Denise’s No-Equipment Daily Dozen Arm Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 20, 2021 | Workouts

Since May in National Fitness Month, what better time to roll out a new arm workout than right now?? Here is my new, 12-minute Daily Dozen Arm Workout! Give it a try… I promise you will have sexy, leaner arms come summer if you do this routine two or three times a week! And you don’t need any weights at all to do this – just a little motivation and 12 minutes to spare!!

I get asked a lot about arm jiggle, and back fat (or bra overhang), and how to firm up the upper body… the good news is the arms and upper body are some of the easiest areas to tackle! It just takes a little dedication and you will see and feel results. But it’s not just about looks – as we get older, keeping our muscles strong and lean will go far in how we feel overall. Strong muscles allow us to move freely, pick up heavy items without worry of dropping them, and even give us more energy and a boost to our metabolism. And when you are strong, you feel strong – inside and out!!


This Daily Dozen Arm Workout targets the triceps, biceps, shoulders and more, for firm, sculpted arms – no weights required!


So let’s do my new Denise’s Daily Dozen Arm Workout today!


Daily Dozen Video Transcript:

Welcome to getting tone, sexy arm let’s begin. The first exercise is for the back of those arms. Keep your back strong and straight and lift your palms upward and now feel it in the back of those arms. So when we waved goodbye, nothing will jiggle. Look at tone the triceps. First of all, make sure your knees are bent to protect your back lift and lower in a pulsing action. This’ll help from and shape the triceps. That’s it to be those muscles nice and strong and healthy. Great tone from sculpted on two. I’ve got two more of these. Hold up now. Hold, hold, hold. Little baby bolsters up, up, up, up, up, and relaxed. Okay. And circle the arms all the way around. Opening up through the chest. That’s it. Nice strong arms. Feel the stretch all the way around. Opening up through the chest, stretch and tone.

At the same time, burning our muscles to the upper body. That’s it. The chest, the shoulders, as well as your arms. Last one, you duffle switch sides, switch and open up the chest. That’s it really feel a big circle. Stretch those arms tone. Those arms. You got it. You get a great take talks. That’s it got two more circle all the way around last one and relax. And now let’s begin. Bicep curl don’t need any weights with this workout. You’re more than happy to grab a peer weight, but not always. You have to need weight. So this is a great exercise. The berms, the biceps, just speak. Sure. You’re concentrating on the muscles. Feel that that’s a concentrate and focus on your bicep. You’re doing a little bit of a by some metric. Hold here. That’s it. Come on. Really? Feel it. Got two more bicep curls.

Great. Now hold it right up here. How are we going to do baby lips? That’s it. These are bands make to begin with and lifting. This is shaping the shoulder. Beautiful, sexy shoulders. That’s it. Lift. And the moment. Great exercise to for all right through here. Giving your arms beautiful shape. That’s it sculpted arms. We got two more of these last one. Good. Now we hold it up here and bring your arms together. Your elbows together. And baby presses. What you’re doing here is pressing your hands together. Your elbows, your board Crimson. This is now working the inside of your chest right here. No more bra overhead. That’s right. We’re good. From our bust lift and tone. That’s it good. Are your elbows together? Feel like it’s glued together, press them together. I said that typically press harder together. Make sure you’re doing this great standing up tall stomach is in.

That is strong and straight. Notice. My elbow is a real high. I’m not doing this. It’s lifted. That’s it great, Chris together. Squeeze them together. Last one. Oh, okay. Can you feel it all through here? Wonderful. Hang out, press in and open and open arms link and strengthen. Lengthen the muscles of your bicep of your upper back. That’s it. Open up through the chest. This will also help improve your question. Lift and Burma lift and chest press. That’s it got a couple more, just like that. Lift and press and breath. Okay. Now, are you going to bring one arm all the way up? Hold it up there as your baby lips up and down. That’s it? That makes sure your legs are bent and your arm is lifting up. That’s it. You just concentrate right now on this one arm to really strengthen and told and berm all back here.

