Firm Up Those Arms With This Arm Toning Mini-Challenge!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 19, 2019 | Workouts

It’s the kickoff a new series: Arm Toning Mini Challenges! These will be quick and effective challenges to tone different parts of our bodies, and we are starting it off with Tone Those Arms!

The good thing about focusing on your arms is that you can see results quickly once you start a routine to firm and tone your arms. This Arm Toning Mini-Challenge will cover four different ways to really work your arms, including video workouts for your arms from my Whole Body Plan, and some effective arm strength training movements from my Stop The Clock Fitness Plan. We will mix it up so you can show off strong shoulders, toned sexy arms, beautiful muscles and more! PLUS – you will feel strong and confident – the sexiest look of all in my opinion!!

Today we are going to start theĀ Arm Toning Mini-Challenge with a quick and effective arm toning workouts from my Total Body Toning Challenge, part of the Denise membership offerings. This Total Body Toning Challenge is a GREAT way to tone up different parts of your body and lose weight as well – it consists of 14 days of toning workouts for your arms, abs, booty, legs and more, plus healthy recipes, a warm up and more!! Try it out free right now with your 7-day free trial!

All you need are some light weights and you can do this arm workout anytime, anywhere!! It’s only a little over six minutes long, so add this to your morning routine, do it when you need a little break, or add it to the end of your regular workouts for some extra oomph!

We will firm our arms and shoulders, as I show you how to do it all with proper form – so important when you are using weights. So if you want to get rid of bra overhang and back fat, focus on your biceps, triceps and more, do this workout!!

And don’t forget that my Total Body Toning Challenge has even more 10-minute arms, chest and upper body workouts – plus workouts for your core, lower body and more! Perfect for anyone who is short on time but wants to see results! See if it is right for you with your free trial!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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Quick and Effective Arm Workout Transcript:

Today, it’s time to firm up our arms so we have nice tone, sexy arms. Let’s begin by using some lightweights and stand up nice and tall and begin for me in our arms and shoulders. Just like this. Bend your knees slightly, protecting the back and really work your arms and shoulders. Keep your back strong and straight. Keep your tummy in and let’s get started. Good way to warm up through the shoulders. Your arms. Try to lift those arms. That’s it. Do the best that you can. Really get nice shaped arms from up every angle of the arms, the back of the arms, the shoulders. No more bro Overhang. Get Nice and toned. Sexy arms. Let’s go. Two more. Feel it. That’s it. Last one, and release. Now it’s time to do a little bicep curls, so plie out all the way out. Reach your arms all the way out and do little curls.

That’s it. Notice my angle of the arms reaching out. Really extend to really get sexy berm arms at set the bicep curl. Really feel it. Pump up those biceps. Yes. Get Nice and strong and toned. Lean cut arms. That’s it. Look great in a sleeveless blouse, you’ll feel so confident. Great. We’ve got two more. Last one, little pulses, little pulses. Come on, pump it up. Let me see those biceps work. Yes, stomach is in back is strong and straight. Working those legs to wonderful and release. Beautiful and just relax using your thigh muscles. Great, and now I want you to bring your arms in right here. This is a little different. Now hold it, stretch it out and it’s a hammer curl. Working a little more. The upper part of the biceps that’s at your stomach is in your back is strong. You’re thinking good posture and we’re really working those arms.

Yes, we are extending the arms all the way. Really feel the extension that really helps to get those beautiful toned arms from last one. Great. Okay, now we turn to the side and we’re going to work the back of the arm. So lean slightly forward and bend and extend. This is now working the triceps, the back of our arms, one of the most important areas to tone, so you get a beautiful shape to the arm. Also did you know that the triceps are one of the most underused muscles of the body. So in order to firm with goodto do something about it, so here’s one of the best exercises to get the back of those arms. I love this one for each way back there. Think good posture. Notice my back is straight. Something you all need to think about. It always is good posture.

Your shoulders are down and back and your abs are pulled up an in and we’re going to hold it now. Hold it up now. Pulse, upward and little pulse. Just lift, little left. Come on, you could do it. Tone those arms, your triceps, c shape very quickly. Isn’t that great? Two more. Last one. Hold it up there. Beautiful. Good work. Let’s go to the other side. Thinking about good posture and slowly fold forward. Back is strong and straight. Elbows up and extend it and release extent and release. Keeping your back strong, keeping your abdominal muscles in. We’re now target. Toning the back of those arms, the area we all need extra help and here we got it right now. Come on. Do it. It’s worth it. Get beautiful looking arms. Feel confident. That’s it. Feel strong and sexy and toned.

Couple more. Just like that. You got it. Last one. Now we hold it up, baby pulses up, but notice, put your shoulder blades together and lift and lift back is straight. Come on, couple more. You’ve got it. It’s worth it. I promise. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it girl. Rate. Okay, let’s begin. Sexy shoulders. Bend your elbows up. Little Benz and down. Little band. Up and down. Stomach is in. That’s it. Up. Beautiful and you got it. Great. Now we’re going to shift our arms back and we’re going to do a whole full circle. All the way around touching the back. Almost feels, oh you are. And pull it in. Let’s do that again. Out in an arc. Pull down. It’s great for your upper back. No more bra Overhang. That’s beautiful. Now pull, down shoulder blades down and arch back up again.

Out. Pull down and pull back up. But notice my back is straight. Don’t let your rib cage pooch out. Pull it in. Yes, there you go. That’s the different tweak to make it work. Now we stay right here. They’ll pull, just pull it in, pull it in. Yes, that’s at work the back. That’s great. Good, sexy upper back. Yes. You can wear those beautiful backless dresses. Feel confident back there, and also had improved your posture. Very important for all of us. That’s it. Keeps us young. Grade two more. Last one. Beautiful. And there you have a total arm exercise workout.


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