A Quick Stretching Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 21, 2018 | Featured

Hi Everyone! Here’s a fun “throwback Thursday” from a Turks and Caicos shoot I did – a quick cool down stretching workout, perfect for after you do my LifeFit 360 10-Week Plan workouts, or when you just want to feel great and promote an energy boost. I love to stretch, it makes me feel so good! And stretching is so important, especially after working out. Studies show that stretching can help improve the range of motion in your joints, and stretching before and after a workout can help decrease your risk of injury, whether you’re running, dancing or hitting the gym. So don’t forget to stretch!

While stretching is great, using the right form is key. All my workouts always include at least two stretching segments – one as a part of the warm up, and one as a relaxing cool down stretch. Having the right alignment protects your joints, and breathing into your stretches while lengthening and elongating increases the blood flow to your muscles. Plus a good wind-down stretch can do wonders for your mind, helping to let out stress and tension.

If you like this old-school quick cool down stretch, you will LOVE my stretches and workouts in my Life Fit 360 10-Week Plan! Start your free trial today for access to an exclusive stretching challenge, too!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Stretching Workout

Video Transcript
Welcome back to the beautiful Turks and Caicos! Now it’s time for our cool down stretch together. Stretching your body, stretching your whole back, the part we need most right now is to stretch the spine. That’s right, we worked those abs, so now it’s time to stretch it all out. Elongate, lengthen, lean. Yes, visualize, you can do it. Great. And slowly relax to the other side. Stretch it out, it’s stretching through the waistline, It’s helping you lift all through here, giving space between your last rib to your hip. You want to lengthen through here. That’s it, good. Stretch, relax, stretching is so important especially as we get older. Stretch your way to better Fitness! Feeling good, all right, and just relax.

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