Stress Management Tips

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 14, 2020 | General

What is self-care if you aren’t actually caring for your self?? One thing that can impact your physical and emotional health is stress. Two of the most important ways I do to address unhealthy stress are through exercise and breathing!

  1. Exercise to manage stress. Research confirms what dedicated exercisers like me have known for years: Working out can help reduce the physical effects of daily stress! Whether the exercise is a peppy jog or a soothing yoga routine, it will release mood boosting hormones called endorphins that help chase away your worries. Whenever I feel myself getting anxious – the airline lost my bag, or the AC system has gone on the fritz again – I try to force myself to take a break. I do some neck exercises, or I stand and do some stretches. Better yet, I head outside and take a quick walk. Physical movement takes your mind off problems and also gives your muscles a workout… Plus it it seems to instantly transform a bad mood into a good one. That’s the beauty of exercise – it’s good for you in so many ways!
  2. Breathing to manage stress. No doubt about it, breathing exercises are a great way to instantly address your physical and mental state when you feel stressed out. We always hear people say to take a deep breath during stressful moments. But how exactly do you do this? Begin by standing or sitting up straight. Make sure your legs are not crossed. If you can, close your eyes slightly. Focus your mind on the back of your throat and inhale slowly and deeply. Try to visualize your breath moving down your throat, into your lungs and further down into your belly. Hold for 3 seconds and slowly exhale. Reverse the visualization of the are leaving your belly, your lungs and then your mouth. Make sure your exhale lasts as long as your inhale. Repeat until you feel a sense of equilibrium, balance and calm beginning to return. I have a variety of breathing exercises in my Stop The Clock Fitness Plan – learn more about it here!

Add these two into your day-to-day… during this Challenge and afterwards! You will feel better, no doubt about it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



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