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Are you looking for a complete core workout? Then look no further – this quick and effective core workout is something you can do most days of the week, for a toned, flat tummy. This video will help you develop core muscle strength – this helps to support your spine and your back, and can even improve your posture!  I always say “your spine is your lifeline,” and this complete core workout really focuses on making your spine and back strong, as well as your abs tight and toned!

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Complete Core Workout – Video Script:

Now it’s time to do our complete core workout – all for the waistline, the back, this entire section. So let’s begin! Starting with a deep cleansing breath, bring in the oxygen – it equals energy! And let it all out, beautiful. Let’s just warm up the spine by stretching – getting it ready for a lot of toning. To really firm up the entire core, you have to work the front of your tummy, your lower tummy, the sides of our abs, and our back, too – that’s a complete core workout. So let’s take a good deep breath, really stretch it out. Our last one, and lower. Beautiful! Now stretch up the arms up over the head and hips out; stretch up up up up up! That’s it! Feel it! And to the other side, working through the side body for those obliques. Wonderful – hold it out there… and relax.

Okay slowly come down, thinking about good posture. Keep your back nice and strong and straight. Inhale up, and let’s take it down – exhale out, exhale out. That’s it – now, beginning with the lower tummy, this is really important for your lower belly, your lower tummy. Place your hands under your hips, now let’s begin by keeping your legs at a 90 degree angle. Now slowly bring your knees towards your chest, and back down. You should start to feel this in your lower tummy, really flatten out that belly button pull it in and down. And really feel it initiate the movement from the lower tummy. It’s all through below the belly button – tighten it, tighten it, and release. These are small movements but really effective. That’s it – one more, bring it up, and down.  

Now slowly roll up – let’s do our bicycle, just push it out, push it out – there you go! Thinking about good posture – is your back straight? And really feel it. The more you use the lower tummy the better your entire belly will be flat. That’s it, now when you’re using your legs, you’re also engaging your lower abdominals. You’re really working the whole stomach now – the complete core, the front of those abs, your powerhouse! Now slowly hold your knees, and open up your chest – notice that my chin is up, as if I have an apple or an orange between my chin and my chest. So important – don’t crunch it, it’s a lift, It’s a lift so your belly stays flat. Great! I know after kids we all need to work on those bellies, as we age, going through menopause our belly, so every age group needs those abs. But mainly I want you to think about those abdominal muscles: it’s working the front of your abs. Okay last one, beautiful, relax your neck to shake it out, that’s it – shake it out.

Now slowly bring your feet to the floor, reach your hand up, and twist – now we’re engaging our obliques, the sides of the waistline. Okay so we’re completely working all angles of the tummy. That’s it – twist, really feel it! What I’m doing here is pushing my hand into the mat, into the floor – that’s it, really push it down. Beautiful! Make sure you’re really using it all here. That’s it – relax your neck, make sure you’re using 100% of obliques and abdominals here. Flatten the belly by pushing the belly down into the mat, into the floor. Okay, release now to the other side. Relax your neck muscles – it’s so important, no jerking. And twist to the side – really twist, keep your hips flat and down, twist to the side. Push that hand into the floor so you engage both sides of the waistline. To trim and slim the waistline – that’s it, to keep your tummy flat. If you want to keep your hand on the belly push it down, push it down. Train your abdominals to go down and flat… exhale. On the way up and as you exhale – you’ll flatten more. That’s it, last one, okay. And slowly come up, roll up, let me see that beautiful smiling face.

And now it’s time to do our plank series. We worked the sides, we worked the front, and now we’re going to work the abdominal area. That really helps to pull in the abdominals. So the first exercise is a Low Hover. You’ll come down onto the elbows and lift your hips up – if you can, lift them up .That’s it – if you’re just starting out don’t worry, go down to your knees. And really tighten up your abs, pull those abs up and in. So let’s do it – lift, lift, lift, tighten up your tummy! It’s all about an isometric hold here. My legs are nice and strong – try to get your heels lifting towards the opposite way. And try to flatten out the back too, through the chest – don’t hunch like this, it’s a nice plank pose. Okay, while you’re down there I want you to bend both knees and straighten them – try it again. This is the next level so if this is too hard for you, I understand. So stay right there, but other than that, the more you use the lower body you’re engaging your abs that much more. You’re challenging – that’s it  -your transverse abdominis muscle. Last one, okay, release – Inhale and exhale, beautiful!

We got one more plank. This one’s on your hands like the top of a push-up, so start in Cat-Cow, curl your toes under and let’s hold it. Strong abs complete abdominal strength here! Your back is strong and straight – drop your shoulders. Always think about technique; quality over quantity. Okay think about good form – squeeze your tummy here. Pull it up in, and squeeze your buttocks too – can you tighten up your tushy? Great, now pull your knee towards your elbow, and release. Try it with the other leg – complete core workout! You have two more, bring it up. Last one, hold it, okay, and release – beautiful.

Bring your legs up into the side – we’re going to do a side angle stretch here, and work the obliques – a side of the waistline workout. You’re going to lift up, and back down. You’re going to lift up – great, work the waistline – and back down. We’re now targeting the sides of the waistline. Beautiful – lift and down. Just two more, come on this is a total workout for the core. Lift and back down – let’s switch sides.  It’s a quickie workout so it’s worth it to do it everyday, that’s right. Lift and lower, beautiful, up and down. Great – a couple more just like that, really feel your abdominals pulling in, belly button in. Always practice that belly button in, navel towards the spine. Imagine that you’re flattening the belly as you contract the abdominal muscles. Last one, okay, relax.

Now let’s come down to the ground now – hips up and squeeze through the buttocks – all about the back now, squeeze through the core. That’s it, and take it down now, and lift back up. We’re target toning all around here, as well as your back muscles and your buttocks – that’s it, they all attache right up here to the core. We got one more – lift up, up, up, squeeze your buttocks, tighten that tushy, squeeze and look great from behind! Good! And relax.

And let’s roll over – we have one last exercise for the back of the spine. What you do is you lift one leg and the opposite arm. Great, now lengthen your spine, keep your hips in line, great! And now tighten up that tummy – one last challenge to try. Can you lift up that toe off the floor, can you lift it? And tighten your tummy, just lift it give it a challenge, give it a try. Okay, it really takes you off balance, it’s worth trying – the leg comes up first,  and the other arm elongates the spine. Now you’re really targeting the back muscles as well as your abdominals – complete core workout. Challenge yourself by picking up that toe if you can – ooh boy, try it again, it’s worth it! Engage those abs, and relax.

Beautiful! Now let’s sit down and relax, nice and tall, bring your arm up and over to the side. Elongate, fine beautiful, and to the other side. That’s it – just stretch it out using your side body. Oh, wonderful, now let’s twist it – a side rotation. That’s it, twist, working your abdominals from all angles, that’s it – twist, twist! Rotation of the waistline… and relax. Bring your knees all the way up to your chest and let’s go from side to side. That’s it, now you’re targeting the sides of the waistline to go in – that’s it, yes! Great – really feel your abdominals pulled up and in. You’re also getting a little lower abs by having your feet up off the ground. If you’re just starting out, place your feet on the floor and move side to side. You’re still getting the benefit – that’s it. Challenge yourself though, if you can, we’ve got two more, last one, and relax – great!

Taking a nice deep breath, bringing that oxygen, and let out any stress – beautiful. Give yourself a big hug, you just finished your complete core workout!

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