Quick And Easy Abs Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 26, 2018 | Featured

April 26, 2018

Hi Everyone! Today we are going to target tone our abs, with my all new Quick and Easy Abs Workout Video! Our bellies can be a tough place to tighten up and get toned, but the key is consistency – do your ab exercises at least three times a week, or even a few minutes each day with this quick, six-minute video for best results.

One reason it is so important to keep our abdominal muscles strong and healthy is because, short of getting out of bed, there are few movements in an average day that challenge our abdominals. That makes our abs some of the weakest muscles in our body – that’s where my quick and easy abs workout comes into play!

This abs workout video will target the lower abdominals, the front of our abs, and the sides of the waistline. This helps to not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but elongates the spine and lengthens the body as well. It’s a wonderful workout when you are just getting started on ab work, which I know can be tough when starting out but stick with it – you WILL see results! It’s also a great workout to keep your abdominal exercise workouts consistent. You can do this abs workout quickly in the morning, for a wonderful, energizing wake-me-up that will help keep your abs flat, strong and toned.

So join me today and get started on my all new Quick and Easy Abs Workout Video! Let’s keep our tummies flat and strong together! You are worth it! And if you like this video, my LifeFit360 Plan has even more in-depth ab workouts, for different levels of expertise. It’s has a wonderful, effective 10-Week Plan that includes all sorts of exercise workouts, an eating plan, and guidance from me, so you can be in great shape in just 10 weeks! Start your 7-day free trial now, and join me this Monday for your first week – I think you will love it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,





Video transcript:

Quick And Easy Abs Workout

It’s time to firm our abdominals, to firm and tighten up our core, Here’s an abs workout you can do to strengthen your abdominals. Let’s take a deep breath in together, inhale, and exhale, beautiful. One more, deep breath, inhale, and exhale. And now let’s just stretch to the side, lift your hips up and over. Stretch out through the waistline, elongate the spine to stretch and tone through the waist, through the chest, that’s it, a full body reach. And come down. And now let’s stretch over for a side body stretch. Hold the stretch, that’s it, now slowly come up. Now switch legs, the other leg go up. Lift up and over, stretch through the rib cage, elongate the spine, open up through the chest, that’s it, stretch through the side body, that’s it, great, and come down. And now up and over to the other side, and stretch. Elongate the back, stretch to the waistline, Look up so you really feel that extra stretch, and relax.

And now let’s begin our abdominal workout. Sitting up nice and tall, thinking about good posture, you’re going to take it down, all the way down, and lift your legs all the way up. Now slowly lift your hips up, and release. Now you’re working your lower tummy. If you need to relax your hamstrings, bend your knees slightly. That’s okay, you’re working the area below the belly button right now. The area we all need to target tone, flatten the belly. That’s it, initiate this movement through the lower tummy. We’ve got one more, that’s great.

And now slowly bring your elbows all the way up, and lift, baby lifts. Ready, lift up, and lower. Beautiful. Now you’re working the front of the abs to flatten the belly. Beautiful, flatten the belly – press your lower back into the mat. That’s it, two more, last one, baby lift, lift, lift, lift, hold it up, that’s it, beautiful. And relax.

And let’s go to the side of our waistlines now. And lift it up, hold it up, reach it up, stomach is in, back is flat, that’s it, work the sides of the waistline, and release. Let’s now stretch the legs all the way up up up up up up, and release. One more time. Lift it up up up up, waistline up, curving through the waist, and let’s come back down. Let’s go to the other side. The first one, elbow down, that’s it. And lift up, hold it up, that’s it, hold it tight through the belly, tighten the core, the waistline, the oblique muscles, and come down. One more, lift up up up, pull it up and in, pull the tummy tight, pull the belly button in, and relax. Can you go all the way up now? Up up up, all the way up there, and relax. Beautiful.  

And now I slowly want you to relax your neck, relax your shoulders, and I want you to bring one leg all the way up in the air. Lift one hand behind you, and one hand here, and baby pulses up. With the use of your arm, hold yourself up. That’s it, it really aids, really lifts through the tummy. Lift and really pull yourself higher, belly button down and flat. That’s beautiful!  Great exercise! Now we turn it to the side and release. To the side. Great, and twists for the obliques. Last one, and release. And just switch legs, all the way up. And now slowly bring your hand onto your thigh, and twist, and release. That’s right, lift and lower. And twist, and release. It’s great for the waistline, that’s it. And hold it up there, little baby pulses that’s it lift, lift up that’s it keep your chin up, that’s it, as if you have an apple or an orange between your chin and chest. Hold it up there, little baby lifts, up up up, hold it up. Bring your legs together, lift your chest up slightly, that’s it, and reach for your toes. Reach up, that’s beautiful, let’s flatten that belly. Now you’re really target toning. Bend your knees if you have tight hamstrings, that’s okay you’re still getting the belly to work, to flatten the belly. Breathe, you exhale, you exhale, and flatten the belly. Last one, and release. Beautiful.

And now slowly roll up, let me see your smiling face, inhale, and exhale to the side. Bring your elbow down and stretch. Lift up, and over to the other side and stretch, that’s it. Now bring your body to the side and twist, and to the other side, twist, beautiful. And take a deep breath, inhale. And exhale. And there you have a quick, easy abdominal workout. Your core crushers.

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