Favorite Workouts I Am Doing This Week!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 13, 2021 | Workouts

It’s no secret that I love to work out, so here are my favorite workouts I am doing this week!!! In a typical week, I like to do cardio three or four times a week, strength training twice, and add in as much flexibility and balance exercises as I want. I almost always take a day off, too, for recovery and to focus on all the other things in life that I enjoy doing, too!

Cardio can be walking, dancing, hiking or a studio class that focuses on movement and getting my heart rate up; strength training may be lifting weights or using my body’s natural resistance to build muscles and burn fat; and yoga and Pilates round out my flexibility and balance program, to help keep me lean and flexible. This combination helps me:

  • Keep my weight under control
  • Promote healthy, lean muscle
  • Stay flexible and balanced
  • Have sustained energy all day long
  • Be in a good mood!

Here is a peek at the workouts I am doing this week… and you can join me when you start your free trial of DeniseAustin.com!! Right now you can get 30 days FREE ACCESS to all my workouts: cardio, toning, Pilates, dance, Barre, yoga and more! Including my studio workouts, retro TV workouts and my challenges. All free, for 30 days – you have nothing to lose but weight and inches!!

MONDAY: Super Charged Cardio Burn

30 minutes of heart thumping fun in this cardio workout is how I like to start my week!!! This is part of my Fit + Fab 10-Day Challenge, and is an excellent cardio workout you do all at once, or break up and do throughout the day. Every little bit counts, and this one will help you burn calories and keep your heart rate up. Do what you can! And right now I am giving you access to the whole workout – for free! If you like it, join DeniseAustin.com and start your 30-day FREE trial, and you can do it as part of the Fit + Fab Challenge and really set a goal to lose weight and feel great – in just 10 days!

TUESDAY: Natural Body Bootcamp Yoga Sculpt

I love this sculpting yoga workout routine – it’s part of my Natural Body Bootcamp Challenge available to do now, when you start your 30-day free trial of DeniseAustin.com. Yoga is a wonderful workout, especially as we get older – it helps to keep us flexible, balanced and strong. Plus, it has the added benefits of helping to moderate stress and boost your mood – a win-win! Try this sneak peek of my popular Yoga Sculpt workout – it’s a great way to target tone and firm up while getting in all the benefits of yoga! Enjoy!

WEDNESDAY: Mother Daughter Dance Workout

Who said working out couldn’t be fun?!?!? I love this workout, because it is only 10 minutes long, so I can fit it in anytime (sometimes I even do it twice on a row); it is fun to do; and it co-stars my daughter Katie!! So put on your shoes and let’s dance our way into a fun and fit 2021!! It’s part of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan, where members lose up to 20 pounds in 10 weeks! Start your 30-day free trial for full access to so many more fun workouts like this one!

THURSDAY Daily Workout – Legs On The Beach

This 10-minute clip is from a popular workout that I personally love to do – my legs are one of the areas I like to work on, to keep them looking good and feeling good!!! And what’s not to love about the beautiful setting in Paradise Island, Bahamas? This is from my Daily Workout TV show, and is now part of my 2-Week Total Body Toning Challenge…and I have dozens more in my DeniseAustin.com plan! These routines are still so popular, and for good reason – they really work! So try this mini version of the full workout, and get access to this and all the other TV workouts I have when you start your free trial!

FRIDAY: Walk With Me Workout

Walking is a go-to cardio workout for me – I love to walk outdoors and soak up the fresh air and views, but sometimes the weather is bad, or I feel like working out indoors. That’s when I put on my Walk with Me Workout! It’s 30 minutes, and fun to do anywhere – all you need is four feet of space and you are good to go! Try this 10-minute clip and get walking in your home today – with me!! And start your free trial to access the entire 30-minute indoor walking workout!

SATURDAY: Abs and Waist Workout

Seeing as I enjoyed myself when it came to food over the holidays, right now I’m really focusing on my abs and waist – and this is the perfect workout for that! It targets the waistline, helping to create a strong core and banishing that menopause belly so many of us fight against! Right now, I am giving you access to the entire workout – for free!!

SUNDAY: Rest Day

Take today to pat yourself on the back for a week’s worth of wonderful workouts! Buy some flowers, enjoy a nice bath, read a book – make it “you” time today!

If you like any of these workouts, take advantage of my 30-day free trial offer. I not only have workouts, but a customizable meal plan, lots of fun challenges to try out, weekly emails to keep you on track and more. Let’s work out together and make 2021 our best year yet!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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