Mini Yoga Stretch: Two Poses For Quick Energy

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 5, 2018 | Workouts

Hi Everyone! Today I have a new video – a quick 3-minute mini yoga stretch. This is a perfect mini yoga stretch to do in the morning when you wake up or in the afternoon when you are feeling tight from sitting at work or running errands – and both are perfect for when you need an energy boost!

This quick mini yoga stretch incorporates two of my favorite poses – the Warrior Pose and the Exalted Warrior Pose.

Both the Warrior Pose and Exalted Warrior Pose can help to:

  • Tone up your muscles in your abdominal and core area
  • Improve balance and stability

In addition, the Warrior Pose can help to increase the flexibility of your hips and legs and strengthen your shoulders, arms and even your back muscles. And the Exalted Warrior Pose can help to strengthen your ankle, shoulder, back and buttock muscles. Great, wonderful stretching poses that you can really feel!

This mini yoga stretch can be done most anywhere, so anytime you feel like your body – and mind, don’t forget all the beautiful mental health benefits of yoga stretches – can use a quick energy boost, try this wonderful quick 3-minute mini yoga stretch! And if you like this type of yoga workout, you are going to LOVE my 10-Week Whole Body Plan: I have so many workouts to choose from, including yoga workouts and even Pilates-inspired workouts too! Plus customizable eating plans, new Challenges and more! Start your 7-day free trial today and start working out with me to improve the health of your mind, your body and your lifestyle!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


And don’t miss my stretches for after walking – good to do any time of day!


Mini Yoga Stretch With Denise:

Video Transcript

Hi – let’s begin a yoga practice together. A great stretch, bringing your arms up and in, pull your abs up, that’s it, stretch through the fingertips, lengthen through the legs. Tighten up through the quadriceps. Now slowly bend, hold that stretch. Now, if you can, look up – feel that extra stretch through the hips and legs, all the way through the fingertips … and lift straight up. Inhale up and exhale out to the side. Pull to the side, okay, now look up – can you feel that extra stretch to the side? A great stretch for the side body. Hold that stretch, and release.

Now, slowly bring your legs apart and bend your front knee, and slowly lean into a beautiful Warrior Pose. Place your hands on your thighs to support your back, and place your back heel flat – straighten that back leg, and hold it. If you can, come all the way up to Exalted Warrior Pose. Lift up to the top, that’s it, fingertips to the top, up up up! Feeling the length through the rib cage through your body… and hold, inhale and exhale. And slowly release.

Let’s walk your toes to the other side – bend your knees first, placing your hands on your thighs for extra support. Hold the stretch, opening up through the hips – so great for all of us women. And stretch your arms all the way up, that’s it, keep our hips healthy. That’s it, great, stretch… Inhale, exhale, get deeper, keeping that back leg straight. Beautiful – lift! Lift up, and release.

And now placing your hands on your hips, now shifting your hips back, keeping your legs slightly bent. And now fingertips all the way to the ground, stretch to the ground, bring your hands towards your quadriceps and stretch. That’s it, just stretch it down, hold it there. And now slowly reach up and stretch to the side. And now to the other side, and now slowly, hands on your hips, come all the way up and jump together. Inhale up, and exhale down. Again: inhale up, bringing in the oxygen – oxygen equals energy – and exhale out any stress. Feel good… and there you have a mini stretch.

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