Day 10 of My 10-Day Plank Challenge! You DID It!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 25, 2015 | Workouts


Hi Everybody!

Congrats to everyone in my amazing community who joined me in my 10-Day Plank Challenge and shared their incredible planking pictures! You guys are like family to me and I love you all.  I’m always amazed at your enthusiasm and can-do attitude. The plank is not an easy move and you did GREAT!  I am SOO proud of you.  Now let’s FINISH STRONG!


Get down and workout with me–let’s do this awesome abs segment from my brand new COMPLETE TOTAL BODY TONING workout from my 10-Week Plan.  This clip is less than 2 minutes long.  Give it try right now!  You can do it anywhere, just like all the workouts in my LifeFit 360: 10-Week Whole Body Plan! All you need is 4 square feet of space in your home and off we go together!

Start your 7-day FREE trial of my LifeFit 360 Plan today!  My 10-Week 360 Plan makes it easy – I give you fun daily workouts, daily inspiration, and delicious daily recipes in my full nutrition plan, all customized around YOU and YOUR health and fitness goals.

Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,

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