My All New Fit Over 50 Summer Slimmer Magazine Is Here!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

I am sooooo excited to announce my all new Fit Over 50 Summer Slimmer Magazine is now available… and it’s the perfect guide on how to embrace and enjoy summer! This is the fourth issue of my Fit Over 50 series, and I absolutely love creating these 100-page keepsake magazines. Each issue has a different theme, and includes so much wonderful insight on nutrition, wellness, fitness, and more.

Get my new Fit Over 50 Summer Slimmer Magazine right now!

This latest issue, Fit Over 50 Summer Slimmer, is all about how to make the most of your summer, through fitness, nutrition, wellness and more! It includes:

Summer Slimmer Workouts. Target tone those trouble spots so you look and feel amazing in your summer swimwear! I have quick workouts, stretches, and even videos you can access through your phone, all designed to help you minimize cellulite and elongate your body. I even have 40 moves to help sculpt your body, from head to toe! A little goes a long way when you add my Summer Slimmer moves to your daily routine!

Summer Nutrition Insight. Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat healthier, focus on fresh, seasonal foods, or simply try some new recipes, Fit Over 50: Summer Slimmer has you covered. It includes a 7-day meal plan of nourishing meals you can make at home, a fresh summer food list to help guide your grocery shopping, insight into antioxidant-rich foods, and more – including tips on how to fight unhealthy cravings. Energizing breakfasts, nutritious snacks, flavorful lunches and satisfying dinners – and more! Enjoy your summer meals and feel great afterwards!

Stress-Management Suggestions. One of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety is through breathing. It can also help to boost your energy and promote overall well-being, and that is why I included nine different breathing exercises for you to practice this summer! Whether you want to help manage pain, boost your mood or calm your nerves, these breathing exercises can help.

Positive Thinking Guidelines. Let’s make this the summer of positivity!! Being positive makes life so much easier, not to mention fulfilling and fun… My “Great Day Guidelines” will help YOU to look at the glass as half full, for a summer that is rewarding and enjoyable!

And more… including tips on protecting yourself from the sun, sleep suggestions so better rest is a nightly event, the ways I embracing aging, plus beauty tips!

It’s available right now on newsstands near you and through my shop, so don’t wait – let’s get Fit Over 50 with my new Summer Slimmer magazine!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

P.S. You can still order my other Fit Over 50 magazines, too – enjoy!

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