All New Total Body 10-Minute Workout For At Home!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 9, 2020 | Workouts

If you’re looking for a new way to challenge your body and mind, then try my Total Body 10-Minute Workout! This is a perfect workout for at home – you can squeeze it in whenever you have an extra 10-15 minutes and you can do it almost anywhere you have a few feet of space. What’s not to love about this Total Body 10-Minute Workout??

Well, I have one more thing – if you like this workout, sign up for your free trial and you’ll get access to two more 10-minute workouts like this: My Interval Training 10-Minute Workout and my Strength and Sculpt 10-Minute Workout! All three of these fun, effective workouts are now part of my membership, and all were filmed on the beach… so bring a little of the outdoors in when you get in your daily fitness! Join today and you will also get 30 days of free access when you sign up – so you can enjoy all that my membership has to offer for free – for 30 days! You will not be charged for 30 days and can cancel at any time, so take advantage of this special offer – it’s my little way of helping everyone be healthy and fit while staying in.

So why a Total Body 10-Minute Workout? Right now, I am hearing people tell me it’s hard to get motivated… every day seems the same… junk food and TV are comforting… and guess what? ALL OF THAT IS OK! Getting by, staying healthy, caring for your loved ones – that is a lot for anyone to do in the best of circumstances. The key words in that last sentence are “staying healthy,” which is why a Total Body 10-Minute Workout can be key right now.

Getting motivated can be difficult, so I’m encouraging YOU to put on some shoes, hit play and give it a try! Do what you can – two minutes, five minutes, or the whole thing. But then set a little, tiny goal for yourself: Keep doing it, every day. Get in two minutes of movement every hour! Get in five minutes… soon you may have the desire and stamina to get in 10 minutes of movement every hour you are awake! You will feel SO GOOD when you keep moving, and this will help you stay both physically healthy and  emotionally balanced, too. Exercise is shown to improve our health and improve our mood, so make this tiny but powerful commitment to yourself and thus your loved ones, that you WILL move around a little bit each hour you are awake! And we can do it together – right now with my Total Body 10-Minute Workout. Let’s do this!!!!

I hope you enjoy doing this workout as much as I enjoyed filming it… and don’t forget to take advantage of my 30 days of free access for new members of – when you join you’ll have access to two more videos like this, plus hundreds of my fun, retro workouts AND my 10-Week Plan studio workouts! Plus easy, tasty recipes, an eating plan with healthy meal ideas, and more – including a community of people like you – those who want to get a little more fit, maybe stave off the weight gain that may be happening right now. Give it a try, if you don’t like it, cancel at any time – no strings attached. I love you all and want us all to be healthy and happy as we work our way back to our old lives! xoxo!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Denise Austin. I’m so excited you’re here working out with me. We are going to do a 10 minute total body workout, so join me. I’m so excited to be here. Back on the beach with you. Okay, let’s begin with a light warm up. Get your body ready for a fabulous workout and let’s do a little twist. Warming up that spine. Your spine is your lifeline. You can do this full body workout. We’re going to target our tummyI. We’re going to target our arms. If you have some light weights handy, grab them because we’ll be using them. Okay? Let’s begin with the waistline. Twist it out. That’s it. Pull your abs up and in. That’s great. And smile. We’re going to burn fat. Yes we are. Target tone. The muscles really feel good. Punch it up. Just punch it out. The beautiful Southern California beach. Enjoying a fabulous workout. That’s it. We’re doing it together. Feel as though what? Your personal trainer. Let’s bring both arms up. That’s it. Great. Tell me right to your house and he says, here, come on, get fit. You aren’t worth it.

Positive today. You got it. Last one. Okay. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Let stretch out the spine. Smile. Great positive today, Start you out. Wonderful. Let’s stretch out those legs stretched to the side, the other side. Feel that stretch in your thighs. So great for circulation, that’s it. Great to firm your inner thigh. Let’s reach your arms out. Pull your back up in, in your abdominal, zip up those abs. You’ve got it right. A couple more. Feel the stretch and now reach forward and to the side, work that waistline. It’s also works those love handles. You can stretch at home. That’s what this workout is all about. Stretching. Good. We’ve got two more. Reach that one, and relax. Let’s turn to the side. Think about good posture. We’re going to do a lunge and lift up a simple lunge. If you have any issues with your knees, just go halfway.

