Stop The Clock: My New Fitness Guide Is Here!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 15, 2019 | Workouts

Hi Everyone! I am SO excited to introduce my brand new Stop The Clock Workout Plan! This downloadable, printable e-book has everything you need to stay Fit and Fabulous After 40! Based on my 35-plus years of fitness experience, this fitness guide is for any woman who wants to stay fit, promote a healthy body and attitude, and embrace the aging process. Let’s make aging a positive experience – we can do it!

This e-book provides an effective 28-day plan for helping you to age gracefully through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The result? You will look as if you are glowing from within, bursting with energy, feeling positive, and looking toned, lean and healthy! Check it out now!

My Stop The Clock Workout Plan includes a comprehensive workout plan, bonus exercises to target those areas that can change as we age, women’s heath insight and more.

Why focus on fitness as we age? Staying fit is vital to a positive aging experience, from preventing some common medical concerns to promoting a healthier lifestyle. My Stop The Clock Workout Plan has a complete fitness guide covering three main areas:

  1. Cardiovascular Walking Workout. Let’s blast that fat with a cardio plan!! Cardio is vital to a healthy body and mind as we get older. It helps to keep weight in check by burning fat and calories; it promotes heart health and increases your lung capacity; and it can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even some forms of cancer! My Cardio Walking Workout has three levels of fitness, and includes a beginner and treadmill option, so anyone can do it!
  2. Strength Training Exercises. Help minimize drooping sagging, because as we age, we can lose muscle mass. That is why strength training is so important – and it’s never too late to reap the benefits! My Stop The Clock Workout Plan includes step-by-step instructions for exercises to help tone up your upper body, lower body, abs and back. These exercises will help build muscles mass, protect your bones, promote stability and more.
  3. Flexibility and Balance Exercises. Want to stay lean, flexible, toned and graceful? My Stop The Clock Workout Plan has you covered! It includes workouts based on Pilates and yoga, helping you to connect with your body and keep it youthful. Do these exercises and trust me, your body will thank you!

Plus Anti-Gravity exercises, to target areas that tend to droop and sag over time, as well as health insight for women. And – of course – my positive attitude insights! We can all stay positive and happy as life presents us with twists and turns!

This e-book is one more way for me to bring to you the ideas, instruction, and inspiration to live a healthy and happy life, which can lead to a lifetime of wellness from head to toe, inside and out. So let’s embark on this journey together, to promote health and well-being as we age, keeping our bodies fit and flexible, our minds healthy and alert, and our outlook positive and inspirational! Click here to buy my all new Stop The Clock Workout Plan Guide!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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Hi everybody, it’s Denise Austin and I’m so excited about my brand new Stop The Clock Workout Plan. Yes, it has everything you ever wanted to stay fit, firm and fabulous. I’ve got cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, so check it out. You will love it! At

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