Sexy Arm Workout Part 2: 4-Minute Firmer Arms

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 20, 2020 | Workouts

It’s Part 2 of my Sexy Arm Series – today we are doing Sexy Arm Workout Part 2: 4-Minute Firmer Arms… it’s arms toning with weights!! It’s the second in my Sexy Arms Series – check out Part 1: 3 Minutes to Trimmer Arms too!

This 4-Minute Firmer Arms workout is so effective when you want to tone, firm and sculpt your arms. For the best results, you will want to use some light weights, since arms toning with weights is more effective at toning and firming. I use 3-pound weights in this arms toning with weights workout, but you can use 1- or 5-pound weights, whatever works best for you level of fitness right now!

This workout is all about fast, effective moves that will really trim down your arms. I get a lot of people asking about how to get rid of underarm jiggle – you know, that area that waves along as you wave goodbye??!!! Well, this workout can help! Make sure you do it consistently for best results… and while you may need to take a rest the first few times you do this, you really want to make the goal for yourself to get all the way through the workout without stopping. You CAN do it – I know you can!! Work your way there, and you will get sexy, sculpted, firmer arms in no time! Let’s do this arms toning with weights workout – it’s only 4 minutes long!!

And get even more toning workouts for your arms, tummy, booty and more when you start a free trial of!! I have hundreds of target-toning workouts for different areas of the body… and you can do all of them anytime, anywhere – including in the privacy of your home, at your own pace! And plenty of them require only your body resistance, so there are plenty of no equipment required workouts. Remember that every bit counts, so see what I have to offer today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video Transcript: 4-Minute Firmer Arms – An Arms Toning With Weights Workout!

t’s time to do four minute, firmer arms. You got it. Okay. Let’s begin with some light weights. I have three pounds. You could do five pounds, whatever you have. So let’s begin with some bicep curls. Bring him up and forward. That’s it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. Think those beautiful, sexy muscles. You got him. Use him. That’s right. If you rest your rust, we want to firm up those arms. Show me those beautiful biceps. That’s it. A nice strong man. That’s good. Strong firm arms. This is called strong man and blondies. Okay, we got two more. That’s it. Last one. Now we bring it forward and bring it forward and back down. That’s it. A little lower. That’s great. Make sure you do fall extension. Range of motion, so it comes all the way and all the extended beautiful. That way you make sexy arms.

Good shapely firm tone. That’s it. We got two more. Last one. Great. Now hold it out there and we do have biceps. The other side. Just go halfway up. That’s it. Now we’re targeting a different part of the bicep, the lower end. That’s it. Good. Beautiful. You got it. It’s your back strong and street. The good posture. Chest up and that’s it. Up and open. Two more. Last one. Okay, let’s turn to the side. Elbows come up. Now the back of the arms, the tricep toner, that’s it. This is targeting behind the arm, so when you wave goodbye, nothing will jiggle well from that area. Did you know it’s where the most underused muscles in the body, the back of the arms. So that’s why we have to be put in this position to really see the difference in feel the difference. Fighting gravity. That’s right.

And nice tone muscle. That’s it. Keep it from you. Got it. Two more zip up those abs last one and release. Now hold it up. Their palms come up and little baby lips. Pulse, pulse. That’s it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. You got it. Feel on the back of those arms. Only four minutes. You’ve got a from him up. Come on from up those arms. You got it? Yes, we can do it and look. Awesome. Sleeveless blouses take tops. That’s it. Last one. And release. Okay, just shake it out a little bit. Great. Okay. Now I want you to bring the arms forward and lift him out and beef or you do this. Make sure your abs are tight. Really engage your abs. That’s it. Lift out and open. That said, lift out and use your chest muscles. You got a great think about good form.

Always. That’s it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. You’re working your abs. Two. We got one more beautiful and release and slowly bring it down. Lift it back up and back down. Just halfway up and down. Great. Sexy arm. You got it. That’s it. Lift and lower nurse. I’m not going overhead. It just stays right here and back down last one and release. Okay, and now just release the shoulders and just pull your elbows towards you and circle it out. That’s it. Doing a little bicep curl, foal, bicep curl. You got it. That’s it. Two more. Last one, and release. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Let’s stretch the arms overhead and to the other side and there you did it. You’re four minutes waiting to get nice firm arms.

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