Cardio Fit & Lite Yoga Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 7, 2019 | Workouts

Cardio is so important for our health and well-being… especially our heart health, and this Cardio Fit & Lite Yoga Workout is a great place to get your cardio AND target-tone those hips and thighs!! I always suggest people try to get three or four days of cardio in per week, about 20-30 minutes per workout.That’s why I am presenting cardio workout in February, as part of American Heart Month! There are all sorts of cardio workout you can do, but something that combines cardio and target toning is always a plus – it will get your heart rate up, but also mix it up and keep your mind engaged as well.

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So set aside 20 minutes today to do this cardio workout – maybe even give it a try three to four times this week – you can do it! Your heart is so worth it, and you will feel great afterwards! Plus – toned hips and thighs!!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

Hi I’m Denise Austin and welcome to fit light today we’re gonna target our hips and thighs to slenderize our thighs also

I’ll give you some extra tips on how to get a good night’s rest we’re exercising

from the beautiful Red Mountain spa inst. George Utah welcome to a wonderful

workout let’s begin taking a nice deep cleansing breath bringing in great

oxygen and let out any stress that you may have that’s it just exhale it out

great again inhale and exhale wonderful we’re gonna start with some yoga then

we’re going to go right into cardio light and today we’re gonna focus on our

legs hips and thighs and we’ll finish it off with some wonderful energizing yoga

and let’s stretch to the other side that’s it you can do it give yourself a

pat on the back for doing this this morning with me I’m proud of you just

stick with the half-an-hour and you will feel energized get relaxed feeling great

good legs apart and now slowly shift the weight to the side to that leg now feel

the stretch in your inner thighs great for circulation that’s it stretch your

arms fingertip to fingertip relax your shoulders you got it did you

get a good night rest last night I hope so it’s good to get up in the morning

feel refreshed from a good night’s rest and slowly stretch to the side I’m a big

believer in sleeping well trying to sleep at least eight hours seven to

eight I try to get every single night hat’s right sleeping really energizes

you for the day revitalizes you it’s where your body has time to repair

that’s right rejuvenate good and turn your feet to

the other side and stretch down where your pose hold that strong pose

beautiful legs beautiful that’s it just hold it up there and let’s stretch to

the side side lunge get deep into the stretch great for those legs excellent

you got it one of the best things that I like to do is go to bed early

around 10:30 at night I try to get in bed asleep by 10:30 and then I wake up

at 6:30 that worked out so try to get in and work out every morning I find

mornings are best and slowly stretch up you know why cuz when dinner comes

around I’m too busy getting dinner on the table the kids my husband

to make a nice dinner every night so I workout in the morning

I know that’s my little time for myself to get in shape

and I personally workout 30 minutes Monday through Friday you can have it a

healthy lifestyle have it stretch your spine come on stretch your back is your

tummy in I hope so pull it up and in that to the goal here okay slowly come

up and slowly come up that’s it and twist to the side great for the waist

trim and slim the waistline that’s it great twist that’s it

relax your shoulders twist to the other side twist great for that back great for

your spine good and chest forward good stretch in the back feel it in your legs

to your hamstring lift up and turn to the other side hold it an airplane and

down back is straight and slowly come up go get your shoes on

I’ll be right back for cardio light are you ready to burn some calories well

let’s get started this is my cardiol ight segment where we’re gonna burn

some calories but also do it low-impacts o it’s easier on your body okay let’s

get started we’re gonna go side to side side and

side good that’s it just go side tap stop that’s it good

go get into it you can do it yes that’si t I want you to be wearing shoes when

you do cardiovascular workout helps absorb some of that shock okay have a

good long time that’s right good going now add a little off use your

arms use your legs that’s it great lift the body you’re doing great keep it

going we’re real close to the Zion National Park beautiful here st. George

Utah low-impact aerobics can’t stop

great come on this is her account how

you gonna burn more calories burn more fat move that body come on use it great

if you don’t use those muscles you’ll lose them we don’t want that because

muscles help our metabolism boost that metabolism two more that’s one great now hold it

