The Echelon Smart Connect Bike!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 7, 2018 | Featured

Hi Everyone! I am SO EXCITED to share with you that we’ve entered into a licensing relationship with the Echelon Smart Connect Bike!  This Echelon Smart Connect Bike was exactly what I was looking for when I started indoor cycling – like my LifeFit 360 Whole Body Plan, you can exercise in the safety and privacy of your own home, at any time, day or night. This accessibility is so key for all of us busy people trying to stay on track with our health goals – me included!

And not only is it convenient, giving you that extra push to jump on and burn some calories even if you are squeezed for time, it is an amazing experience as well!  You can go on hundreds of “rides” and be coached through different types of workouts, with certified instructors leading the way, including me! It’s truly a unique experience that combines motivation, community and encouragement, all tailored to fit your schedule, and your busy lifestyle.

Here are just some of the awesome features of the Echelon Smart Connect Bike – it is:

  • A customizable, whole-body workout – whether you are new to cycling or an advanced rider, there are multiple resistance levels to keep your body engaged. Plus it comes with upper-body resistance bands for an upper body workout as well. Target your entire body in just one ride!
  • Saddled up with an extra wide and comfortable seat – so your tushie won’t ache after a good, calorie-burning workout!
  • Lighter weight and easy to move – the Echelon Smart Connect Bike is 30 pounds less than comparable bikes, and has wheels so you can move it around. Bring it out to your patio for an outdoor ride, or move it around your home based on where and when you want to ride.
  • Good for a wide range of heights and weights – if you are taller than 4’11 and shorter than 6’4″, and weigh 300 pounds or less, this is the bike for you!

But really, I love this Echelon Smart Connect Bike because I love cycling! Here are ten reasons to ride:

  1. Weight Loss: Cycling burns tons of calories – so get (or keep) that summer body you have worked so hard for!
  2. Improve Your Cardio Health: Indoor cycling pulls energy from your reserves and builds up your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. It’s good for the heart, and a fun way to get cardio into your workouts.
  3. It’s A Fun Way To Exercise. This bike mixes it up with workouts choreographed to different music – one of my favorite ways to exercise is to uplifting beats. You will forget you are even exercising because it’s just fun to do!
  4. It’s An Effective, Low-Impact Workout: Cycling keeps the pressure off of your joints, so you can work out harder without fear of hurting your knees, ankles or feet. It is a great workout for those who have joint problems or arthritis, or who want to keep up with a continual exercise program as we get older. Help stay positively ageless with cycling!
  5. Tone Up Your Booty And Legs: Your efforts will quickly show up as weight loss, but cycling will also tone and make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your legs and booty!
  6. Boost Your Energy: As you improve, you will get the endorphin kick that athletes enjoy. Feel better throughout the day, have more energy, and train your body to work more efficiently.
  7. Measure Your Results: Echelon gives you real-time stats, tracks your distance, speed, cadence, calories burned and more. It also syncs with your FitBit and Strava accounts so you can connect with your friends and family!
  8. Ride Together And Be Motivated: Having a workout buddy is so important to help you stay on track. With this bike, you will be “riding” with other people, and have an enthusiastic instructor leading the way! This helps keep you motivated and going those extra minutes and distance!
  9. Do Something For YOU: I am a big proponent of taking care of yourself and making time for YOU, and exercise is part of that (along with a nice relaxing bath, some fresh flowers, and an occasional glass of wine!). Now is the time to invest in you, to take those steps towards your healthiest, happiest BEST SELF. You are worth it!
  10. Work Your Mind And Body: The sheer variety of workouts plus the different instructors gives you that important mental stimulation we need to keep our brains sharp and connect with our senses.

Click here to learn more about this awesome Echelon Smart Connect Bike, and let’s start riding together!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!


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