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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 21, 2021 | Workouts

If you need a little encouragement to get fit in 2021, then check out the new Getting Fit workouts I just added – and try one for FREE, below! Start your free trial of, and you’ll have instant access to my NEWLY added workouts! I just added a series of eight Getting Fit workouts all filmed on location in Turks and Caicos – each is a great way to burn fat and calories, target tone your legs, waist, booty, hips, abs and more, and most of all – they are fun!!! Work out, lose weight, and have a ball while while doing it!

My newly added Getting Fit workouts was filmed on location when I was developing videos for my TV shows… all these TV show workouts are huge fan favorites, ones people keep asking me to add, so I did! I have over 150 of my popular TV show workouts to do – so don’t wait, get started today with your 30-day free trial to try them all!

For my Getting Fit workouts, you will spend 20 minutes doing a warm up, then move into some great fat-burning cardio to get your heart rate up, then do a target-toning session to really tone, firm and tighten. You will end up feeling and looking lean, toned and amazing!

Getting Fit Workouts

The eight Getting Fit Workouts I just added include:

  1. Dance Aerobics and Firm Tummy
  2. Light Weight Workout for Firm Arms, Chest and Shoulders
  3. Hips, Thighs and Buttocks Step Aerobics
  4. Step Aerobics Plus Hips, Thighs and Buttocks
  5. Firm and Toned Buttocks Workout
  6. Fat Burning Tummy Tightener Workout
  7. Trim and Toned Thighs – Do this one for free below!!
  8. Waistline Slimmer

These Getting Fit workouts will help you achieve your healthy goals in 2021 and beyond, so give them a try! Here is my Trim and Toned Thigh Workout for you to do for free!

And don’t forget – your free trial of includes access to all my workouts – including the new Getting Fit workouts I just added!  An annual membership is less than $8 a month, and gives you complete access to:

  • Over 115 cardio workouts, including my new Getting Fit – Aerobics and Firm Tummy Workout, my popular Walk with Me Workout, and fun dance routines like my Kickbox and Dance Combo Workout.
  • Over 100 toning workouts to help you firm up and slim down! Build lean, sexy muscle with toning moves that really work! Choose from studio routines like Total Body Toning or my Disney Workouts that target your waistline, arms, legs and more.  And try my new Getting Fit – Fat Burning Tummy Tightener Workout! Replace belly fat with abs in 2021!
  • 50 yoga and stretching workouts, to help keep you flexible and lean. Whether you do my Fit and Lite Yoga Series or my Yoga Refresh Challenge, you can lean, lengthen and strengthen your body, in a low-impact way.

And more, including my 10-Week Plan where members lose up to 20 pounds in 10 weeks, as well as my shorter 7- and 14-day challenges. There is something for everyone, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to get fit and feel great in 2021!

Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,


Video transcript:

I’m Denise Austin. Today, we’re going to trim and tone our thighs from the beautiful Island of Provo in the Turks and Caicos islands. Welcome to your workout. Get up on your feet and let’s begin our warmup. That’s right then we’re going into moderate intensity aerobics. And today we’re going to from those thighs. So let’s get started.

The number One excuse I always get from everybody is they don’t have the time to exercise. Well, what’s important to you. You’ve got to make the time. Your size is so important to everybody makes you feel better. Improve your overall good health. That’s right. And if you’re sitting there, you’ve got the time to get up and do a couple exercises with me, right? Okay. Shoulder roll. Take it back. That’s it. Take it all the way back. Almost like you’re pulling your hair then that’s it. This is a good stretch for the upper body. No more shoulder tension. We all get that. Right? This is a good stretch. Opens up the chest improves that posture that we all need to improve. Good. Take it back. Big arm circles now. Real big, big arm circles. That’s great. Two more. Last one. Take it forward. Now. Reach your forward. Reach. Reach. This is a good stretch for the upper back. That’s it feeling? The stretch. Feel it. Reach forward. Reach it out. That’s it. Last one. Good. Now stretch it from side to side. Reach using your thighs.

Use your legs. You’re doing great. As long as you’re exercising with me, our One-on-one workout right here.
Two more.Last one. Now hold it. Hold a good stretch.Hold the stretch. You should feel this in the inner thighs
Right here. Can you feel it? I hope so. It’s great stress. And now pivot to the side. Turn your body, take it down. Use your inner thighs. Now back is straight. Check your needs. Make sure you’re doing it correctly. Knee over ankle. Hold the stretch. That’s it. Pull the back leg up and let’s go to the other side. Inner thighs right here. Feel the inner thigh stretch or I love it. Shift your weight back little if you want it, where you really feel that pull the stretch. Abdominal muscles lifted at since shift your weight to the side and lunge down, feeling a wonderful stretch in their legs, improving foot posture. That’s it. Come on. You know, push for tells a lot about somebody. If you’re a slouch like this, you look sad, depressed, but if your uprights, the permeates your mood, you’re happy and healthy.