shuffle hop shuffle good you got shuffle this time forward that’s it good things

up work that body good is your back straight don’t hunch forward cell but

lifting good fit and fabulous after 40 that’s what we’ll be that’s it great

lift the arms up good knees up good and lift

good did you know that thirty percent of American adults aren’t getting a good

night rest we gotta change now you gotta get a good night’s sleep so important

for overall good health here are a couple tips make sure it’s exercising

your day in the morning of the day aerobic ly like we are you’ll sleep more

soundly okay aerobic exercise is great it really helps you get a better night’s

sleep that’s it also if you can’t go to bed at

night research shows that you just have a warm glass of skim milk that will help

soothe you and asleep good two more just like that

one more now hold it up get those knees higher that’s great

tuck in that tummy use your abs great you can do it good that’s it now one

thing I have learned is don’t watch TV in bed when you’re ready to go to sleep

go to bed okay it really does help you fall right back to sleep

fall to sleep good keep it up and one thing I avoid it’s caffeine don’t do any

coffee drinks or cokes or things like that after 2:00 p.m. this caffeine can

stain your body up to eight hours okay I’m not a big believer in a lot of

caffeine you need out just drink lots of water that’s a best option water keep

you hydrated two more good and side side lifters aren’t good you’ve got it if you

add these certain exercises to your workout you’ll work the arms and the

legs double the workout in half the time yes good you can do it use your leg

muscles come on shake those thighs great good two more great and shake it out

stretch it out your back straight pull into lower tummy

that’s it good then kick in for fun fitness can be fun if you stick to it

you’ll pass that hard point and you’ll do it

very natural and easier up next is my hips and thighs second you might want a

chair go get a chair welcome back to the Red Mountain spa now

it’s time to slenderize our thighs let’s get started I’ve got the chair here for

extra balance and also I feel like it’s my ballet bar we’re gonna start out with

some outer thigh toners Slim’s the outside

no more saddlebags that’s it this is a great one and the leg that you’re

standing on is getting an exercise too these are all great leg exercises that

help to lose an inch around each side and that great you just got to do these

exercises they work proven lift the leg out and back down great the leg you’re

staying on a slightly bent okay don’t lock out your knees that’s it and lift

up through the ABS always focus on those ABS they’re pulled up and in zip it up

like a corset good think about good posture slimming down our hips and

thighs this exercise is very effective good lift and lower we’ve got two more

really feel it last one I want you to hold it out there hold it out there

extend the body hold it up three two one great okay let’s bring it across the

body for our inner thigh toners cross the body that’s it bring it across point

that toe that’s it really feel it in the inner part of your thighs squeeze those

inner thighs squeeze them excellent you got it look beautiful looking legs nice

and firm cellulite free yes come on that’s the goal or we’re gonna beautiful

legs that’s it cross in front this is for me on the inside of your legs that’s

it great two more last one we hold it hold it right there good back is

straight beautiful posture great now let’s work the back of the thighs pull

your heel up and back down great this is working the hamstring

muscles right back here to give beautiful shape good no more cottage

cheese look back there you know what I’m talking about

yeah good when I don’t work out or do my leg exercises I start to see those

little pockets too so that’s why I really believe in leg exercises they do

work and especially this one I love this one because it works right here right

where we need the extra help yes good you got it excellent just a

couple more cuz they’re very effective they’re small movements but you can feel

it last one we hold it up hold it up hold it up okay take a breather let’s

switch sides go to the other side and let’s begin with our outer thigh toners

really great leg exercises that shape the bottom half I love this one it’s

called the saddlebag slimmer this works the outer thighs as well as your hips

slimming down that bottom half you can do it we might already feel it

on this leg already and you know why cuz the standing leg was getting a workout

so I totally understand but you already feel it right there where it hurts I can

feel it too they’re great exercises are fabulous for

the outer thighs notice my stomach is in the knee a slightly bet that I’m

standing on good and you’re working those outer thigh slimming all right

here really works you can do it it’s worth it

shape up those legs that’s it they’re nice and firm look great the skirts and

shorts feel confident feel comfortable wearing it we got two more last one hold

