Summer Slimmer Challenge: Arms And Chest Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 21, 2021 | Workouts

Join me for today’s Summer Slimmer Challenge Workout! Today it’s all about the arms and chest workout – coming at you from beautiful St. Thomas! This arms and chest workout will target tone your upper body – so important not only for overall strength and vitality, but to help boost your metabolism, too! The more you work at creating muscles from fat, the more that you will get your metabolism humming…. and that means you’ll be burning more calories and getting that lean, toned look that so many people want! Look great in your summer dresses!!

This arms and chest workout is 30 minutes long, starting with a great warm up – some fun moves to get your heart rate up and help you maintain a heathy weight. Then we will do an upper body workout – it focuses on the arms, chest and shoulders. We’ll do upper back work, triceps exercises and more!! Learn how to properly perform each move with me!!! Then we will wind down with a wonderful stretching cool down, so good for keeping your body in alignment and feeling great.

So grab your weights and let’s do this workout – the second one of my free Summer Slimmer Challenge! It’s not too late to sign up – we just kicked it off, so come on and join us!! There’s THOUSANDS of us doing it, so join in on the fun!! Each day you will get a workout and a beach tip or fun recipe!! And if you are a member, you’ll get even more exclusive content each and every day – start your free trial now for complete access to the Summer Slimmer Challenge!!


Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!
Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Denise Austin and welcome to your daily workout. Today we’re going to firm up our arms chest and shoulders and burn some fat with our fat blasting aerobics. Today we’re exercising from the beautiful Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. We’re in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Are you ready to burn fat. Then let’s get started. Beginning with the wonderful warm up you will go riding the fat burning aerobics.

And today we’re going to firm our arms chest and shoulders. So have your weights handy. You will finish it off with a beautiful cool down to stretch that body feeling energized. Yes call me relax. That’s it. You can do it. Feel is though on your personal trainer are one to one workout. Coming right to your house to give you a workout. Let’s go. OK. Start with a nice stretch all the way to the top. There you go. Full body reach. Come on. You can do it. Stretch that line. Get it going. That’s it. Work those legs too. They warm up your body quicker the more muscles you using the more calories we’re burning. Maximizing our efforts. That’s it. Happening now on a time. But twice the workout. Come on. That’s it. Now straight to the side to the other side. There you go. Really feel it and reach and reach.

Stretch it all the way across the body great for that back. Great for a good warm up. There you go. Good. Couple more just like that last one. Good. Now hold it here. Hold on. Good stretching out your legs. Let your toes. That’s wonderful. Tell me is it. Zip it up. Come on keep it toned and tight. That tell me great. You never let it like pooch out. Come on. OK. Switch to the other side. Stretch it out those legs. Oh feels so good. What a great way to start your day. Do it right. Good. Turn to the side. Stretch it out those legs stretch out those thighs Hold your back up nice and tall. That said. To the other side. Stretch out those legs. Good. This is really stretching through the inner thighs. Great for circulation. Great for those blades. Beautiful legs. Getting them out right now.

Working them out OK. Come all the way up stretch you down. Here you go. You’re doing great all the way to heal the body routine. Wonderful. Feels good to move that body move those muscles. That’s it. Two more nurse one. Worked out waistline. Work the waist. Tight tight tummy right here real tight. Stretch it side to side. She’s working those oblique muscles right there. That’s it. Come on walk on. Great. You could do it. Tony. Tight means. Slim true waistline. Do it with me. Come on to our. One. Now hold it. Reach it. Cross your hands behind you. Kind. To through the waistline. Great for those tummy. OK. Here we go. We’re going to do a little kickboxing.

We’re going to work out that line. You’re going to look good. It started right here. Good. Punch it right to me. You can do. That’s it. Good luck to you have strong arms.

Come on. You can do it little Caribbean feel. Here in the Caribbean we’ll show you right here with me. Yes. Come on. Jab jab it out. Good. Two more. That’s one. Good. And jump rope to the other side. Good. Here we go. You ready boxer. Bounce. Punch. Punch it out. Yeah that’s it. Jab jab. You got hit. That button. Take those dummy.

Great. You can do it. Let’s do that. Come on. Get it all going right now. Yeah. Come on. That’s it. Recharge yourself. Right here. Too hard. That’s one. Good.

Man jumped it out. Now we’re going to add a little cross jam. Here you go jab cross. You can do it and jump rope without. The other side. Bouncer. A.

Bouncer. So good that this a jab cross. That’s one ball game to the other side. Now we’re going to do in twos. Here we go. Ready. Jab. Jab come. Jumped out. Good were.

Ready jab cross from the Tommy. Come on. Try. To. Go right here now too. Come on. That’s it good. Bounce like this. Is. My.