Okay. Shift your weight back and let’s stretch out those hamstrings. The back of our sides. Hold that stretch. Pull it good. And to the other leg, push your hips back. Push your way back. That’s it. Now let’s warm up the lower back. Round your back. Rounded. Every least it good tuck under the tummy. C’mon tummy tuck right here. Great. And now roll all the way up one vertebrae at a time. Good and stretch your arms, your shoulders, and to the other side, stretch it all out. Hold the stretch. That’s it. And with the side, pulling a good stretch for the spine. Wake up that body. We’re going to get a burst of energy after we’re done. Hold that stretch. Hold it great. Now I want you to round the back. Round it, stretching out the upper back. A lot of tension builds in the upper back. All that stretch. That’s it. Now round the back. Roll up. That’s in now let’s start tapping side to side. Are you ready for aerobics? Let’s get started now. Remember, we’re going to start low in the buildup. The pace that just case your own shell, do the best that you can. My workout is for you. That’s right.

Use your legs right now. Use your thigh. Okay. We’re going to add onto here. What you want to do now is move side to side. I guess dreading March in place. Here we go. Side, side and jump forward. Jump back. Jump forward. Good push push. That’s it. Good forward. Back forward again. Come on, push your hips. Push it. Push, push junk store over.

Jump back again. Push, push. Come on. Really? Push. Use your legs. Use your thighs. Yes, arms too. Huh? Yeah. Here we go. Push. Push. That’s good. Jump back. Hold it right here. Doubles to tune to again, two, two. Okay. From the top push, push, push, push, take a boat. Jimmy. Get into it. You’re all alone. You can do it. Come on. Let me see that personality again. Come on, push it, push it back. Use your legs. Go push, push. no double one, two again. That’s it. Okay. Ready? And keel jacks. We’re going to add this into the workout.

I’ll get it. Double ons. Here we go. Push them. Push them. That’s it. Push those on. Use your arms. That’s it. They burn more calories for more muscles. We use more calories. We burn. That’s what? We’re out here for work. The heart lies. And you saw percentage of body fat too hard. Okay. Ready from the top. Push, push, push, push, and dig down. Get down. Good. You got it down. Down forward again. Get into that music. Woo. Really good to go. And you got a book on, use your body. Double, double, double, double Yamil Jackson. You could do like, come on. How do you feel? Take that talk test. Good. If you could say I am worth it without too much difficulty you’re okay.

But if that word I work too hard to say and settled down.  Trim those hips. Keep it going now from the top. Here we go. Why don’t you push, push, push, push, take your phone. You can do it. Give it all you got from the home stretch now. That’s it. Take it farther. Push push harder. Harder. That’s fine. Double, double. Good. Push it. Push. Stay right here. Stay right here. Get your hip into lead with your hip. Keep shuffling. I’ll be right back to trim your legs.

It’s driven. Tone time today. We’re going to zero in on our legs to trim our thighs. So let’s get going. Lie on your side. Relax your upper body. Let the lower half do all the work. Begin with your leg right here, lift and lower up and down. This is working on those saddlebags that we all hate right back here. That’s it good lift and lower lean. Your body weight slightly forward. That’s right. This is a great exercise to, from those guys. Do you want to lose an inch in your thigh? Do you really want to firm up those lays? We’re here as the best exercise that you could do, lifts and lower. No more pear shapes. Come on from up those legs look hot, especially in your little bikini or your miniskirt, whatever you wear. That’s two more lift and lower last. One’s good. Now lift it up and down, up and down. Your goal here is to let your knee drop and lift your leg, knee and left knee lift. Good. That’s great

To make sure You’re doing this exercise correctly. Here are few tips. Bring your knee together to touch the other knee and lift the leg out. Try not to lift the leg too high. The goal here is to feel it right here in the outer thighs. Keep your back straight abdominal muscles from last one. Now hold it up there. Hold it, hold it. Elongate the leg. Keep those abdominal muscles tight. Keep it from isometric. Hold, hold. That’s it beautiful. You’ll have sexy legs. Okay. Bring the leg in front and let’s work. The inner thighs lift and lower up and down lift and lower. This is target toning the inner thigh right now. Lean your body weights slightly four to really get those inner thighs working. Yes, we’ll see results. No more jiggly. Inner thighs. Good. Two more. Come on, give it everything you have last one. Now. Hold it. Hold it. Little circles. Little circles, little circles. Two more. One, two. Hi, symmetric called beautiful. Bring it down. Rub it out. Good. Okay. Switch legs. Let’s go. The other side.

