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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 6, 2021 | Workouts

Want to get in some exercise and have fun while doing it… while also helping to burn calories, tone up, and promote a healthy heart??!! Then commit to your health and do my 2-Week Walking Challenge with me!! I loooove walking as part of a fitness routine, and my 2-Week Walking Challenge is the perfect way to get back into a healthy routine if you’ve let exercise slide a bit, or a great way to add an additional calorie burn to your existing routine! It is FREE and starts May 9th, so sign up now! (If you are a member, you will automatically get access to the challenge starting May 9th – including all the fun extras for members only! – but you should still sign up to receive the daily emails AND be entered to win the giveaways!!)


Every day for two weeks, Challenge sign-ups get a daily email with two free, fun pieces of content – walking tips, encouragement, workouts, recipes and more. And my members get two additional goodies each day, too! PLUS I am giving away amaaaaazing prizes throughout the Challenge, including my EVER BETTER™ Bites, Rejuvenate Muscle Health Drink, DVDs, Guides and more!

This 2-Week Walking Challenge is a great way to ring in the warmer weather – hopefully you will be able to do this walking challenge outdoors, and really reap the benefits of the fresh air, budding flowers, green leaves and more! Walking outdoors not only exposes you to nature and all the beauty she brings us, but it also can make the time go by faster because you are enjoying the scenery so much!

But if you can’t walk outdoors, you can still do my walking challenge indoors, too. It’s just 30 minutes each day that I want you to commit to walking… you can break it up into chunks or do it all at once, whatever fits your schedule. I plan to get up earlier most mornings and walk before I get my day started, but you can do your walk at lunch, after dinner – whenever it works for you. All you need to do is commit to walking every day for two weeks… trust me you will feel soooo good when you are done!

The best part is that once you start walking every day, it will become second nature for you to do so! And the good news is that the benefits of walking are numerous – it:

  • Helps you burn calories and fat, so you can better control your weight. It’s one of the ways that French women stay so slim!
  • Can be done most anywhere, at anytime, with little equipment – all you really need is a good pair of shoes! But feel free to add in a pace tracker and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated!
  • Is good for your heart health. Walking is a great form of cardio for all ages, and it helps to keep your heart strong and healthy.
  • Helps keep your muscles strong and joints flexible – important as we age, as strong muscles help boost metabolism and flexible joints help promote stability.

So let’s do this – TOGETHER!! Sign up today for my FREE 2-Week Walking Challenge!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!


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