Get Rid Of Bra Overhang And Back Fat

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 17, 2018 | Featured

One question that seems to come up often, especially, in my Facebook Live events is: How do I say bye to back fat? You know what I am talking about – that little bit of stubborn fat that I sometimes call bra overhang. The good news is that strapless dresses and clean lines under your shirts is something you can look forward to! I know you can do it, and I am here to help, with this arm toning video!

This video is part of my Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge, and it’s all about achieving sexy, toned arms – and banishing that back fat and bra overhang! I go through a variety of easy-to-follow arm exercises, including ones that focus on biceps, triceps and shoulders. It’s an all-over arm toning workout that will do wonders for your arms, back and shoulders! A key takeaway in this video is to focus on your posture while you do these bra overhang exercises – it’s important to keep your back straight and keep your stomach tucked in while you do these.

I want all of you to grab a pair of light weights and give this a try – it’s only six or so minutes long, so there’s no excuse! You can do it! Sexy, toned arms are in your future – back fat and bra overhang are in the rear view mirror!

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Video Transcript For Bra Overhang Arm Toning:

Today its time to firm up our arms, so we have nice, toned sexy arms. Let’s begin by using some light weights, and stand up nice and tall and begin firming our arms and shoulders just like this. Bend your knees, slightly protecting the back, and really work your arms and shoulders, keeping your back strong and straight, keep your tummy in, and let’s get started. A good way to warm up through the shoulders, your arms, try to lift those arms that’s it, that’s it, do the best that you can. We’re going to get nice shaped arms, firm up every angle of the arms – the back of the arms, the shoulders, no more bra overhang – get nice and toned sexy arms – let’s go! Two more! That’s it, feel it, last one, and release.

Now it’s time to do a little bicep curls. So, plie out, all the way out, reach your arms all the way out, and do little curls, that’s it. Notice my angle of the arms – reaching out, really extend to really get sexy, firm arms, that’s it. The bicep curl – really feel it. Pump up those biceps, yes! Get nice and strong and toned, lean, cut arms, that’s it. Look great in a sleeveless blouse, you’ll feel so confident, great – we go two more, last one – little pulses, little pulses – let me see those biceps work, yes! Tummy is in, back is strong and straight, working those legs too. Wonderful, and release, beautiful. And just relax using your thigh muscles, great.

And now I want you to bring your arms in right here, this is a little different. Now hold it, stretch it out, and it’s a hammer curl, working a little more of the upper part of the biceps. That’s it, your stomach is in, your back is strong, you’re thinking good posture, and we’re really working those arms, yes we are. Extend the arms all the way, really feel the extension. That really helps to get those beautiful, toned arms, firm…last one. Great, OK.

Now we turn to the side, and we’re going to work the back of the arms, so lean slightly forward and bend, then extend. This is now working the triceps – the back of the arms. One of the most important areas to tone so you get a beautiful shape to the arms. Also did you know the triceps are one of the most underused muscles of the body? So, in order to form them up, we gotta do something about it! So here’s one of the best exercises to get the back of the arms. I love this one. Reach way back there, think good posture.  Notice my back is straight, that’s something you all need to think about, is good posture. Your shoulders are down and back, your abs are pulled up and in. Now we’re going to hold it up, now pulse it upward. A little pulse, just lift, little lifts, c’mon you can do it! Tone those arms! Your triceps see shape very quickly, isn’t that great? Two more, last one, hold it up there, beautiful! Good work!

Let’s go the the other side, thinking about good posture, and slowly fold forward, back is strong and straight, elbow is lifted upward, and extend it and release, extend and release. Keeping your back strong, keeping your abdominal muscles in, we are now target-toning the back of those arms, the area where we all need extra help, and here we got it, right now. C’mon do it! It’s worth it! Get beautiful looking arms. Feel confident, that’s it! Feel strong and sexy and toned. Couple more just like that. You got it. Last one now we hold it up – baby pulses up. But notice you put your shoulder blades together and lift and lift, back is straight… come on a couple more, you got it! It’s worth it I promise! Last one, hold it, hold it, hold it! Great!

Ok let’s begin sexy shoulders. Bend your elbows up, little bends and down, little bend up and down, stomach is in. That’s it – up, beautiful, and down. You got it – great. Now we’re going to shift our arms back and we’re going to do a whole circle. All the way around, touching the back almost, kind of feels like you are, and pull it in. Let’s do that again. Out in an arc, pull down, it’s great for your upper back, no more bra overhang. That’s beautiful! Now pull down, shoulder blades down, and arc back up, again, out, pull down, and pull back up. But notice my back is straight – don’t let your rib cage pooch out. Pull it in – yes there you go – that’s the different tweak to make it work. Now we stay right here, now pull, pull it in, pull it in, yes that’s it – work the back. That’s great! Good! Sexy upper back – yes! You can wear those beautiful backless dresses, feel confidant back there, and also improve your posture. Very important for all of us. That’s it, keeps us young, great, two more, last one, beautiful!

And there you have it, a total arm exercise workout!




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