Other side. Ready to go. Crossing front. Yeah. Okay. Take your with and jump it out.

You can do do the best that you can. Here’s where your metabolism will get boosted up. Yes good OK. With this jump rope I want to kick it out. To law just like. You do. Right. Yes. Here we go. Good. Just kick it back leg. Now notice that. It’s likely. That. That’s.

Because the power comes from here. Now add a shift. Kick it up kick. To bar. Meow meow meow meow meow.

That’s it. Come on. Good. Just shake it out. We’re here at the beach down beautiful great bay behind. Hobos needs. A. Home. Pelosi’s got to one last one good. Take it down. That’s a good work that you’re. Keeping your heart rate up a little kickboxing. Ready. Take it down. Get out. Down.

Out. Push. That’s it good. Get it is the fastest way to reshape that bottom half. Let me tell you my aerobics training with a little kickboxing. It works too long. That’s what. Good.

Moved on to the other side. The other leg the other cheek. Keep it up good time to take it down. Ready. Take it down. Kick it back. Down. She come back.

Good at the arm. That’s right. You got it. Come on take a breather. You need to mourn. Best way to shape that rear end last one. I’ll. I. You’ve breather.

Now. Put everything all together. Give it a shot. Let’s begin in a box or stand.

Like boxers bounce. OK let’s make it body count. That’s a. Jump rope to do. Good. Ready. Cause. Jab cross.

Back is ready. Kick. Me. Get it go. Go get it go. Push. That’s good. You got me back. Use your arms. Take those dummy. Now hold it right here. Hold it. Yes. Good. Take You Down. Down. Footwork. Now get that rearing going. Keep it going. That’s it. Two more. You’re strong you’re fit. Yes you are. Last one.

Take a breather. Okay one more time. Check it out. You can use your legs. Use your arm. Everything’s working. Kickboxing great mass.

To match one. Well good. Shake it out. Double balance. Double. Okay.

Take a breather. Get those legs going. Jump rope. Jumper. Come on. On those. You could do it. It’s worth it. Come on. Knees up. Shake it shake now.

  1. And the boxer starts to shake its I guess A. Key point just like this I’ll be right back.

Hit your way.

Welcome back to the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Let’s begin our upper body workout. GRAB YOUR WEIGHTS AND LET’S BEGIN.

Starting with your shoulders thinking about good posture. Always straighten your back. That’s it standing up tall. Beautiful. Your knees are slightly bad and now slowly. Feel as though you’re lifting through the pinky finger. That’s right. Come down and then to the pinky. Excellent. Always do the best you can. These are targeted exercises that will help firm and tone and strength in the upper body. Looking good. Also the upper body muscles give beautiful silhouette to the body shape to the body. That way your upper body. Becomes. Really strong so your narrow waistline. Becomes nice and trim and slim. Almost like a V. Down to the weak spots beautiful structure to the body. You’ve got to. Do the best that you can strengthen those arms and shoulders the chest. That’s it. Beautiful. And now turn to the side and I want you to lift the arms up and just squeeze the shoulder blades together and relief squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Is this firming the muscles of the upper back. That’s it shaping up Tony right. Easier for the postural muscle to give you better posture so you stand up tall you’re confident you’ll look good. That’s right shapely beautiful upper back muscle. Squeeze your shoulder blades together down. Now squeeze Come on. Overdo it when you really get to the top really squeeze. Maximizing that workout. That’s right. Twice the workout if you do an extra little squeeze together here. You’ve got two more of these last one. Give it all you’ve got your stomach turning your back is great. Beautiful. OK. Double up your weights. Goes on to the thigh. When I’m Rose. Lift. And lower. Wonderful. I. Have no one notice how my back is straight. In. My tummy stuck to in. Good. Try to zip up those abs. That’s it. You’re lifting and you’re lowering. This is part of the upper back muscles so they’re a little stronger.

That’s why I want to double up on those weights a little stronger squeeze at the top. That’s it. Try to get those shoulders facing down. The chest facing damp. That’s it. Good work. You got one more. Give it all you got. Bring it up now slowly one second. Little little little little ones. Oh K.. Power breast. Okay. Let’s begin double them up. Ready. Pull them up. Good form back. Damn. You really feel in the upper back the upper shoulders. That’s it. Right here I want this to work. That’s great. Pull release. Pull. Great. Feel as though you’re really kind of bringing down the shoulder blades spurt. Bring down your shoulders by zip for it. You got it. Great scrape off your back muscle. You look great in those back the dresses.

