Positive Self Talk With Denise

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

To me, staying positive is such an important key to a healthy, well-rounded life. It helps to keep us looking forward, not backward… keeps our eyes on the prize, on our healthy goals for ourselves and our loved ones. And it can be the difference between an OK day and a GREAT DAY! And wouldn’t we rather have a great day??! I would! That is why positive self talk is something I think everyone should practice. Let’s love and promote ourselves, and treat ourselves with care!!

This video is part of my Total Body Toning Challenge, and from one of my popular TV shows back in the day, where I would end many episodes with a “Deniseology.” These were so popular with viewers, and I can see why – a little positivity can make anyone’s day that much brighter! Check out what I have to say on positive self talk, and why it is so important to your outlook and health. And get more tips on being positive!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

Video Transcript
Today, we’re going to talk about positive self talk, how to think positively about yourself. You know, a lot of times you speak negatively inside your head, all about yourself. Don’t talk like that to yourself. Try to be more positive. I call that negative thinking, stinky thinking. Think positively, because you know what will happen time after time. If you keep thinking like that, you’re going to be convinced that you are a negative person and that things about you are bad, but you’re not. You’re worth loving. You deserve to feel good about yourself, to have to think about positive thoughts about yourself. I call it positive self talk. Think about the qualities good about yourself. Write them down and think about them often in a course of a day. So remember, stay healthy every single day and I’ll see right here on the next daily workout. Bye Bye!

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