Do It Right – High Plank

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 29, 2018 | Workouts

High Plank

November 29, 2018

Hi Everyone! Today let’s “Do It Right” – with a high plank! This exercise is all about the abs – do it regularly to help keep your core strong!  The High Plank is the start of a push up – when you are at the top. The key to doing it correctly is balance and coordination – keep your mid-section still, and take deep breaths when inhaling and exhaling. This video will show you how to do a correct High Plank, so watch it and then practice the High Plank on your own. (Read this for some insight into modifications if you experience wrist pain during the High Plank.) I have more exercises like this – to help strengthen and tone your abs – in my LifeFit 360 10-Week Plan, so if your abs are a target for you, start your free trial today! I have dozens of ab workouts, they are so effective and you WILL see results!

If you do a High Plank regularly, you will help to strengthen the muscle under your tummy area… this is called the transverse abdominis, and it is the deepest layer of muscle in your abdomen. Strengthening this specific muscle creates a “girdle effect” for the front and side of your mid-section. It not only tightens up the tummy area, but it helps you to stand taller, too – a win-win!

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Video Transcript
Hi everybody, it’s Denise Austin. Let’s do it right. Today is a high plank, such a great move to strengthen your spine and flatten the belly and really strengthen the abdominals. So let’s get into a plank position. Your hands are about shoulder width apart, maybe a little wider. If you want, strengthening your thighs, stretch your heels back flat through the belly. Squeeze your buttocks now and really lengthen like a board. That’s why it’s called a plank plank- board. Hold it nice and tight. Don’t swoop your back like that or don’t hit up your back like this, it’s all strong and straight. This way you use a hundred percent of abdominal strength, thighs, arms. The whole body is in a perfect position. And there you have a great high plank.

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