Come on. It’s also good for custom that’s at last to give it all you’ve got. For the last one right. Put up oh right uniform. And let’s do our chest muscles pull together and apart. Pull across almost criss cross criss cross. That’s it. And criss cross making that beautiful natural cleavage. That’s it. A criss cross implant keeping those elbows slightly bent almost like you’re hugging a gigantic beach ball. There you go. Good. Great. Really feel the chest working feel the chest working. That’s good. Last one was that chest muscles. Come on the pectoral. Make them uplift at last. OK. Wonderful rhythm right here. We’re going to do a shoulder up and back down. That’s it. Make sure when you’re doing this your back stay straight and relax the shoulders don’t punch me like this. It’s dropped the shoulder blade. That’s it. Smile we’re firming up those muscles muscles work miracles on your metabolism. That’s why it’s important to tone and firm up I love weight training it works it’s the fastest way to see shape to your body good. Also it helps burn fat quicker burns calories quicker you have muscles and helps to burn those calories last one. Good. Keep going. I’ll be right back for you cool down.

Welcome back to the beautiful island of St. Thomas.

Now it’s time for our cool down starting with the deep cleansing breath bring in that oxygen and let out in a stress that you may have. That’s it. Let’s do it again. Inhale all the way up.

Bring in the beautiful oxygen.

That’s it to every cell of your body and let out any stress that’s it just let it go. Release it. Good. And let’s stretch to the side stretching the sides of the waistline. We work those muscles of the upper back the upper shoulders stretch it out.

Wonderful. And on the other side feel the light through the side of the waistline all the way from the hip to the fingertips. And now relax. Good. And legs a little apart. I want you to do a nice flat back. Keeping your legs nice and straight.

And keep your back flat. Can you bring your arms out to the side like a table. That’s it. And bring him forward if you can.

And now with the use of your leg squeeze your buttocks and come all the way up. Wonderful. Let’s try that again. Bend at the waist line your tummies in your back is straight. Everything is nice and long and lean.

You’re getting a good stretch for the legs. That’s it.

Arms come out to the side. Arms come forward you use your thighs to come up. Use your leg squeeze your buttocks squeeze your legs and come up wonderful.

And bring one leg in front of the other to a great lunge. That’s it for that stretch.

You’re looking good. I’m proud of you. You can do it. You got a squeeze in exercise every day. That’s what I do. I know. It’s tough some days but you just got to do it and then you feel great.

I’ve got to get has been house job I know I understand you’re always running those kids around everywhere but your health is a priority.

That’s why you have to squeeze in and shift your weight back. You have to squeeze in your exercise. That’s why this half an hour or so convenient. You’re right here with me I’m there at your house ready to workout. It’s a great workout.

It’s effective it’s efficient.

And this is exactly what I do for my workout. Good. What I do is mix it up just like I do here on the show a daily workout and do some aerobics. I do some toning and now stretching all three are important for a well-balanced workout that’s it stretch your arms all the way up if you can stretch it out. Great smile. We did it and shift your weight and zip back. Sit back so you get that wonderful stretch of the hamstrings. At.

The back of your thighs. Wonderful. Now I’m going to give you a wonderful back stretch especially if you ever go for a walk afterwards. Do this exercise round your back really make it a nice round and right here. And release it out stretch your goodness do that again INHALE HERE. And as you round the back you exhale and you scoop it under you keep it tight near you tell me that’s it.

And you release it back out.

Wonderful. And slowly come up. I want to see you do a good calf muscle stretch. We did some aerobics today. So what you’re doing here is keeping that heel flat.

And lean slightly forward can you feel that stretch.

Well I sure can. It’s a good story to helps to reduce injuries the chances of injuries.

Keeping your body flexible is important.

And turn to the other side lean forward. Feel as though your feet are in a straight line. And just stretch out the cab muscle.

The lower leg. That’s.

Good. Just hold that stretch Hold it. Take deep breaths while you Stretch. Keep stretching.

I’ll be right back with a great training tip.

Welcome back. Now it’s time for your trainers tip. This one is for the tricep muscles the back of the arms.

Let’s do it right. First of all think about good posture your hips are straight forward your shoulders are straight forward what you’re going to do is lean slightly forward down like this but your back still stays straight. Your elbow comes up. And with this hand you can place it here for support of your spine. Get the elbow up. Then the arm straightens out and releases down. This is where the best ways to firm the back of those arms the triceps. No more underarm SAG no Miranda I’m Flavell firmed up but notice how high my elbow is and it’s very stationary see out stationary. If you’re doing this and you’re swinging you’re not quite getting the back of the arms to firm it up. So it’s not as effective. It’s effective when it comes up the arm is almost parallel to the floor then the arm straightens and releases. This is a great way to firm the back of those arms. That’s it. And always keep that tummy tight. All these exercise are great ways to affirm those muscles. That’s what it’s all about looking our very best.

See you right here on the next daily workout. Have a great day. Make it the best.


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