First, the outer thighs lift and lower up and down to really make this exercise work lean slightly forward. That way you initiate the movement right here. The outer side. That’s it. You’re looking good. That’s it? Great looking legs. You do have the time right now. If you’re watching me to get down and do a couple because you want sexy legs, these are going to give it to you. These exercises feel as though I’m your personal trainer. Our one-on-one workout right here. That’s rice. You don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of anybody else. I don’t worry about it. That’s it. Two more. One, two. Now hold it up, down and this down and lift down and lift. Tuck to feel the leg working. You should feel right here. That’s going to give you that little indentation. Yes. Using your leg muscles. Good. Abdominal muscles are tight.

Think about the tummy. Good. Tuck it under. That’s it. You got it. Relaxing that lower leg. Just keep it bent. Two more. Come on. Last one. Hold it out. Now. Elongate the legs. Stretch it out. Elongate. Abdominal muscles are tight. Your back is straight. Think about good posture. I sped trickles. Beautiful. Bring the other leg in front and lift and lower. This is now working on inner thighs. That’s right. No more Jubilees in there. Right there. That’s the area. A lot of truly need a Burma. Did you know that when we jog or exercise like a walk or steer climbing, we really don’t target Tony inner thighs. That’s why they always seem a little jiggly. So this exercise is really zero in on right there. Right? For our inner thighs from it up. Good lift and lowest. Last one. Good to hold it up. Little circles, little circles.

I know you can feel it. I can to let your knee face me now and the internet face upward. Good. That’s it. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. Beautiful. Slowly. Bring it down. Sitting up nice and tall. Now. Ready for the quadriceps lift and lower up and down lift and lower. Your goal here is to make sure your back is straight and your knee is slightly bent. Don’t lock the kneecap. That’s right. You should start to feel this on the muscles surrounding your knees. The quadriceps. If this is too difficult for you, lean back. That’s okay. There you go. The further you lean forward, the more difficult to work out. We’ve got two more last one. Okay. Switch leg and lift and lower lift and lower. That’s it. Keep your back straight. You got a couple more on this leg. Come on. You gotta finish out your workout for those guys. Got two more. Can you feel it working? Yes. It’s worth it. You’ll keep your knees strong and healthy. Last one. Give it all you got. Hold it up there. Okay. Relax. Let’s stretch out those quadriceps. When one heel to the buttocks and pull it towards you. Hold the stretch. This is a great way to stretch the knives. The front of your thighs, the quadriceps. That’s it. You must make sure your back stay straight.

Let’s stretch out the leg, pull it on up towards you. Just do the best that you can. Now everybody’s at a different fitness level and a different flexibility level. So just do the best that you can. This is increasing muscle elasticity. Hold it up. Great. Slowly. Bring it down slowly. Beautiful and switch legs. Bring one heel to the buttocks. That’s it. Stretch it out. We’re now stretching the front of our thigh. The quadriceps. That’s it. Your abdominal muscles are tight and your back is straight. All that stretch. Really? No wonderful stretch for the legs. That’s it. Hold there. You did great today. A great feeling of self-accomplishment conquered the workout. Leg us up, stretching out the legs. Hold that stretch and feel it. You’re so good. Hold it up. As tall as you can.

Wonderful. Sitting up nice and tall. The first stretch is for the hamstrings. Bring one leg up towards your thigh. That’s it. Thigh to chest. Beautiful. Think about your back though. Is it straight? Great. Hold it up. Rotate your ankle said rotate the aim. Hold that stretch. And let’s slowly control it down. Control show. Good balance. Plant. Both cheeks on the floor. Okay. Switch legs. Yeah. The Lake comes up. This is a wonderful stretch for the back of your thighs right here. Hold the stretch. Rotate your ankle, sitting up nice and tall. That’s it beautiful. Now slowly. Bring it on down. Remember control at the muscle. Do the work. Don’t let gravity just plop it down. Come on, show some strength in your thighs. That’s it. Back the straight abdominal muscles tight. Bring it in and take a nice deep breath. Inhale up and exhale out. Give yourself a big.

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