That’s it. Now, hold it up there and bend and stretch and bend and straight. Even though you’re not wearing weights or even wrist weights, you’re just using your own muscles to do your workout. It’s a lot of kind of putting that mind to your muscle. Thinking about machines, strengthened to your lead. Totally at the same time, getting beautiful shaped your arm. We got two more. I love this one. Last one. It’s going to be other songs that dip first meet slightly. Placing your hand on your upper thigh, lean slightly forward. So you really get the back of your shoulder. That’s it. As well as your triceps, put your shoulder blades down. Lift that hand higher and higher. Good workout. That’s it shaping and told me. And it’s chiseling your arms. That’s a last one. Hold it up there. Now. Then notice that arm stays nice and steady the upper part of the arm. That’s it lift. Okay.

That’s it. It’s not flailing. You’re not swinging. You’re focusing on the muscle. That’s it slow and control that the muscle do the work, not momentum and buses work miracles on your metabolism muscle group, per se. We got to wear these. You can do it. Hold it up there. Beautiful. Great. Now it’s time for our barn circle. The first one is just circle slowly, all the way forward, making sure your arms are strong and street. Elbows are nice and wrong. Your muscles are strong. That’s it? Little circles, very small circles. Keeping your arms right here. Don’t drop those arms. Okay. Now circle in the backward direction, back little ones. That’s it. Strong arms. Good strong body backs. And now placing your hands and they’ll just presses up. I could push it up, up high, pushing the roof up. Come on. Strong arms lifting higher press, press, press.

Now down, down in all directions. That’s push shift down the field all through here. Yes. Strong arms. Great little push it forward. Forward. The direction is forward. Like you’re clapping. I have backwards. Push it back. You got it. Good. That’s it. Oh, okay. Relax. Shoulder presses up. That’s it down. Push up. That’s it. You’ll as though you’re pushing a 10 pound box over your head. Push it above. That’s it really isometrically feel the muscles working. That’s it concentrate. Focus on toning and shaping and sculpting your arms uniform up to one. Last one. Beautiful. Bring those arms behind you. Add slowly. Lean forward. Your arms are going to go up and back down. This is now shaping the back of your arms. Your shoulders. No more bro. Overhang. That’s it. Burman. Tell him the upper back. So you have a nice, it looks good from behind. Beautiful back. That’s it keeping your back strong and straight. Try to get the shoulder blades together, back there. That’s it.

Got it. Two more last one. Okay. And now we take it in and out. Reach out, pull back now working in different part of the biceps and shoulders we’re working at from all angles each and every the arms, chest your shoulders, your upper back out and back out and pull back in. Really feel it cool. That’s it. Two more now. Hold it right here. Bring it forward. Just like you’re serving a tray and now you’re working on the upper back muscles. That’s it squeeze your shoulder blades behind you. That’s the exercise. You’re strengthening all the muscles that align your spine to keep you healthy, to keep your back looking beautiful. Sexy back, pull back. That’s it. Try that again. Go back. Got one more full back now. Hold it. And you’re pushing your elbows back behind you behind you. That’s a little harder, but it improves your posture. That’s it? It strengthens the upper back muscles. They help you Dan upgrade all the time. Push your elbows behind you in, in, in that’s it focus. That’s it beautiful. You’re going to get stronger. Strong is sexy. That’s it. You got two more, one more. Okay. Bring them up at overhead at four. Bring them up and overhead and stretch. And Tony cross behind you and really uplift the chalk. And that’s it. Excellent.

You can do it one more over and now pull down, pull down, pull down for blacks, giving you blacks. Beautiful shape, shape it, turn it back there. Good number ran where you could picture right where you’re working right through here. Push down. When you pull up, you’re pulling up pulley all the way down and screens your elbows behind screen. You, you got to stand up tall. That’s it. Couple more lap pool down. Last one, go down and all the way up and now just stretch it out. Stretch it out. You beautiful stretch. And now slowly bring one arm up overhead and give yourself a Pat on the back for doing so well today. Stretching out the triceps. So all the stretch, breathe into the stretch and relax. Give yourself another Pat on the back you deserve it. That’s it. That’s it feel that wonderful stretch stretch. Beautiful opened up through the chest. Place your hands behind you. Open up your chest chest, open up every your elbows to touch and stretch back and very happy,

Beautiful arm, upper body workout.

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