Total Body Toning: 2 For 1 Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 18, 2018 | Featured

January 18, 2018
Happy Thursday!

Want to work on two major muscles group at once? Then today’s video, Total Body Toning: 2 For 1 Workout, is for you! In less than 10 minutes – and with no equipment other than a mat – you’ll get in a quick yet effective routine that targets, tones, stretches and strengthens! It’s perfect for those days that are busy and you can’t fit in a whole workout, or when you are feeling sluggish and need a little pick me up. You can also use it as a way to start the day, a quick morning energizer to really get the blood and oxygen flowing and set a positive tone for the rest of the day!

So join me as we stretch our bodies, then target and tone and work all the muscles in this new total body toning video! And if you enjoy this workout, you should join my LifeFit360 Plan, which offers different Challenges (including my 10-Week Whole Body Plan) featuring all sorts of fun, effective workouts like this one. Give it a try – start your 7-day free trial today!

Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,



Total Body Toning

Are you ready for a great workout, a head to toe toning total body workout?! You are going to be efficient and effective, because we are going to work two major muscle groups at once. So let’s get started! It’s a two-fer today! Yes two workouts in one, working two major muscle groups all at the same time, making your time most efficient, to firm and shape and sculpt your muscles, from head to toe. Let’s go!

Warming up the whole body, working on the arms, the legs, the hips, thighs and buttocks, they warm up the body quicker and more effective and efficient because they’re larger muscles.  So let’s stretch up, inhale, and exhale. Work your legs, that’s it. Side to side, wonderful, stretch!  Last one and let’s stretch to the side. For the upper back, the shoulders, that’s it, beautiful. Work your legs, the back of your thighs, you got it. Keep the abs in, beautiful. You can do this, you can, I promise. Stand up with me and just begin. You’ll feel so much better after we’re done, I promise! The energy will be filling your body, you’ll feel great for the day, no more stress or tension, ease it all away. Exercise is the best preventive medicine there is. Two more! Last one, OK.

Inhale, and exhale – get the oxygen to flow to every cell in your body. And let’s begin with our first move. It’s a lift, and it’s a lunge. It’s a lift up, and a lunge back. Now we’re working the biceps as well as the hips, thighs and buttocks. And, you’re also working your abs, by pulling them up and in to help you balance That’s it, last one, and hold it up here, take it down.

Now chest presses – take it down, reach up, great upper back for those lats – no more bra overhang. That’s it, working the legs and buttocks at the same time as your upper body. Making effective, making this workout efficient. We got two more of these, c’mon really pull down, last one, beautiful! Let’s go to the other side, take a nice breath inhale, and take it back. Inhale bicep curl, and back, squeeze the buttocks, that’s it. Tighten up that tushie! Back is strong and straight, always think good posture, good body technique, making the most out of every exercise. Last one, take it up, and down. Lift up and press down. Lift up and press down. That’s it – shaping and toning those muscles, yes! Total body workout, a two-fer: two for one! Last one, and release.

OK come out in front now, inhale and exhale. Now we’re going to lunge to the side, and lift out. lunge to the side – now we’re working the legs, the outer thighs and the buttocks and at the same time you’re thinking about good shoulders. That’s it – strengthen them! Think about your stomach in – great zip up those abs! Beautiful! Last one! Great, OK. Now shift legs, let’s go to the other side. Shift down, lift overhead. Good. It’s a little harder, the more you work your arms and your legs, the more calories you burn. You’re boosting your metabolism. That’s it, and that’s what we need, right?! Yes, good, last one, and relax, inhale, and exhale beautiful.

Now come on down I’ve got a great move for your abs as well as your waistline, think about good posture. Take it side and to the other side, that’s it. Work that waistline the sides of your waist! That’s it so they go in, yes! You got it! And while you are lifting your knees up like this, feet off the floor, you’re getting more of the lower tummy. That’s an area we all need to really strengthen. Good keep everything in a nice body position. Good – tummy in, pull it in, belly button in. Last one, ok. Beautiful, working your waist and your abs.

Now its time to come all the way down to the side, and we’re going to do a side twist up and reach out. Really reach in, and out – cinch in your waistline, and reach, so it’s a tighten, and lengthener. That’s it – work those arms too. That’s the way we’re working all the major muscle groups, its how we target, tone, shape and tighten. That’s it, we got two more here. Last one you guys, come on, do it, do it, do it, OK! Hold the leg up now, little baby lifts and circles. Circle all the way around while this arm is straight out, you’ll feel it on the sides of your waistline. Whew! I can, can you? That’s it, great one! Now circle on to the other side. All the way around! All the way around! Tighten up the waistline so you are doing two areas at once – the waistline to slim the lower abs, as well as your thighs and buttocks. Last one – hold it up there, hold it up there, beautiful, beautiful!

OK let’s move it to the other side. The first one is the side crunch. Reach out and pull in. If you can lift it’s even more challenging, working more of the muscles of the waist, That’s it. The side body, beautiful. Smile, we’re going to firm up together, yes we are! And burn some calories, boost the metabolism, and beautiful! Really reach, cinch in that waistline, cinch it in, yes you got it! Two more, last one, OK. And hold it up, lean out your legs and little circles. Go in one direction, tighten up your thighs, squeeze your buttocks, think about the sides of your waistline. Don’t slug around like this, its all about tightening here, so the circle really takes you off balance so you have to use your abs. That way you really feel your abdominal working, as well as your obliques. Circle the other direction, whoo! My leg is getting a little heavy I get it! I know! Two more! Last one, and reach out, beautiful reach, great and slowly sit up nice and tall. Taking a deep breath inhale up, exhale out, beautiful.

Now up to our hands and knees, and let’s start working a little bit on our arms as well as our buttocks. So all you have to do is lean down, elbows stay close to your body, squeeze your buttocks and push back up. Now we are target toning that back of our arms as well as the back of our legs, and the buttocks – such an effective workout! It’s all about toning, yes, keep it up!

We got two more, last one, beautiful. And you have t do is switch side, you can do it, it’s worth it. This is how we are going to get that toned, tight tushie, and look great from behind. OK align yourself in the right position, tighten up those abs, you are going to bring your hands down and push yourself back up. Notice how my elbows stay close to my body. That way I am working the triceps, it’s a little harder though. Challenge yourself! Even if you do one, that’s better than nothing you guys! Come on, come on squeeze that butt too, tighten it up, that’s it. We got one more, that’s great, and release.

Beautiful. Take a nice deep breath in together, inhale, and exhale. Let’s stretch it all out now, stretch it out, and release. To the other side, stretch and tone, I love this workout, really feel good that you got every muscle worked. Last one, and relax. And give yourself a big hand! Keep it up!

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