Make Yoga Part Of Your New Year Workout Routine!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 6, 2018 | Featured


January 6, 2018
Happy New Year Everyone!
Life is all about balance, but finding that balance in our lives can be be difficult for some. My struggle is to balance the time I spend with family, friends and work, and, you know – everything! That’s why I started to practice yoga – and you should too! Make 2018 the year you make yoga part of your New Year workout routine! You can start now by signing up for my LifeFit 360: 10-Week Whole Body Plan.

New Year Workout Routine: Yoga!

I strive to compliment my toning and cardio workouts with yoga, which is all about balance. Yoga is such a wonderful way to unwind, de-stress and feel good, because it not only relaxes and stretches you and gives you flexibility, but eases your mind while it strengthens your body. I try and fit in some yoga every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  But I do a full yoga routine at least three times a week, and yoga is part of the fitness offerings that my LifeFit 360 members have access to.

If you want to find balance in your life, start by signing up for your free trial of my LifeFit 360: 10-Week Whole Body Plan TODAY and join me on Monday for your first week! I’ll guide you through all types of exercises, including toning, cardio and – of course – yoga! I want you to achieve the same benefits that previous members have gotten from this Plan: Increased energy and metabolism, healthier eating habits, weight loss, and a feeling of finding balance in your fitness routine. Don’t wait – start your free trial today, and get started on your 10-week journey with me this Monday!

In the meantime, enjoy this short yoga clip, which was filmed in the beautiful desert in Arizona. This quick move is honestly one of my very favorite yoga moves: it stretches the buttocks and the backs of your legs, and is the perfect hip and thigh opener. If you ever feel tense and tight in your lower back, this hip and thigh stretch will help to reduce and ease built-up tension in your back, while helping you keep the flexibility in your hamstrings and buttocks. Try adding it to your morning and evening routine – it takes less than one minute, and your body will thank you!

More Yoga-Based New Year Workout Ideas:

I have a wonderful beginner yoga workout, if you’re just starting out and want to give it a try with me, right in the privacy of your own home – start your 7-day free trial of LifeFit 360 now! Make 2018 the year you find balance in your workouts and life!

Let’s get fitter together, inside and out!


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