Got 5 Minutes? Try These 5-Minute Workouts!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 28, 2019 | Workouts

A short, effective 5-minute workout is one of my most popular requests from readers like you – and the good news is, I have you covered! My YouTube Channel has dozens of 5-minute quick and effective workouts that target tone, promote healthy stretching, and more! If you aren’t yet a subscriber, join today and you’ll be the first to know when a new 5-minute workout is added!!

And if you are in the mood to do a short, effective 5-minute workout, try these three – they are some of the most popular quick workouts I have! If you have been like most of us and sitting around more lately, these will help! Just commit to doing this combo a few times per week (or mix in another 5-minute workout) and you WILL see the results!  All you need is a mat, so let’s get to work on toning and tightening with these quick 5-minute workouts!

5-Minute Flat Abs

You’ll feel this workout the next day, trust me! Five minutes to flatter abs by working the transverse abdominis muscle, which helps keep your tummy flat. I always recommend women do at least a few minutes of ab exercises every day – it’s a part of our body we don’t use enough, and it’s so important to have a strong core to help keep our spine healthy and promote good posture. So add this workout to your exercise routine for flatter abs, fast!

5-Minute Booty Lifter
Tone and tighten that tushy with this proven combination of targeted moves to help firm up your backside. It includes a combination of leg lifts, squats and more, all designed to firm up the rear. You’ll look great when you leave a room after you add this routine to your exercise playlist!


5-Minute Lean Legs and Thighs
Lots of women tell me the thighs are the hardest part of their body tone and tighten… add this workout to your daily mix and you’ll feel toned in no time!  It targets the inner and outer thighs, the fronts and the backs of the legs, and more. Say bye-bye to saddlebags, and hello to firm, jiggle-free legs and thighs!
And don’t forget that my Membership offers up not only short, effective workouts, but fun mini-challenges too – these are quick and efficient challenges that you can do anytime, anywhere – with me! Start your free trial today to see all the workouts I offer!
Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,
Video Script: 5-Minute Flat Abs

Hi everybody, here’s my five minutes flat abs workout. You will love it it’s quick, easy, and effective. You will see results if you do it. So let’s get started. The first exercise is just to reach up. Think about lengthening your spine, lift space between each vertebrae. Hold it up there and bend to the side, and now let’s bend to the other side and let’s begin. The first exercise is right here in the high plank position. You’re tightening up your abs right now. You’re really feeling that lower tummy pull up and in and now begin bringing your knee in. Push it out, bring your knee in and push it up. Pull in, actually pulling, really tighten up through the lower tummy. It’s all about flattening those abs. Did you know this is one of the best exercise you can do to flatten out those abs. That’s it. Good. You’re working the transverse abdominis muscle that helps keep your tummy flat.

Okay, now hold it right here. Now we’re going to do like spiderman. Bring it up to the side, to your elbow. Switch a little different to the decide for those of you just starting out. Go on your knee and pull it up. That’s okay. You’re still working. Those abs pull up. That’s it. Pull up. Otherwise, come on. Do it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Oh, okay. Let’s take it all the way down. Let’s begin our routine that really works to flatten abs. Bring your legs all the way up. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor and little reaches. Little reaches. That’s it, Criss-cross it. Good work. Those abs. Can you get higher? Yes. Good work. Come on, reach flat abs. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Bring your knees into your chest and slowly elbows up. Let me see your beautiful face and bicycle it out, push it out.

That’s it. Working on the front of your tummy. Flatten those abs. Yes, flat. Good. Now slowly lift your chest up. That’s it. Chin is up. Elbows are out and feel it. Come on, get your knees up there. You got it work on that tummy. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Just relax. Placing your hands underneath your hips now and let’s do legs up and back two. Now we’re flattening out the lower part of your abs. Initiate the lift through the lower abdominal area. Really flatten that out use your tummy, use it right down here. I want you to really focus your energy on using the lower tummy to more. Lift the last one, lift beautiful and slowly roll up. Feel your lift and roll back down and back up. That’s it. And back down. Great. One more. The going come up and pull the boat.

