squat back. Now we’re target toning through the arms and buttocks at the same time. Notice that I’m sitting back through the weight of the heels. That’s it. To really work back there to lift and tone the bottom.

That’s it. Down, and as you come up, squeeze the buttocks. Good. Really squeeze it to make a difference. Looking great behind last one, and now we hold it down there. Little pulses. Now back is strong and straight little pulses back is straight. That’s it. Use your thigh muscles. Use your buttocks. That’s it. Two more. One more and come up. Beautiful. We’re going to work the outer thighs, take it down, and stretch it back up. That’s it. Working. Oh, the major muscles of the whole body. Lift and push away says . Working the outer thighs, your hips, and your to left it. That’s great. Toned and tight tush. Last one, reach it out and release. Now let’s go the other side to get down. Push away. That’s it. Great. Really feel it. That’s great for the thighs and butt. Good. Shape it, tone it, really feel it in your legs, stretch through the arms.

Whole body’s working. Last one, and release. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Now hold the yoga pose. Chair pose. Hold it there. Sit back. That’s it. Overall, toning. Your arms are stretched up. Relax your shoulders, your knees, your thighs. That’s it. Beautiful and release, and now turn to the side. We’re going to use your arms up and lift through the abs, arms and abs. That’s it. Beautiful working the legs, the whole body. You can do it down. Push up really balance. Use your abs, use your arms for better balance. That’s it. Last one, and take it down. Good shape and tone. Your thighs, that’s it. Total body toner. Great targeting. All the areas, the legs, the butt, the arms and the core. Okay, switch to the other side. We’re taking it down and push up to get down. bicep curls up. Great. Really feel it down, up. Drive your leg through. That’s it. Two more. Last one, and hold it there. Down. Lunge. Tightened up through the abs, back a strong and straight. It’s all about your thighs. Now, 90 degree angles. Protect your knees. That’s it. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. Beautiful. Come on down and let’s begin our pushups. Strengthen the those arms. Okay. For those of you just starting out on their knees, that’s great. Just pick your toes up and let’s begin. Chest press up.

You can do it. These are making your arms strong. Your chest firm and lifted. That’s it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now I want you to try the tricep toner. Bring your elbows closer in to the body. Take it down. Can you hold it? Tricep toner, push away. Push away. Wow. Good work. Let’s do another down. Keep your elbows close. Push up. Perfect. Okay. Just relax your arms. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Let’s now work on our abs. Here we go. Beginning to high plank position. Your feet are about hip width apart. Your arms are nice and steady and straight. You’re tightening up those abs. Now, tuck under your hips a little. Tighten up your buttocks and hold that position. Hold, hold, hold. Bring your knee to your chest. Push it back out. Alternate the other knee and out. Now, criss cross, cross and out. Cross. Now the same side with the same leg.

Beautiful. Take it out. That’s it, and hold, hold, hold. Tighten up those abs. You gotta you got it, and release time to work on those butts, butt toners. It’s a lift and lower lift. And though thinking about making your neck long, straight back, squeeze your butt as you lift. We’re now going right into toning the buttocks and the back of your thighs. It’s a total body workout, a set routine to work your muscles to firm them, to keep toned. Last one, hold it up. You’re holding up there, beautiful, beautiful, and relax. Now switch legs. Oh, you have to do is lift the other leg. Lift and lower, but squeeze the bottom. Tighten up your tushy. It’s all in the rear. Squeeze it lift it, tone it. That’s it strong and straight. Your neck is relaxed. That’s it. We got two more. Last one. Come on, hold it up there.

Holding up there and relax. Okay. Come on down on your backs and now it’s time to work on the back of your thighs and buttocks. Hold your hips up, tightened up through the abs, and let’s do little baby pulses. Lift, lift, balance through the butt and the thighs. Working the tone and shape and really help the bottom half look better. This is a great exercise. We’ve got two more. Last one. Hold it up there. Now Walk your feet together, lift one leg up, and now take it down and lift up. Try it. It’s really targeted. You’ll see the difference in the back of your thighs. There’ll be nice and firmed and toned. Yes. And lifted, but two more. Last one. Okay. And switch. Hold it up there. Lift and lower. Just give it a try. If this is too difficult, just place the foot down and continue squeezing the bottom.

Okay, because those are all the best exercises too. Up and down. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now it’s time to work on those abs, so clasp your hands behind you and little baby lifts. Up and down, up and down. Notice my chin is slightly lifted. It’s not crunched here. That way you work 100 percent of abdominal strength. Your back should be flat on the ground. Flat bellies. That’s it. You have two more sit ups. Come on one more. Take it up there, hold it, roll up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. Take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale and stretch it out. Beautiful workout, total body toner. I love it. If you’d like some more exercises, tips, recipes, just log on to DeniseAustin.com. Have a great day.

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