8-Minute Mobility and Flexibility Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 30, 2021 | Workouts

I get asked often about a mobility workout… exercises that can promote mobility and flexibility, no matter how fit you are. Well, I am thrilled to have a new 8-Minute Mobility Workout just for those who have asked! There is no equipment required, and it will make you feel so good afterwards, so give it a try!

This mobility workout is perfect whether you are getting into fitness, getting back into fitness, or are more advanced, since staying flexible and improving our mobility is something we should all be focused on. This mobility workout features stretches that will help:

Promote mobility. Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you can go on walks, climb stairs, or do a yoga class and feel amazing, and not in pain? That’s why promoting mobility is important – and why I did this mobility workout! Do these stretches regularly and your mobility will be enhanced!

Improve your posture. Good posture is key as we get older – it helps us stand tall and proud, lift things without hurting our backs, keeps our cores strong, and enables us to walk with grace and confidence. The stretches in this mobility workout will help you get and keep good posture!

Encourage circulation. Circulation increases the blood flow and helps to heal the body. That’s one reason getting in some sort of movement every day is so important – movement gets your blood circulating and keeps you and your body healthy!

So let’s get to it! I want you to pledge that you will do this mobility workout at least once a week for the remainder of the year… I know you will feel amazing when you do it regularly, so let me know how YOU feel afterwards – leave a comment on my Facebook or Instagram!

And don’t forget you can start your free trial of my EVER BETTERâ„¢ Body Membership at any time – I have dozens of stretching, yoga, Barre and Pilates workouts that will help you get long, lean, toned and flexible!

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8-Minute Mobility and Flexibility Workout Video Script:
Welcome to your eight minute mobility workout. This will be a stretch and tone workout that you will love. You will get flexible and feel great. So let’s begin starting with the deep cleansing breath. Bring in your oxygen and equals energy to every cell of your body. And then just let it go. Beautiful. Okay. We’re going to just loosen it up through the shoulder joint. That’s it just circle it. Beautiful keeping great mobility in the shoulders. Yes. Loosen them up. You got it. Lift them up and back. Beautiful. We’re going to work from head to toe. Every area of the body you’re going to stretch. That’s it feel flexible and stretch all the way back. If you can, with one arm circle then the other, that’s it stretch back. Beautiful, good circulation through the joints. So important. That’s it. Keep moving. That’s the key feeling. Good.

Great circulation is what helps heal your body. So getting circulation through the body right now, and let’s move side to side with the sides of the waistline, just reach, really feel the reach. That’s it stretch great. But through the waist through the back, that’s it wonderful. We got two more. Last one. Good. And now to improve your posture, clasp your hands behind you. We’re going to open up the chest. That’s it improving the posture, stretching out through the front of your chest. No more rounded shoulders. We’ll open it all up. Beautiful and release. We got one more inhale, exhale, and slowly. Bring the elbows back, opening up all through here. This is where you want to feel a stretch. No more tight shoulders, no more slouchy shoulders. They get nice and stretched out by this one stretch. Oh, beautiful. And now slowly circled this one arm reaching up and over beautiful.

Lift your body and really move into it. Feeling that all through the upper part of the body. That’s it wonderful feeling? Just let the arm float one more circle. That’s it staying very flexible in your shoulder. Joint is so important. Lifted up and over. Beautiful. That’s it? So we don’t get too stiff. We stay nice and flexible. That’s it. It’s we can move and do everything last one. That’s wonderful. Now I want you to stretch up out forward and back arms up pinky fingers, turn up and shouldn’t come up slightly and release. Now on diagonal stretch your arms stretch. Open up, just open up all feel so good. Open up through the clavicle. That’s it. Through the sternum and to the other side, open it all up. This is what’s going to make you feel good. That’s it. Getting the energy everywhere through your body, fingertips, extremities and release.

Beautiful. Now come on down to the floor, bring one knee in front. We’re going to now first stretch your arms up overhead. Hold that stretch. Now slowly lift. If you can’t squeeze your buttocks, lift up. Everything comes, lifted up and over. That’s it and release now with just one arm. Bring it up, lengthen through the spine here and now. Bend at the waist. Great for your hips. Just bend the waist. Can you feel that it’s great for those hip flexors? If you sit for long periods of time, these muscles shortened, now we’re landing them. Just what you need. Lean strong. Great. And now slowly reach your hands towards the floor. Lean slightly forward to get a good stretch in the inner part of your thighs. Good range of motion there. And now we’re going to shift our hips back. We’re going to flex this foot in front and stretch the hamstrings.

If you need your chair or a couch or some pillows to keep you elevated, that’s great. They really help assist even yoga blocks help, but if you can strengthen and lengthen your spine, it’s an anterior tilt. That’s it? Tilt your hips back. Good. Notice my back is straight. I not hunched over. It’s late that in. So you really feel a great stretch. Beautiful. Proud of you. Just breathe into it. No jumping, no bouncing, no charring. It’s just deep breaths into it to let the muscle relax. Beautiful. Okay. Then slowly turn to the other side. Bring the front knee and forehead. And now slowly lift both arms up, lengthen through your spine. Lean slightly back. As you lean back, I don’t want you to crunch into the low spot. I want you to lift up and then slightly back, but squeeze the tissue there. Squeeze the bottom.

That’s it and release. And now slowly bring your hands to the ground. Stretched through the lower leg. A little like this. Placing your hands for support. You got it. This is stretching your groin area and it’s great for circulation. And now flex your foot. Sit yourself all the way back, reach down and your back stretch your hamstrings. This is for the back of your legs. If you can keep that toe flexed up is even better. That’s it ease into this down. Just take your time. Pretty inhale. Exhale. Remember that anterior tilt. You’re lifting your tailbone out, feeling that extra stretch, feel it and release. And now slowly bring your knee forward. Lift your arm up and bend at the waist. Bend. Feel the stretch. Oh, it feels so good. Can you feel all the way up here through your body? That’s a great stretch for your hips to keep them healthy.

Wonderful stretch. Hold that stretch. Beautiful. Okay. One wonderful stretch. Now for your legs. Just sit here. Nice and tall. If you can sit here nice and straight with your back straight. Now, place your hands for support in a tabletop with one leg coming out and hold that stretch. Just hold it. And mobility and balance. Lift the opposite are hold for strength. This is stretching and strengthening your erector spinae muscles in the spine and release. The other play comes up, hold it up their stomach again. The opposite arm comes up. So it’s a balancing for mobility and balance. Hold your tummy tight in lengthen through the spine and release. And now slowly walk yourself all the way up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face, inhale and exhale. Good and circle the ankles and the knees for good mobility in your lower legs. Keeping your hips, your knees, and your ankles.

Very healthy and reverse. And now let’s work through the hips. It’s a beautiful hip circle. It’s a full range of motion asset. Good, all the way around and reverse really feel loosening up the hips. It’s lubricating the hip joints and release. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. You did a great stretching routine. Keep it going. Thanks for working out with me. If you love this workout, I have so much more at deniseaustin.com. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plants. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Deniseaustin.com. Sign up for your free trial now!

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