If you can hold the boat called the boat. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Come on. Strong abs. Equal, healthy mind, healthy body and healthy back. And bring your knees all the way down. Beautiful. Let’s straighten out your legs. Bring your head and shoulders up and switch and switch. Beautiful. Use your abdominals like a Pilates work out. Lift flatten the abs. Really try to press them down. That’s it. Two more. Last one, and release. Beautiful. Reach your arms up overhead and just stretch it all out. Lengthen through your back. Lengthen through the tummy. Oh, feel so good. That’s it, and slowly bring your knees up and let me see your beautiful smiling face. Okay, good and lift all the way up and over. Stretch your wrist over here and bend at the waist, stretching out through the abdominals. Bring your arm across, and then bend over. That’s it. Oh, I feel so good. And lift your chest up, placing your hands behind you. Press your chest, feel that length in your spine and your abdominals and release. And there you have it. A beautiful ab workout that really target tones right through the tummy. Core crushers. You did it. Good work.


Video Script: 5-Minute Booty Lifter

Hi everybody, it’s Denise Austin. Are you ready for your booty lifter? So let’s get started. The first exercise is an easy squat. Now, for those of you that have bad knees only go straight down for a little bit, like down and up. That’s it. Otherwise you could go all the way down and back up all the way is like you’re sitting in a chair. That’s it. But when you come up, you have to really squeeze that bottom. Come on, tighten that tushy, look great from behind. If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will. Okay? Come on. Really working down and squeeze up. That’s it. Sit back. Good. So it’s a great way to warm up the body too, really working that booty in five minutes. So you got to give it all you’ve got. Come on, it’s all using your own body weight. Are you going down through your heels and pushing up?

That’s what I want you to push through the heels. That’s it. Yes. Even your little toes should be sticking up inside your shoes. Last one and release. Great. Okay? Take it down now and lift it up and squeeze the bottom. Take it down and squeeze. Good. This is now lifting the booty, booty booster. Good lift and tone that’s it. Squeeze it. You’re also working this cheek too, so this is double the workout in half the time. Couple more. Just like that. Really squeeze that tushy. Come on, tighten it up. Last one, lift the bum. All right. Good. Switch legs. Take it down and when you lift up, you really got to squeeze it in. There you go. Squeeze. You can do it. Really feel it down and push away. Good. You got it. Feel it. That’s it. Sculpt it and lift it. Two more. Just like that last one.

Squeeze it. Squeeze it. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, okay. Come on down. Let’s now begin on our hands and knees. We’re going to lift the leg behind you. You just can lift and lower. That’s it. Simple but effective. All of these exercises are very, very efficient and they work. You will see results if you do it daily with Denise. That’s it. Two more. These are the do anywhere exercises. That’s right. Do it anywhere. No equipment necessary. Just your beautiful body and your great attitude to finish strong. Yes. Last one. Now this time it’s a lift with the heel lift. Now I’m really working at booty. Lift and tone it. Come on, shape… is you tummy in? We all have to be reminded even I do so don’t worry, flatten the back. Last one. Hold it up there. Hold it up great switch sides? Here we go. First one is straight leg. For those of you that have a bad back, all you have to do is go onto your elbows just like this and do it from here.

Now it doesn’t involve the low back. You’re working on those buns to lift, to tone, to shape the buttock muscles, the largest muscles in the body. Good. Keep it firmed. Keep it strong, shapely, toned. Look great in your jeans. Yes. Last one. Beautiful. Now lift your knee up and press and press. Try to make sure your foot is flexed. It actually increases your workout really nicely. It gets the hamstrings that go right through the buttocks that attach there to give it that extra little lift back is strong and straight. Your stomach is pulled in? Yes. Tighten it up. Last one. All right. Beautiful. Okay. Now for our butt blaster. Here we go, butt blasters out, up and down, and up and down, and lift and lower. It’s really blasting through the buttocks. Looks good. You could do it. My favorite workout to really lift that bottom half. Good. Make it your better half. Got two more. One more. Last one. And release. Beautiful. Bringing your knees to your chest and stretch out through the legs, through the buttocks. Roll Up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. Inhale up and exhale out. Congratulations. Now you have a better butt!


