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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 20, 2015 | Workouts

Hey Everyone!!

It’s not too late to shape up and slim down for the warm summer months ahead! I love to listen to fun, new pump-up music to motivate push me even further during my workouts!! I created this fat-blasting workout routine to some of my favorite summertime Pump Up Jams just for YOU! So who wants to feel great and look good in that swimsuit with me?!? For even more fun workouts that will never leave you bored and have you feeling strong, confident and sexy, sign up for my 360 Plan!

Click on the picture link below to listen to my new playlist on Spotify and then follow along with the exercises below…


Warm Up & Get Loose
Song: So There – Alexa Goddard
Duration: 3:50
➤ 1 Minute: Squat to Reach (in place)
➤ 1 Minute: Alternating Side Lunge and Twist
➤ 1 Minute: Crossover Touch and Reach (opposite hand to opposite foot)
➤ 1 Minute: Arm Swings

2. Cardio Slim Down
Song: Bang Bang – Jessie J and Ariana Grande
Duration: 3:20
➤ 1 Minute: High Knees (in place)
➤ 1 Minutes Burpees
➤ 30 Seconds: Mountain Climbers
30 Second Rest

3. Booty Tone & Lift
Song: Break Free – Ariana Grande and Zedd
Duration: 3:30
➤ 1 Minute: Wood Chops with dumbbell
(Stand with your feet should width apart while holding one dumbbell with both hands in front of you → Squat down to the floor while swinging the dumbbell back between your legs → Stand up from the squat, while swinging the dumbbell above your head. Repeat.)
➤ 1 Minute: Alternating Step Back Lunges
(Stand with your feet close together and hold weights by your sides → Step backwards into a lunge, keep the chest up and knees bent → Come back up to starting position and repeat with the other leg.)
➤ 1 Minute Ski Jumps
(Drop your hips low, raising your right foot and putting it behind your left leg → Take a wide jump to the right, landing with the right left in front and left leg crossed behind it c Repeat, jumping back and forth.)
➤ 30 Second Rest

4. Upper Body Sculpt
Song: Cheerleader – Omi Felix Jaehn Remix
Duration: 3:00
➤ 1 Minute: Weighted Shoulder Press
➤ 1 Minute: Walk Outs
(Stand with your feet hip width apart → Keeping your legs straight, bring your hands to the floor → Walk your hands forward until you are in the push up position → Walk your hands back to your feet, using your core to push yourself back up and to the starting position. Repeat.)
➤ 1 Minute: Modified Tricep Pushup
(Kneel with your hands out in front → Bring your hips forward to shift your weight over your shoulders → Lower your upper body towards the floor, keeping your butt down and abs tight → Push up and repeat.)

5. Cardio Slim Down
Song: I Love It – Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX
Duration: 2:30
➤ 30 Seconds: Jump Rope
➤ 30 Seconds: Lateral Hops using 2 Feet
(Start in an athletic position and then squat down → Pushing off both feet evenly, jump to the side as far as you can → Land softly and low (keeping your balance) → Repeat, jumping back to the other side)
➤ 30 Seconds: Butt Kicks
➤ 30 Seconds: Step Backs over Jump Rope
(Lay your jump rope out on the ground in front of you → Starting in an athletic stance, quickly step forward over the jump rope, without stepping on it → One foot following the other, as fast as you can → Do the same quickly stepping backwards over the jump rope → Repeat, going front to back without stepping on the jump rope)
6. Whittle Your Middle
Song: Make the World Go Round – DJ Cassidy and R. Kelly
Duration: 5:30
➤ 1 Minute: Bicycles
➤ 1 Minute: Toe Touches
➤ 1 Minute: Opposite Arm/Leg Supermans
(Lie on your stomach with legs straight and arms up by your head → Lift one arm and the opposite leg off of the floor at the same time → Lower and Repeat on the other side.)
➤ 30 Seconds: Flutter Kicks
➤ 1 Minute: Russian Twists (with our without dumbbell)
➤ 30 Second Rest
➤ 1 Minute Plank

7. Tighten Up
Song: Good Time Remix – Carly Rae Jepsen
Duration: 4:30
➤ 1 Minute: Wall Sits
➤ 1 Minute: Hip Lifts
(Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and heels below your knees → Lift your hips as high as you can, squeezing your butt. Lower and Repeat)
➤ 1 Minute: Squat & Hold (Hold Squat for 15 seconds and Repeat 4 times)
(Stand with your feet shoulder width apart → Squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor and HOLD that position with your back flat and chest up for 15 seconds → Repeat 4 times)
➤ 1 Minute: Donkey Kicks (30 seconds each Leg)
(Get on all fours with knees below hips and wrists below shoulders. Keeping core engaged, hips and shoulders square to the floor, right leg bent, and right foot flexed, slowly lift right leg until thigh is parallel with the floor. Lower to starting position and repeat)

8. Cool Down & Stretch Out
Song: Ghost Remix – Oliver Nelson and Ella Henderson
Duration: 5:00
➤ Side Stretch with Deep Breaths (Left and Right)
➤ Quad Stretch (Each Leg)
➤ Standing Hamstring Stretch
➤ Childs Pose (Stretch out lower back)
➤ Cobra Stretch (while lying on the ground)

Love always from your personal trainer,

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