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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 16, 2019 | Workouts

Hi everyone! No matter what fitness trends are all the rage, one stands the true test of time: Cardio workout!! Cardiovascular exercise is SO IMPORTANT for your heart health. It will get your heart pumping, bringing oxygen to the cells throughout your body. Consistent cardio workouts are a must for anyone who wants to promote a healthy heart… Considering that heart disease is the number cause of death for women and men, getting on a good cardio plan should be a goal for you! Especially since it can reduce the risk of heart disease by more than 40 percent!

So what should you look for? It depends in part on your age (see this post on cardio workouts by age group) and also your interest. But what I have found is that incorporating a simple yet effective cardio workout plan into your lifestyle is one of the best ways to stick with a cardio routine. You can add in extra, more intense cardio workouts on top of a steady routine to up the ante, but getting that regularity of a cardio workout into your weekly schedule is a great way for anyone to get cardio workouts done and checked off the list!

That’s why my Stop The Clock Workout Plan includes an entire Cardio Walking Plan! This Walking Plan is easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. Four times a week, for four weeks, you will do a 30-minute walking workout. I provide step-by-step(!!) instructions for your warm up, exercise period, and warm down, for a complete, effective cardio routine!

There are three levels of workouts, from Basic to Interval, and I even include a treadmill variation for indoor walking, and a beginner variation for those of you just starting out.

Why walking? It’s a GREAT way to get and stay in shape, no matter what your age! With my Cardio Walking Workout Plan, you’ll be strengthening your heart and lungs while you burn serious calories. You’ll develop those metabolism-boosting muscles and firm up your lower body. Plus it can help you lose inches and weight: To lose one pound of body fat, you need to burn approximately 3,500 calories. When you walk at a brisk pace, you burn about four calories per minute – or about 120 calories in half an hour.

Walking is also something most anyone can do, regardless of budget, weather or time. And if you are lucky enough to get outside for a cardio walking workout, you will reap the benefits of being in nature!

So check out my Stop The Clock Walking Cardio Workout today – it also includes some change up tips to keep you motivated, as well as instructions on proper walking form. Everything you need to start a cardio workout plan is just a click away!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,







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