Quick And Effective Stress Relieving Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | December 22, 2018 | Workouts

Stress Relieving Workout: Wind down after the holidays with this amazing Holiday Blitz Stress Relieving Workout! It is perfect for the post-holiday stress and tension that may be lingering… along with breathing exercises and some healthy self care strategies, this quick workout will help you to unwind, loosen up, and feel amazing!

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Let’s stretch it out and feel wonderful – do this video with me today!


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Video Script: Holiday Blitz Stress Relieving Workout

Welcome to your holiday blitzes! Today, it’s all about having a stress free holiday with easy stretches that you could do to kind of unwind. So maybe want to go out one night and you just want to stretch and relax before you leave. So here are some three easy exercises that you could do to stretch for stress free evening. First of all, it’s all about the legs to get rid of any tension in your legs. So what you want to do is stretch through the inner thighs. Hold this stretch, and now rotate your waist to stretch your low back. Hold that stretch, feel it through the waistline, stretch through the legs and twist through the spine. Your spine is your lifeline to keep it healthy. And now let’s just switch to the other side, stretch and twist, twist. That’s it. Great to move your spine and all directions.

This is a great rotation, a great twist for the back, and slowly come out. Now placing your hands on your thighs to support your back. Straighten out through the spine, making it nice and long and lean and now round your back. Suck in the gut. Feel the stretch in the low back. Now, reach your arms straight, the room. We’ll the stretching the lower back feels so good for you, keeping your back healthy and your back strong and slowly stand up nice and tall and stretch your back from the side. Now great lateral strength. Hold onto your wrist and feel the extra stretch. That’s it. If any time you get stressed out through the holidays, do this quick stretching routine. It will make you feel so good and let’s stretch to the other side. Elongate through the spine. Make it long. We get lead.

Grab your wrists, give yourself an extra stretch. Oh, this is so good to release any stretch from your back. Great for the waistline. Go right for the arms and released, and now clasping your hands behind you. Lift your chest up and open it up. That’s it. Lifted up. Shoulders down and back, and now slowly reach forward and feel the full body reach. Hold that stretch, stretch it out. Relax your neck. Now hold the neck. Just let your head hang. Oh, releasing the tension in the neck. Let it hang let it hold there, feel the stretch. Knees are slightly bent to protect the back. Hold the stretch and now slowly one vertebrae at a time. Roll up, roll up. Let me see that beautiful smiling face. Take a deep breath. Inhale up, bring in the oxygen. Oxygen equals energy, so you’ll have a wonderful evening bringing in the oxygen, bringing in some energy and release. And there you have it. Stress free, holiday stretches. Yes.

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