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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 14, 2018 | Workouts

A lot of you have been asking me about my 10-Week Whole Body Plan, and I’m so excited to share it with you!  This online plan has so many of my Denise Austin videos just for you!  Each week includes a combination of my tried-and-true Denise Austin videos, covering spot toning, fat burning cardio, yoga and Pilates for great stretching and flexibility, and so much more – including dance, Barre, and HIIT workouts!! All are important for an overall, well-balanced routine, and I designed my 10-Week Plan to take the guesswork out of what to do, and when. All you do is press play and workout along with me!! If you aren’t yet a member, you can start your FREE TRIAL right now!

Another great feature is that you also have the ability to mix and match your workouts throughout the plan – so if you are feeling low on energy one day, do one of my Fit & Lite Yoga workouts. Feeling extra energy? Swap out for a Cardio Tabata workout! My Whole Body Plan is customizable to your level of fitness AND your interests!

You can even take 10-minute portions of the different Denise Austin videos and workouts and create your own 30-minute routines to do each day.  There’s something for everyone! My 10-Week Whole Body Plan includes over 180 workouts, including my fan-favorite TV show workouts! We will burn fat and calories from gorgeous beach locations around the world, and lean and lengthen from beautiful desert and resort locations, too!! PLUS 15 new and complete Denise Austin videos for your workouts to keep things fresh, interesting and challenging. You WILL see results! These new workouts include:

Denise Austin Videos

  1. Shape Up With Me
  2. Total Body Toning
  3. Fit, Firm & Fabulous
  4. Strength Training – Lean, Toned & Totally Fit
  5. Barre Toning – Lengthen, Strengthen & Tone
  6. Hit The Spot Target Toners
  7. Walk With Me Workout
  8. Fat Blasting Cardio
  9. Super Charged Cardio Burn
  10. Ultimate Fat Burning Cardio
  11. High Energy Fat Blasting Cardio
  12. Beachy Bootcamp
  13. Yoga
  14. Kickbox & Dance Combo
  15. Fun & Fit Cardio

I have designed Denise Austin videos and workouts for every BODY and fitness level. Start your free trial to find out what level you are! If you are just starting out there are easy beginner LEVEL 1 workouts.  If you are a regular exerciser, you will love my LEVEL 2 intermediate workouts in both cardio and toning.  If you are advanced, then I also have awesome challenging LEVEL 3 workouts like HIIT and Tabata routines. Plus dozens of other workouts you can access as a Member!

Here is a sample workout that I do and you can try:

  • Monday: Fat Blasting Cardio featuring dance, kickboxing and interval training.
  • Tuesday: Total Body Toning targeting your abs, arms, legs and buttocks.
  • Wednesday: Super Charged Cardio Burn to sweat and move with my HIIT workout.
  • Thursday: Shape Up With Me, designed to firm, sculpt and shape up with light weights.
  • Friday: Beachy Boot Camp, a fun cardio and toning routine all in one.
  • Saturday: Yoga – filmed on the beach with two different 20-minute workouts and a bonus 10-minute Ab Slimmer routine.
  • Sunday: Rest day, or try Barre Toning or Walk with Me for a fun workout.

My 10-Week Whole Body Plan also has a complete, customizable eating plan, including options for gluten-free, heart health, vegetarian and more! Plus inspiration and guidance from me to help keep you on track. This whole-body plan is so convenient because you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, or log in from wherever you may be – you’ll never miss a workout! And you can take the eating guidance and apply it to your home-cooked meals or when you dine out.

So don’t wait – start your 7-day FREE trial of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan now, and get started today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,




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