8-Minute Summer Body Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 22, 2021 | Workouts

Let’s look great in our swimsuits, tank tops, and summer dresses with this 8-Minute Summer Body Workout! We will work the upper body, lower body, and everything in between – for a whittled waistline, firm and toned legs and booty, and a strong, sexy back and arms.

It only takes 8 minutes to do this summer body workout, so do it today – with me!! No equipment needed, just a mat (or a rug or carpet if you don’t have a mat!).

Plus – try these 4 tips to keep your summer body healthy and strong!!

4 Summer Body Workout Tips

  1. Mix it up. If you work the same parts of the body over and over, you will experience muscle fatigue. By doing cardio one day, then strength training the next, then some yoga or other stretching, you will be getting in a complete exercise routine that is really working all parts of the body – and you will see and feel the results of your efforts! If you need help or ideas on workouts, start your free trial of my membership… I have hundreds of workouts and so many challenges that can help you get – and stay – in shape!
  2. Set a schedule. The more you plan your fitness into your daily routine, the more likely you are to stick with it. I like to get up early and get my workout in and out of the way. It makes me feel productive and filled with energy!
  3. Create mini goals. Write down what you want to accomplish, then aim to achieve it! Whether you want to lose five pounds, be able to walk a mile with ease, tone up your thighs, or do a week of pilates and yoga, setting a goal can be motivating. Plus – then you can reward yourself with flowers, a new workout outfit, or a fun summer read!
  4. Complement your fitness with healthy eating habits. You can work out all day long, but if you are ending your exercise routine with a bag of chips or a tub of ice cream, you aren’t really striving for the healthy summer body workout results you want. I like to start the day with a healthy breakfast that gives me fat, protein and carbs – it helps give me the energy I need to get through the day. My Get Your Veggies Omelet in my Whole Body Plan is a fave of mine! Then a lunch that’s heavy on veggies and whole grains, and a dinner that has some healthy omega-3 fats, such as my Maple Grilled Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts. For more recipes – and a complete meal plan – start your free trial of my plan!

I hope these summer body workout tips help you have the best summer ever! And don’t forget you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of my plan – it’s a wonderful way to get started on a healthy whole body routine, or to take it up a notch if you are already living a healthy lifestyle! No matter what, you can do it – you are worth it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


8-Minute Summer Body Workout Transcript

Welcome to your summer body workout. Today we’re going to work the whole body head to toe. So let’s start to burn the arms and legs. So stretch to the side. That’s it. A good stretch, like getting the blood circulating, get the oxygen to flow. Get ready for your summer body. Yes, you can do it. That’s it just still stretch those arms. Stretch those legs. Get a little lower to work the lower body That’s it. Look great in your swimsuit feel great in your tank tops. That’s it. We got to stretch it over there across, it’s beautiful outside.  Just reach out, reach to the side and to the other side. Beautiful way to whittle your waistline up. That’s it, feel it in your legs. You got this last one. Okay. Now for the inner thigh, stretch it through your inner thigh. Keep your back strong and straight. You got this reach all the way through. This is so good for your inner thighs, your buttocks. That’s it shift the weight a little bit. Your back now you can do two more. pull. Great. Let’s turn to the side and work those legs down and up. And now we’re shaping and toning your thighs. That’s it. The lower half to make it your better path, shape and firm, sculpt.

Keeping those legs nice and shape through the hips, thighs the buttocks. We got one more, hold it, squeeze the buttocks, tighten up that tushie. and let’s go to the other side to your down. Can you think about good posture? Notice the front foot right over the knee and ankle. That’s it. You should go down and up like an elevator. That way you really work more muscles in your hips, your thighs and your buttocks. Work those things last one. Now, hold it there. Squeeze the buttocks. Take that tushie. You got it.

And now let’s work the sides of the legs, sides, push out there and you go.  Lift and lower. This also works on the buttocks and the outer thighs reach and lift down – summer body workout. You can do it. Good. You got one more. That’s it. And now to the other side, lean down and shift your leg up. lean and lift. Great. You’ve got this really think about good posture, zip up those abs. That’s it control, beautiful. Push away that push away as what you’re working on that rear end, good you got it, two more push away hard and float the leg up.

Now it’s time to work in the back of the thighs. So what are you going to do is lift your right behind you to the other side. Lift you tone. inhale and exhale. great. two more, tighten up that tummy. And tot he other side. Toning and shaping, That’s it buttocks up, last one. Come on with me down to the mat. Walk our hands all the way down to a Plank position and hold the plank. Strong body strong minds, because you are worth it, tighten up those abs right now. Stretch the heels towards your heels to the floor, squueze. The buttocks lift up the quadriceps from the knees hold, hold. Beautiful.

We’re going to do some pushups. Tricep pushups. Here we go. Take it down and up. Squeeze the buttocks. And two more. Last one. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Great. Now opposite arm comes up and hold to spine stretch. Great to strengthen the muscles that lie in your spine. Hold, hold hold, beautiful, switch sides. Thinking about good posture. Always pull the belly button up in and hold it up. Beautiful.

Let’s go triceps, push really feel it, great for the arms, one more, last one, hold it up, hold it ip. to the opposite arm, pull the belly button up and then tighten up your abs, lift your spine.  OK now it’s to work on the sides of our waistline. So the first exercise is a nice hold, hold that, working the sides of the waist, so important for the abs. Beautiful = also this works the lower part of your abs too – summer body workout, you got it. You got it, two more, hold it up there, last one. Isometrical workout gives you the muscle strength endurance. Oh, okay. Let’s go to the other side and crunch and release. Just do the best you can. You got it. Two more, beautiful, balance. You got it. Beautiful. Let’s do a nice side stretch. Now to the other side. It’s true. Beautiful. Hold, hold. Slowly. Stretch, stretch up lift in your spot and slowly come all the way up. Let’s take a deep breath together in the oxygen, energy, exhale out the stress, come out and make it a great day. Stay fit, see you next time – love you guys!

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