Best Exercise To Tone Thighs – Barre Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 8, 2018 | Workouts

Today we are going to tone those thighs! One of the biggest problem areas that women tell me about is the hip and thigh area – it can be difficult for women, especially women in the childbearing years, to tone and firm this area, as we store most of our body fat here. What’s the best exercise to tone thighs? The good news is that you can target tone the hips and thighs! Plus, the fat in this area is easily burned, because the larger muscles groups in the body are more efficient at burning calories. Learn more about the best exercise to tone thighs!



Best Exercise To Tone Thighs

So let’s try the best exercise to tone thighs with my new video! This video uses classic barre exercises, but makes it simple – you can do these anywhere you have a little room and a chair. So there’s no excuse – you can do it! The great thing about this video is that it will get your muscles working in a different way – when we use the same muscles over and over, as we tend to do with the lower body, you may stop seeing progress. Not today! We are going to mix it up and use some of those muscles that don’t get as much attention, like the inner and outer thighs. And we will stretch out the legs and thighs, for a long, lean look. Get ready for shorts season – do this new video with me today!

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Video Transcript on Barre Workout To Tone Thighs:

Hi I’m Denise Austin! Today we are going to do a barre workout – the best exercise to tone thighs. All you need is your chair, this is going to target and tone our thighs, our booties, and especially the front and back of our thighs. So let’s get started. The first exercise is very simple, but very targeted. With the use of the chair for balance, feel as though you are at your ballet class, lift and lower the leg. Squeeze the buttocks, try to think about good posture, pull up and in your abdominals, that’s it, and the leg you are standing on, slightly bend it. Beautiful! This is now target toning the buttocks to help lift and tone the back of the thighs. That’s it, making beautiful, sexy legs, lifted buns, that’s it, very easy, but targeted. Last one, now I would like you to hold it, and flex your foot, and bend it up. Lean slightly forward, lean into the barre, into your chair, and lift and lower, lift and lower. Now you are working the back of your thighs, the hamstrings, and they are targeted to firm up your buns. That way your bootie sits a little higher! That’s it, you have to lift and tone and strengthen through the buttocks. That’s really important, so when you walk away you have a nice toned tushie. Last one, hold it up there, hold it up there, lift, lift, lift. And release. Great.

Let’s switch legs, switch sides. The first one is to lengthen and strengthen the legs. So lift up a little taller, and squeeze the buttocks in… You have to lift it to tone the tushie. Lift, and release. Pull up and in those abs, zip up the abdominals, that’s it. Always think about good quality over quantity. Thinking about good posture, thinking about the technique, and focus your energy right here on the butt, that’s it, the boo-tay. Lift and lower that leg. Really squeeze, make sure that leg is as straight as you can make it, so you get the quadriceps, that’s right, all the leg muscles and buttock muscles firmed up, got two more, that’s it, hold it up, now flex your foot, bend your knee, lean slightly into the chair and do lifts and lower. Baby lifts and lower. Now we are target toning the hamstrings, they help lift the buttock muscles. That’s it – a great foundation to really give you that beautiful shape back there. Look great in your jeans! Make your backside your better side – right there, come on, lift and lower. That’s it, really feel it and squeeze it, tighten up, that’s it, lift the buttocks, sculpt it, shape it, we got two more, last one, hold, hold, hold, hold…beautiful. And now let’s do a pull-away stretch, just lift your hips up, tailbone lifted and stretch your chest back, and pull away, feeling the stretch through the spine. Your spine is your lifeline, keep it healthy. And slowly come all the way up.

Now, standing up nice and tall, let’s work the front of the thighs, too. Lift and lower the leg, that’s it, it’s all about those thighs, the quadriceps to shape and tone. Think about your abdominals as you lift that leg, tighten up your tummy, that’s it. And lean slightly forward, don’t lean back, it’s all lifted up and slightly forward. That’s it – great! Always do the best that you can do. This workout is for you, I want to help tone and shape your legs for you to feel stronger, improve your balance, that’s it. No more cellulite, we’ll burn it all up. This is also a great way to shape the top of the leg, so it lifts up, above the knee caps, so it looks really great. Last one, hold it, and shift it back. Stretch it out now, stretch it back, elongate the arm, you’re lifting all the way through, holding the stretch, beautiful, and relax.

Let’s go to the other leg. It’s all about those thighs right now. Thinking about tall, good posture, nice technique, lift and lower the leg. That’s it, great. The more you practice pulling the abdominals in, the more they will stay nice and flat. That’s right – toned abs, pull them in, practice, that’s great. If you can do these exercises each and every day, you will see a great shape and good results. That’s it, thinking about good posture. The leg you are standing on, you want to slightly bend the knee, so you don’t lock out your knee. Slightly bend it, that’s it. We got two more lifts, last one, that’s it, beautiful. Take it back, lean into it, and lunge back. Oh doesn’t that feel great? Almost feel it all the way through the hip flexors, all the way up, beautiful, that’s it, stretch, and tone, that’s what we are doing, last one, and relax.

Now I would like you to turn your chair around, and we’re going to do a little ballet stretch. Lift up your chest and place your heel right on top of the chair. Now bring your arms up overhead, that’s it, stretch, and now just easy melt into the leg. Hold the stretch, hold the stretch, that’s it, beautiful, just relax. Try to think about keeping your back somewhat straight, not too hunched, that’s a different stretch, ok and slowly come up, and you lift your leg, and put it down.

Great, let’s switch legs. Hands on your hips for support, get your balance, flex your toe, now slowly come up, and go down to the leg. Hold the stretch, hold. If you need to reach for the barre, or the chair, that’s great too – flex the toe, try to keep your back a little straighter, flat back, I know you’ll feel it, it’s a great, protective way to stretch your hamstrings. So great, ok, and relax. Now lift your body upright, now balance by lifting your leg up and bring it back down.

Take in a nice deep cleansing breath, take in the oxygen, that’s it, equals any energy, and let out any stress. Just exhale out, that’s it. And let’s begin another deep breath in, inhale, let me hear you inhale, and let it all out. Ah, beautiful. And there you did a fabulous barre workout. For the best exercise to tone thighs and more, visit my website at

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