Try This 10-Minute Yoga Abs Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 20, 2020 | Workouts

Flat abs are not a pipe dream – you CAN tighten up your core and get a fitter midsection, especially if you do this yoga abs workout video! It’s just 10 minutes, and it will make a difference in how you look and feel… so let’s do this!

This video is a combination of yoga and target toning – I love this combo, because it incorporates really effective movements to target the abdominal muscles. This means you can expect flatter abs, a whittled waistline, and more definition in your midsection. No more poochy belly or muffin top! Plus it has yoga movements – so good for your entire body, but especially your abs and waistline. Because these moves will help keep your spine healthy and strong (and our spine is our lifeline), it’s important to add in these types of stretching moves! You can get more yoga and target toning workouts when you start your free trial of I have hundreds of workouts, including lots of yoga and Pilates workouts to tone your body!

Try This 10-Minute Yoga Ab Workout!

This 10-minute yoga abs workout will work the sides of the waistline and the obliques, while you work through yoga poses include Plank, Knee Kisses and more! It’s a GREAT way to start the day and it’s so fast you can even do it at lunchtime!!



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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

10-Minute Beachy Abs Transcript

Welcome to your 10 minute yoga abs. Let’s begin on the beach with a deep breath. Inhale, bring in the oxygen, ringing in and exhale out any stress. Just ease it out. This time really deep. Bring in the energy, the oxygen to every cell of your body and let out any tension. Wonderful. That’s begin bringing the knee to the chest, working the lower abs. Make sure you’re nice and tall. Lengthen through the spine. The taller you make your body, the better the workout. Lift and lower. That’s it. Try to think about good posture, lengthening through the waistline, working the lower abs. That’s it. Two more. Last one, pick it up and release. Now stretch all the way up and to the side and lift to the side and lift. That’s it. Working the sides of the waistline. Lift, work it. That’s it. Bring it up, up and down and lift and lower.

Last to lift and lower end release school. The other side, reach up. Ready and pull and release and pull. Really feel the sides of the waistline working. It’s all about lengthening with that other side. Lifting target, toning the waistline, working those obliques, the sides of the waist. Cinching in that waistline. Pull it up. I’ve got two more. Last one. Really pull. Wonderful. Now we go across the body. Criss cross, ccris cross. That’s it. Really work the lower tummy, the abdominals, and the obliques. Really feel it. Reach across. Standing abdominal work right here. Great. And now slowly bring your arms around, tuck under. Hold it up there. Hold it up in a chair pose and lift the leg and the other one. Lift. But use your abs. Tighten up the abs. That’s it. It’s all about the abs here. Lift now lift the leg off the floor and the other one.

Great. That’s a hard one. And let’s work through the waistline. Stretch, isolation, waistline workout, stretch to the side and to the other side. That’s it. Really reach side to side. Feel it through the waistline. That’s it. Wonderful waistline. Workout all through slow, easy, soft, flowing motion. Beautiful. Last one, and release. Okay, come all the way down to boat. Thinking about good posture. Bring your knees in and let’s take them out and pull back in and take him out and out and beautiful that. Two more here and last one and hold. And now slowly roll all the way back onto your back. Lift your arms all the way up and little baby reaches liftoff. Reach all the way up. Using your abdominals. Reach and reach. That’s it. Stretch all the way. Got Two more. Hold it up there. Now hold it up a little lifts. Little it’s little and release.

Bring your hips all the way up. Hold it up. Tuck under the tummy right now. Hold it up. Inner thigh toner, just reach one leg and lift and lift. Really feel it all through here. Tightening up. Wonderful tighten. Two more. You’ll also feel back of that thigh. Hold it up there and relax and the other one down. And really squeeze and the inner thighs. You’re now working that triangle here with the inner thighs. Wonderful. Okay, two more. You can do it last one and relax. And now slowly lift up to the side. Bring your hips all the way up. Bring your hips up and hold. Hold. That’s it. And take it back down. Lift it back up and release and all the way this time, hold it up their hips. Get your hips up. Yes, you’re working on this side to the waistline. Hold it up there and relax.

And now star Kiss, bring it in and reach out. Beautiful. At the beach here, star kiss. Reach out and pull in for your abs. Cinch it in, bring it in. That’s it. Reaching out and bringing it en mass. One out. And we hold and hold it out there. Hold it up there. Great one and release. Let’s go to the other side. Lift up your hips first. It’s about lifting those hips. That’s it. And Damn and left up and down. Really feel it. Lift up your tightening. All the muscles of the obliques, the waistline workout area right through here too. I’ve got two more and last one and released and let’s bring it in and extend for the starkist and squeeze reaching out. So you’re doing a great extension with the flection. That’s it. flextion extension. That’s it. Reach. Really feel it’s great for the waistline, soft and flowing and easy on the joints.

Last one, reach it out and relax. Great. Now I want, you’re in a plank position. Low Hover. The first one is right here with your elbows down and Tuck under your hips. Your back is nice and straight like a long board. You’re holding it right there. Now pull up your tummy and now can you touch your knees and pull it back up? That’s a good one for the lower tummy. Touch your knees and come back up. Hold it up there one more time. Touch your knees and come back up and do little knee kisses. Just tight, tight little knee kisses. That’s it. Touch and touch. You got it. Great. Pulling the Tummies, zip it up. That’s it. Keep those abs controlled and tight and focused. Last one. Oh, okay. And slowly step up nice and tall and let’s work the waistline side to side. Bring your knees in and go, sigh and go to the other side.

Great for that waistline. That’s it. Side and the other side. Good, that’s it. Beautiful. Great stretch. Waistline. Lean and strong. And the waist last one. And now we really strengthen the spine. So everybody on that table top hands and knees, thinking about good posture. We’re lifting that one leg up or holding the other arm out and now we’re going out and bringing it forward. Let’s try it again. Now Balance Balance. It’s in the abs. That’s one out and back in and release. Let’s try it with the other leg. Bring the leg up, the opposite arm. Go out. It’s all in the abs here and it’s out of control. The abs, I’ve got one more really control and hold. Hold it up there and, and lift both legs behind it to stretch through the waistline stretched to the spine. And now slowly lift up all the way up and lift through the chest up and lift all the Rep.

Open up through the chest, stretching out through the abdominals. You feel it, stretch it. You got it. And release switch legs. The other leg comes through. Stretch up, stretch up. Feel the length through the spine. So important for your back and release and slowly come all the way up. Bring your legs together and take a great cleansing breath. Inhale up and exhale out to the side to half moon. Great for the waistline. Make yourself tall and lean. It’s stretched out. Let’s go to the other side. Lift up and lift out. That’s it. Reaching further and further for a better stretch and release now all the way up and come all the way down and hold and mountain posse, lengthen and zip up those abs. Tighten those abs and release. Inhale all the way and drop one arm and let’s go the other side. Inhale and exhale. And there you have it. A wonderful 10 minute workout for your abs. Congratulations. You did it.

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