Cardio Tuesday: 20-Minute Beach Legs Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 30, 2022 | Workouts

It’s Heart Heath Month, so let’s get our cardio on with this 20-Minute Beach Legs Workout! It will get your heart pumping, which is so good for your body. I recommend people get cardio workouts into their schedule at least three times per week, and aim for 30 minutes each time. So do this video today, add a 10-minute brisk walk to your daily routine and you will have your cardio covered!! You can do it!! And an added bonus is that this workout will target tone your legs and thighs! No more jigglies, this workout will help to tone up the the inner and outer thighs and your legs!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to your workout, get up on your feet and let’s begin starting with a wonderful warm up to get the oxygen flowing, and today we’re going to do some moderate intensity aerobics and pretty soon we’ll be firming up those legs too targeting those thighs, no more jigglies. Are you exercise with me? I hope so. Get off that couch. Get out of bed and do something for yourself today. You’ll feel much better when we’re done. The hardest part is getting started. That’s right. For everybody even those very fit those first few minutes really takes effort, but once you get past that you feel better. That’s right two more let me see, those arm muscles. Great. Take it back, stretch your arms, open up the chest, come on back, swim backstroke, swimming up, beautiful ocean. That’s. Take it way back. Isn’t it beautiful out here? Feel as though You’re right here with me enjoying this beautiful scenery. That’s it, reach it back. Really open up the chest. Improve that posture, sitting up and standing up tall and make you look like you’ve lost five pounds. Instant slimmer. That’s right. Think about that, next walk into the room, walk in with confidence, two more, one and two let’s take it forward, swim forward, gets it. This is a great stretch for the. Shoulders, beautiful stretch, stretch, stretch, doing great. A wonderful stretch. Last one. and stretch to the side feeling the sides of the the waistline, tummy in, and keep it tight. Keep it in. Good.

Two more. One to switch side OK feel it. Feel the stretch. Hold it. This is a wonderful way to stretch the back. Open up the back. That’s it. Great Smile. We’re going to burn fat today. Oh yes, we are great. Hold. That’s it. Beautiful. A little arm action now circles no more flabby arms. Come on lunge side to side Use your thighs. Lunge. Your legs take it down. Let me see those thighs. working and the arms at the same time. You’re doing it little arm circles. A great way to warm up the whole body. Get that oxygen flowing. That’s it and crisscross. Come on. That’s it. Improve that bust line. We must. We must remember that in school. Good. Criss cross cut that fat right out of your diet. That’s it. Firm those arms, chest, the shoulders give your breasts that up lifting look, that’s it.

Two more, good shake it out, shake it out. Use your arm Muscles. That’s it. Take it up all the way. That’s great. Chris cross. Chris cross It’s great for the chest. Okay. All the way up. Chris cross. Take it down. Use your chest. Use it. Chris cross. Come on. Really feel it. Feel it. Work the chest. Good. Are you ready for aerobics now? March in place. Here we go. Pump it out. March, March. Pick up those knees. Pump it out. Okay. Do the best you can. Now give it all you’ve got. This is where it counts. This is where you’re going to burn body fat. Burn those extra calories. That’s right. Great. Let’s start on this side. Here we go.

Get on down there. Your back is straight. You’re pumping those arms. Those arms. Show me those muscles. Yes, come on. You got to get up here and I want you to feel guilty if you haven’t done yourself today, come on. It’s only a half an hour of fun and fitness. That’s where I keep it going. Good. Really? Use your arm. I want them pumping. Try to change your on towels side to side. That’s it. Good. Shake it. Good. Get those arms up. They burn calories a lot faster. That’s right. Making every minute count here. Get it going down.

Good. Good. Lift the leg. Bring it up. Up, up. Good. Okay. You’ll get to the side. You got good. Keep it going. Shuffle work that body. Good. Burn those calories. Shuffle. Pick up your feet. Come on now. Shaking. Use those arms. Pump those arms We can add a little lift to this. This is called plyometrics. A little interval training. That’s it. Come on. Give it a go. Go, go. Go push off your legs. That’s it. Let me see at work. Those arms. Breathe a couple more tomorrow. Okay. Take it easy. Take it easy. Take a breather here. Interval training is like going up and down hill, so this is our break minute. We’re going to pick up that minute up again and make it hard. Intensive. This really is a blessing.

Okay. Are you ready? Here you go. Come on, get into. Good. Blast that fat away! Great. Good one to March it out. Shuffle to the side. I’m proud of you. That hard little seconds really gets the heart rate up gets that metabolism, lifted work the arms o more flabby arms here. Sleek, sexy, nice definition and take it easy. Take it easy. Now hold it right here. Hold it back, take it easy. Now we’re going to pick up this face. Remember the interval training. This is our easy minute, and then we’re going to pick up the base. Here we go. Go, go. Give it all you got. Go pick those knees up. Come on. No slouching pull, knees higher got a smile. We’re burning fat now. That’s it. You can’t stop even through the commercials if you really want burn those calories burned these up.

Keep. I’ll be right back to get ready for those legs. Welcome back to your daily workout today. Our daily body spot. is thighs, working those beautiful legs. So we get nicely. Legs today. We’re exercising from the beautiful beach here in Paradise Island, so let’s begin getting those nice toned tucked legs. Your first position is to really lift the leg behind you. This is working the back of your thighs. That’s right. No more cellulite back there. We’ll get rid of it all. cellulite is is underused muscles. That’s right undertoned. So right now we’re going to tone and firm from this area right back there, lift and lower the legs. Squeeze the buttocks as you do that too is a great leg. Exercise zero in right back here. Great back is straight tummy is you. Use Your abs, that’s it. Use your legs, but not your lower back.

