Lose That Arm Jiggle For Youthful Looking Arms!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 5, 2021 | Workouts

Do you want to know how to get firm, lean arms that have healthy muscle tone?  It’s a two-pronged approach: Incorporate strength training exercises into your workouts, and get the nutrition that can help build strong, lean muscle! If you really want to target the jiggly parts of the arms – you know, that bingo wing – then this approach will help you to have sexy, strong arms in no time at all! Find out what strength training exercises for arms I suggest, and what nutrition tips can help!

Strength Training Exercises for Arms

Add these two moves to your workouts and you will see and feel a difference in your triceps – the back of your arms! So you can say goodbye to flabby arms and say hello to toned, sexy arms – so let’s do this! These movements are from my Stop The Clock Workout Plan – a 200-page digital book with over 80 exercise you can do to tone your entire body – including your arms, shoulders, and back!!

Triceps Kickbacks – Strength Training Exercises
This strength training Program is GREAT for the backs of your arms (triceps)! You will need a set of weights, 2-5 pounds will do, along with a chair or coffee table.

strength training

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and stand with your left leg in front of your right, left knee slightly bent. For support, rest your left hand on your left thigh or lean on a chair or bench. Keeping your abs tight and your back flat, raise your right elbow until the upper part of your arm is almost parallel with the floor; keep your elbow in close to your body. Straighten your right arm as shown. Be sure to squeeze your triceps (the back of your arm) as you straighten your arm. Return your right hand to the starting position. Do 8 to 12 reps, then switch sides and repeat. When you’re finished, do another set of 8 to 12 reps on each side for a total of 2 sets.

Triceps Dips – Strength Training Exercises
This one is an excellent move for strengthening arms and toning the backs of your arms to combat upper arm jiggle. You will need a low, stable surface such as a sturdy coffee table or chair to do this move.

Strength Training Program strengthening arms

Place your hands on the edge of a sturdy chair or weight bench, fingers facing toward you, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Shift your buttocks forward so they’re in front of the chair. Bend your elbows to slowly lower your buttocks toward the floor, keeping your back straight and close to the chair. Straighten your arms to lift your buttocks back up to chair height, feeling the workout in the backs of your arms. You can also do this exercise using the edge of a couch or bed. Repeat 8 to 10 times.

You can even take this one up a notch by and make it more advanced: simply extend one leg straight out in front of you as you lower your buttocks to the floor!

Get all of my upper body workouts in my Stop The Clock Workout Plan – including Anti-Gravity exercises to target areas that tend to sag and droop as we get older, such as our bustlines and chest area. I even have strength training exercises that target back fat and will help lean and shape your shoulders…sexy arms all around!!

Nutrition Tips for Arms

To help promote healthy muscle in your arms and elsewhere, I also recommend you look at your diet. My favorite muscle-building foods include eggs, salmon and yogurt – all provide excellent sources of protein, which is important for building muscle. And when I want to build and maintain my muscle, I sip on Rejuvenate! This delicious beverage has a formula that works as a muscle activator, metabolizing protein more effectively. Rejuvenate is clinically proven to increase your body’s ability to rebuild and repair lost muscle by 57% at rest!! It is available is a mixable powder in flavors like Fruit Punch and Raspberry, and also in a ready to drink container, with 15 grams of organic plant protein! Rejuvenate Ready To Drink is available in Mocha, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors – all are delicious!

So use this one-two punch of exercise and nutrition to help get sexy, lean, healthy arms – you can do it!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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