How Yoga Can Transform You (Plus Three Moves to Try!)

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 27, 2019 | Workouts

I have been a big fan of yoga practice for years, because yoga is so good for you – learn how yoga can transform you and your body!! It’s such a wonderful way to keep your body healthy, your outlook centered, and your mind and body engaged, working together. If you are interested in trying out yoga – or are already a practitioner, but maybe want a guide you can add to your existing routine, then this post is for you!

My Stop The Clock Fitness Plan (now available as part of a complete Stop The Clock Package – including my Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan!) has an entire section on yoga moves, because I truly believe adding a yoga practice to your daily workouts is so beneficial. Why?

  • Yoga is a great exercise for unwinding, de-stressing and elevating your mood.
  • Yoga helps relax your muscles, allowing for them to stretch.
  • Yoga promotes flexibility and balance – so important as we age.
  • Yoga uses your own body weight to strengthen your muscles.
  • Yoga is convenient! You really do not need any equipment (though a mat is helpful, but not required – I use a towel when traveling!), and you can do it in a limited amount of space when necessary.

I try and fit in some amount of yoga every day, whether it’s five minutes of yoga stretching in the morning, or a full routine as that day’s workout… I do a full yoga practice routine at least three times a week, and encourage you to do the same! Below are three moves from my Stop The Clock Fitness Plan… they are part of a larger group of poses that, when done together (with or without the additional Pilates moves) are a wonderful yoga workout. You can also add them to the Stop The Clock Strength Training workouts (3 total, targeting upper body, core and lower body) as well as the Stop The Clock Cardio Walking Workout for a well-rounded fitness plan that WILL give you results! Check out my new Stop The Clock Package today!!

3 Yoga Poses to Try

The Eagle Pose
This feels great for your shoulders, back and chest – perfect after a day of looking at your computer!

yoga moves

Stand with one leg behind the other. Wrap your arms around each other so that the palms eventually touch with thumbs hooked together and fingertips aligned. Pull your elbows away from the body to feel this stretch across your upper back. Twist to the side and flex the back leg. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat to the other side.

The Warrior Pose
This one is a great way to stretch your legs and upper body.

Yoga Poses

First, stand with your hands on your hips; step your feet apart so your ankles are in line with your wrists (your feet will be about 3 to 4 feet apart). Turn your left foot out at a 90-degree angle so your toes point directly to the left and rotate your right foot so your toes point to the left at a 45-degree angle. Bend your left knee as close as you can to a 90-degree angle (knee is directly over your ankle). Keeping your right leg straight, rotate your upper body so you’re facing left. Push into your right heel. Look straight ahead or upward slightly. Then, extend both arms over your head, palms facing each other and fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Focus your eyes on your hands. Hold pose for 3 breaths. Return to standing position and repeat on the other side.


The Standing Spinal Twist
This feels great on your upper back!

Yoga Poses

Begin with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, feet pointing forward. A soft bend in the knees to alleviate too much tension in the hamstrings is fine. Bend forward, reaching your left arm toward the floor and reaching your right arm straight up over your head. Hold this for 10 seconds, then slowly come back to standing position and repeat on the other side.

Don’t forget to check out my new Stop The Clock Package for even more yoga poses, plus a Pilates routine, Anti-Gravity exercises, and a complete strength training and cardio workout routine… plus recipes, a meal plan and more… everything YOU need to “Stop The Clock“!!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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