Try This for 1-Minute Everyday for Rock Hard ABS!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 25, 2015 | Workouts



Hi Everyone!

Rock Hard ABS,

It’s Throwback Thursday and today it’s all about FLAT ABS!

We all have a minute to tone and tighten our abs, right?  For a nice flat tummy for Summer and all year round, we’re throwing it back to one of my favorite ab moves from my TV show, that I filmed on the beach in the Caribbean!

I love this ab exercise because it effectively works the entire abdominal area…100% of ab strength. This move will help you learn to stabilize your hips and abs. Elevating your feet targets the lower area of the abdominals, below the belly button, where we all need a little extra help. This Belly Buster will also boost your coordination & even stretch your back and legs!

Remember to think “Length”!! Extend your straight leg as much as possible while relaxing your shoulders and pressing your navel into the ground throughout the sequence.

For Rock Hard ABS, try and do this each day for 1 full minute. This is a quick and efficient exercise that will leave you with a flat, toned tummy making you feel sexy and slim in your summer clothes!

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Love always from your personal trainer,


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