That it, always think about good posture, good technique, and that’s it. You have beautiful legs. I promise you if you do this with me, get up and follow up on a couple more. One and two. Can you hold it now? Let me see. Hold that stretch. Hold it tight, tight and release. Now let’s work the sides of our legs out together. Out Together. Is this working? Those saddlebags that we outer part of our thighs today, I’m going to target all the eras of the blades, the outer thighs, back and pause. Inner thighs to the knee. That’s your high and low back strain because your tummy and your tummy stay tight and firm.

Great. And now focus on the inner thighs. Oh, you just criss crosses in front of. I like to use the chair for extra balance. Feels though it’s your ballet bar since that’s what we’re focusing right now is your inner thighs, so as you criss cross your legs I want you to focus all of your effort right in the inner thigh. That’s how we get rid of those jigglies in there. That’s right. You want to firm up your inner thigh area. This is the way to do it. Really, really feel it. Squeeze your inner thighs. Beautiful legs, Feel so happy.

Feel good about yourself and two more hold it there. You’ll notice that my inner me is. That’s your goal. That’s it. Beautiful. Good two more, one hold it. This is working the inner knees no more jigglies in your inner thighs, your and your kneecap. That’s it. Hold it. Hold it. Balance is the key. Hold it. Stomach in. Beautiful. Put a smile on your face. Your legs will look beautiful. You can do it. I know you can take a breather. Let’s switch the chair to the other side and work the other leg. Now. Ready and squeeze and release in the back of your thighs to begin with. Right back here where we all have a little extra. That’s where we have our problems with your back, straight posture exercise. Focus on keeping your abs tight. Don’t arch your back. Okay. Let the leg do the workout.

Always think about good form. That is the answer to making every minute count. Very effective exercises to concentrate right back here. You can spot train and that’s what we’re doing. We’re hitting the spot on her thigh and we hold it. Beautiful. Come on then the leg that you’re on. Hold it now, les. Come on. Think about good posture. You could do this. Everybody can hold it. Balance, balance great. Okay. Outer Thigh work lift, lift and lower. We’re now targeting the outside of our thighs. That’s right. No more saddlebags. That’s the area. All of us. It’s right there. I do too, and I overeat and don’t exercise enough. That’s where I get it. I had to lose 35 pounds after both babies, so I know what it’s like. Keep that leg going. Good. Your back, straighten your tummy time. You’re doing it. Smile. You’ll have nice trim, slim legs, lean and fit, and that’s the key to keeping them in good shape.

That’s the reason we’re doing this, to really help firm and tone, the leg criss cross. This is now targeting the inner thighs, the area most of us have problems and all of us. Do you know why? Because it’s one of the most underused muscles of the body. The inside of your thighs, even if you walk or run, you still don’t get to zero in on the inner thigh, but this exercise does it for sweep it, sweep it back is straight, and your tummy thing. Everything is a perfect body alignment. That’s it. You’re doing great. I’m proud of you. It’s worth it. You’ll have beautiful legs, I promise you, but you got to do this daily with me, okay? Monday through Friday, and I work on each body each day, all of our problem areas, because you can zero in and reshape that area. The legs, the arms, the abs, the buns. Last one. Hold it a little lifts little lifts. That’s it. Feel it inside there. Feel it. Feel it beautiful. Okay. Come on down. Now we’re going to sit for our stretch down on your chair and just relax. Now, what I want you to do is place your foot right there in front of you and feel the stretch in the back of your thighs and now slowly lean forward, lean forward. Can you feel that stretch? You should feel it in the back of your thighs, part of the hamstrings and buttocks stretch it forward. That’s it. I could feel that stretch feels so good. Stretching the back of your thighs and the buttocks. He leases a lot of lower back tension, so I want you to do this stretch forward more and release. Bring the leg up. Try to hold it up as high as you can. Sit Up nice and tall. Pick up that leg. If it’s shaking, that’s okay. You can do it long as you get a nice stretch in the back of your leg. Hold this stretch. That’s it. Always take nice deep breaths when you’re stretching, never hold the breath. When you’re really getting a good stretch, good and release you to bring the other leg across. That’s it. Lean slightly forward. As you lean forward, try to keep this leg parallel to the floor. This is a great exercise and right thigh stretch, stretch, never bounced. Stretch, stretch. Feel that point of tension. Never pain. Just a feeling. Oh Gosh. Hold it right there and take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Come all the way up. Let me see that good smiling face. Nice until stretch your leg towards your it, up, stomach and back. Straight. Good posture, perfect body alignment. Hold that leg up, hold the leg up and slowly bring it down. A nice cleansing breath. Inhale and exhale out. One more deep breath for me. Come on energy and oxygen in any tension or anxiety, but give yourself a big hand. You did it today. I’ll be right back.

My name is Judy. I’m from Delaware and I watched you on Lifetime. Oh Great. I have a question. I have a bad lower back and when you do the standup with the chair, sometimes I feel pressure down here and I’m not doing it right apparently. And could you show me? Sure. That’s a great exercise for your legs, but I want to make sure you’re doing it right because it could hurt your lower back if you’re doing it incorrectly. So lean up against the chair with the little wait just a little weight on your body. Lift this back leg up and back and let me see. Good. Keep trying it up and down. Up and now, right now you want to squeeze the buttock muscles because if your buttock muscles are squeezed, you’re not using your lower back, which is good. You don’t want to use your lower back. Now, lift and lower the leg, so next time you do your leg lifts, make sure your knee is bent, that you’re standing on and you use the muscle, not the lower back. It’s great, you worked out with me. I’m so proud of you. I want you to join me on the next daily workout. Have a great day. Bye Bye.


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