Ask Denise: What Are The Best Exercises for a Bad Back?

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 24, 2015 | Workouts

Best Back Exercises

It’s time for Ask Denise…I love to answer your questions in my blog from members of my online community!

Susanne writes in, “I have a bad back. What are my best workout options?”

Such a great question, Susanne, and so many people do suffer from back pain. Did you know that eighty percent of people who suffer from back pain have weak abdominals? Your abs act as a girdle for your spine… And your spine is your lifeline so keep it healthy, keep it strong! When you’re sitting around during the day, be sure to tighten and contract your ab muscles and that will keep them strong, along with your regular ab workouts.

Strengthening the muscles surrounding your spine is vital for a healthy back, so I suggest a regular program of abdominal and lower-back exercises. Keeping your hamstrings strong and flexible can also help prevent back pain.

Here are some great workout options for you. Yoga is also an excellent workout for the back. It’s slow, smooth movements that are focused on good posture. Swimming, biking and walking are three great cardio activities that don’t put a lot of stress on your spine. I love my Walk With Me Workout that is available to members of my 10-Week Plan and All-Access Denise Monthly plan because it’s low impact and easy on the joints.

Of course, if you’re experiencing severe back pain or with any type of injury, you should really consult your doctor before engaging in any form of exercise. He or she may have some specific suggestions for you.

Here’s one of my favorite exercises that will really help you to strengthen your Erector Spinae muscles that surround the spine.  While you’re doing it be sure to pull the abs up and in so you’re working these muscles, too. Take a couple minutes every day to do this on each side and it may be just the help you were looking for!



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