Video Script: 5-Minute Lean Legs and Thighs

Hi everybody, today it’s all about your legs, your thighs to shape, and lean out your legs. So let’s begin with a small little squat. Take it down, push it back up, just take it down and it’s kind of little bit of a half of a lunch, but not too far. We’re just warming up those thighs, that’s it. This is now working the back of those guys. Yes, the hamstrings, the good posture. Good technique. It’s only five minutes, so give it all you got. Come on, we can do it together. Great. Stay in shape at anytime that’s it, but now is most important because you can do it last one and take it down. Hold it down there and squeeze your buttocks. Squeeze and tighten up the thigh muscles. That’s it. Shape and sculpt your legs. If you have bad knees, just go halfway down. Modify.

That’s okay. Just go right here. Little maybe lunges last one. Oh, okay. Let’s go to the other side. Take it up and back. Down. Lift and lower. That’s it. Or tap and back. Whatever you can do. This workout is for you. You can get in shape in five minutes if you do it on a daily basis with me. That’s right. Do it anywhere workouts, back is strong and straight. Two more. Last one stay down. Squeeze that bottom. Tighten up that tushy. Feel the thighs working. Yes. Lean out the legs. Toned thighs. Two more. You got it. Sexy legs. Last one. Okay. Let’s do our inner thighs side to side. Great. Working on the inside of our thighs. No more jigglies. That’s it. Good. Nice side lunges really work on the whole leg, the front of your leg, the back of your leg, even in the inside.

That’s what I love it. Stretch it down, and think about it to one side and then the other really reach down. Once you give it all, you got great hustle for that muscle. You got it? Last one. Oh, okay. And turn to the side and hold it right there and a beautiful lunch. Lift your chest up. Hold position, strengthening through the leg muscles, leg endurance. Hold it, hold it. That’s it. Beautiful. Let’s go to the other side. Lift up, stretching up in the body, and use your thigh muscles for strength, tone, lean legs. Hold it there, Hold it. And release. Okay. Come on down to the floor. Let’s work on some outer thighs. No more saddlebags, lift and lower the leg. This is some of my favorite exercises to really shape the thighs. Give them that beautiful sculpted, toned look. Lean legs. That’s it. Says now targeting the outer part of your thighs.

No more saddlebags slim it down. Right here. Yes. Two more. You guys. Last one. Lift it up. Hold it. Great. Now bend that leg and flex the front foot. And now inner thigh toners. This is working all from the knee up to the pelvic bone already here. That’s it. No more cellulite. C’Mon. We’re firming it up. Yes, we are. Drink lots of water today. Okay, good. Last one. Release to the other side. Let’s begin with our outer thigh toner. Lift and lower. Thinking about good postures, your tummy and got a zip up those abs. That’s it. Lift and lower. Just a couple more. Lifting. Elongate the leg. Really feel through the heel. That’s it. You’re strengthening the quadriceps to as well as the outer thigh. Two more. Last one. Okay. Reach the leg on the inside. Up and down. Now you’re targeted toning the inside of your thighs.

That’s it. Inner Thigh toners. This one really works. You rarely get a chance to work the inside of your legs, so this is a great one. I love this one. Two more. Last one, lifted up, up. Hold it up there. Beautiful, and let’s stretch it out. Bring your leg and front stretch to the side. That’s it. Lengthen. Hold that stretch. Stretch your legs. Feel so good. And the other side stretching out. Oh, wonderful. Way To keep it up. It’s all about keeping consistent. No matter where you are, you could work out with me. Isn’t that great? And that stretch the quadriceps, the front of your thighs. That’s it. Good and the other side. The quadriceps. Keep them nice and flexible so they keep your hips healthy, feeling good. That’s it. And release. Let’s take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale there greatly. Legs, keep it up.


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