it up hold it up hold it out oh yes I could feel it can you whoo baby I felt

it let’s firm up those inner thighs bring it across the body and squeeze in

the inside of your thighs squeeze these our inner thigh toners no more jigglies

inside our legs come on this way our legs won’t rub together we’ll burn them

up swim them down yes these exercises work I know but I

don’t do them I see the difference let me tell ya good I’m just like everybody

else good but you gotta keep it up I know how much better I look and feel

when I keep it up every day good really feel it across the body go across and

squeeze really squeeze it you got it do you notice that inside of my legs are

really crossing over my foot is flex if you can flex your foot you can really

feel the difference okay feel the difference feel it

she’s got a couple more whoo boy last one hold it there squeeze squeeze

squeeze squeeze great ok now for the back of our thighs good what’s that

cellulite area this is prone to cellulite for us women so here we go

flex and point flex and point reshaping the buttocks as well as the back of your

thighs this is called a hamstring curl this works the back of those legs yes

shaping and toning and firming up you got it

make sure when you’re doing this the stomach stays in if you can pull it up

and in that’s it just make a conscientious effort to pull

it in yes good this will really work those muscles reshape that bottom half

that’s why we’re doing this there’s a reason this is a purpose for good

benefit to the legs two more last one hold it up beautiful keep going I’ll be

right back with yoga let’s begin our energizing yoga routine

starting with the deep cleansing breath bringing in the oxygen breath is

everything and let out any stress that you may have just let it out release any

tension that you may have good and wax the shoulders release any tension that’s

it just loosen it up the hard part’s over now it’s time to stretch

enjoy your yoga that’s it if you’d like to do a little stretching yoga in the

evening that’s okay he’ll help unwind you and get you ready for a good night

rest that’s it stretch it all the way back now it’s best to do more toning and

stretching exercises in the evening in aerobics aerobics is a little more high

energy it’s better to do that in the morning or in the day because it can

revenue up which we love right especially in the morning okay and

stretch it out let’s stretch out those legs we sure used him didn’t we today

who did some of those great exercise for the thighs the slenderize our thighs and

stretch it out good hold that stretch open up the chest that’s it

great and lift your arms up and take it all the way back for a full body reach

full body stretch get deep into the stretch as your upper body lifts lifts

up and deeper into the leg stretch so what part of the body is reaching up the

other part the lower part is leaning down to stretch better okay let’s go to

the other side lean into the stretch into a beautiful warrior you’re strong

you’re lean you’re looking great aving fun yes good and now slowly lift

up full body reach full body reach come on you can do it

great stretch stretch it up stretch away your stress that’s it and let’s stretch

to the side elongating the spine again get deeper into the stretch here you go

get deep in the stretch and everything else is reaching it’s feeling the reach

that’s it helping making space for each vertebrae that’s great hold it good and

slowly lift your body weight all the way up and bend forward hands at your hips

feel the stretch now bend one knee and reach your hands

to the ground that’s it great and shift your body weight to the other side get

lower feel the stretch this is great for the

inner thighs the area we really firmed up today so

now we’re you long D hold that stretch now can you do it with your foot flexed

up feel the difference inside the inner part of your thigh just by one little

change we work a different area of the muscle and switch to the other side flex

that toe all the way up flex it up get good circulation those legs and

preventing varicose veins that’s it circulation is what heals your body and

slowly straighten out your back flat back lift up using your thighs using the

muscles of your legs wonderful bring your legs together

inhale and exhale stay tuned I’ll be don’t you feel great you accomplished a

workout today I’m proud of you remember to try to eat well today too it goes

hand-in-hand exercise and eating right and also is a good night rest sleeping

soundly here are a couple extra tidbits about sleeping your best first of all

try to go to bed at the same time each night our body works better on a good

sleep schedule also try to avoid caffeine after about 2:00 p.m. and

always do a little stretching before you go to bed that will help unwind you get

rid of some of that stress and tension in your muscles keep fit each and every

day and you’ll feel better it’s all about feeling better about yourself


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