Happy New Year Everybody!

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December 30, 2017

Happy New Year! At the end of every year, I like to take stock of the year prior, and focus on the new year ahead. I like to call this a “LifeFit” mindset – getting ready to be the best me I can be! I encourage you to do the same – try these ways to get into that healthy, forward-looking, ready-for-a-challenge mindset for 2018!

4 Ways To Get Ready For A Happy New Year!

  1. Think about both short-term and long-term goals. Start bigger with some life goals, and then break those down into smaller, manageable tasks that you can fit into your day-to-day lifestyle.
  2. If you don’t already keep a journal, start one. No rules here: it can be about whatever you want it to be. Just put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and get into the habit of reflecting on your days or thoughts.
  3. Get into the habit of moving your body every day. It doesn’t matter what type of movement you choose—just make sure it’s something you enjoy. Because that’s what LifeFit is really about: creating a lifestyle that is healthy, but more importantly, that brings you (and everyone you love) joy.
  4. Relax. Enjoy the new year. Spend time with friends and family. We’re all in it for the long haul. I figure that if you start with joy, you’re likely to end up there too.

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Let’s get fitter together – inside and out!


Video Script:

Hi Everyone! I want to wish you all a healthy and happy New Year. Make 2018 your best year ever! If you want a fresh start, I’ve got a perfect plan for you: the 10-Week Whole Body Plan and guide. With new exercise videos, with lots of meal plans and recipes, wellness, community – everything is there for you to succeed this year. You can do it. Make 2018 your healthiest and happiest year ever. Ok everybody! Join me at deniseaustin.com. Happy New Year!

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