You’re still with me. Those muscles that we need to target, tone the hips, the thighs, and the buttocks to lift that tushy. Great. We’ll look great from behind. Two more. Last one. Great. Squeeze your butt. Buttocks. Tighten up through the buttocks. Feel that wonderful hip flexor stretch. Great. Oh, can you raise your arms up now? Stretch your leg behind. Now we’re stretching the back of those legs. Your lower legs, the calf muscles. Hold that stretch right? And now shift back and stretch out your hands strings. Oh, does that feel great? Feeling that wonderful stretch back of your leg. Keeping your hamstrings flexible. So important for a healthy back. Okay, let’s go to the other side. Think about good posture. We’re going to go down, up. It’s simple. Remember quality over quantity. Make the muscles do the work, not momentum. Feel the muscles working using the buttocks.That’s it. Over now and lift back up. Stretch. You got two more. Last one. Hold it. Now squeeze the buttocks. Feel the stretch right here. Arms come all the way up. Beautiful. Stretch the hip flexor. Now shift back. Stretching out those hamstrings. That’s it. Beautiful. Stretch through your back of your legs. Feel so good. Okay. Are you ready to target tone our arms? Yes, we are. Grab your weights and let’s begin. First of all, it’s going to be a simple exercise. We’re just going to go down and bicep curls with a little leg action. Just tap and come up. Okay, simple. You could do your work goal is to stand up really tall, thinking about good posture. That’s it. Zip up those abs. So it’s using your abdominals and your bicep curves.

You got good posture. Stomach is the last one. Beautiful. And now it’s time to target the back of our arms. Stretch your back. Nice. Any look, make sure you’re working in the back of those arms. Can you feel it? Great. So when you wave bye, nothing will flap. That’s it. Those arms will look great. Last one. Beautiful. Now begin with your arms right here. You’re going to lift them up. Pull it back to how we’re focusing our energy right through the shoulders.

Two more. We got it. You could do it. Last one. Beautiful. Don’t take it back. Pull it in. Pull it in. That’s it. Back is tight and straight. Now we’re working the upper back muscles. This will also improve your posture to sit straight up, pull your elbows back and strong. That’s it. Pull, pull. Feel the pull in. You got it. We got two more. Last one. Okay, release. That’s great. Now it’s time to get down to the floor and we’re going to work on our legs as well as our arms. Lift your body up. Nice and strong and straight. Abs are really up in here. Squeeze your buttock muscles going to lift all the way.

Hold it up just right there.  Hold it up. That’s it. Come a little further now hold. The other one, I just started out with the workout breath. Your goal here still is to tighten up the top here.  Last one. Let’s begin working on posture. Your chest. Raise your hands, lift your chin, chest your belly button, and tighten up those abs. You got it.  Do the best you can. If this is too hard, all I want you to do is tap. You’re still working. The lower toning right here I want you to lower the belly button, trying to hips your last one, suck in that belly. Three, two, one last one and now reach side to side with the sides of your waist.

Sides of the waistline now.  That’s it. Two more. Last one. And how lift your hips up. You could use the weight here. Lift up with your hands a little bit. Tone back of your thigh and you’re using this arm up and down your hips up for us. Now we’re working the upper body and the lower body. If you find that too difficult to kind of maneuver, just do the lower half to make it your better half. Got one last one you to do. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. Let’s stretch it out. Inhale up stretch, so good everybody. So proud of you for joining me. Let’s take a deep cleansing breath together. Bring in that beautiful energy, that beautiful oxygen. Let out release any stress you may have. No more debt, negative thoughts. It’s all about positivity in the positive thoughts and go have a fabulous day. I’d love you guys – stay fit together.

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