Boost Your Metabolism And Burn Fat!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 24, 2020 | Workouts

Want to boost your metabolism and burn fat? Then do more strength training! Do you know that an important exercise to boost your metabolism as you age is to strength train? Strength training – also called resistance training – has so many benefits when it comes to aging: With over 640 different muscles in our body, working them will only help you improve with age! Some benefits of strength training include:

Boost Your Metabolism

  • Helps boost your metabolism and burn calories. Muscle burns more calories than fat – so even when you are asleep, the more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning! So if middle-age weight gain has crept up on you, try adding strength training to your routine. Trust me – it works wonders on the metabolism!!
  • Helps to prevent muscle shrinkage as we get older. After 40, our muscles shrink about one percent each year – yikes! But with a regular strength training routine, you can not only prevent this muscle shrinkage, but even reverse it!  My new Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit has everything you need to help stop and reverse this muscle shrinkage: It includes a stability ball that works your abdominal muscles more often and in a wider variety of ways than traditional strength training movements do, plus a set of resistance bands – a GREAT way to firm up arm, upper back, and lower body muscles. I love resistance bands because you can adjust the amount of resistance you are using, they are so easy to take with you when you are on the go, and they are effective! Replace saggy, droopy muscles with strong, supple ones!
  • Can help prevent osteoporosis. This is a big concern for many women, but the good news is a healthy diet and strength training can not only help prevent osteoporosis – it can even help reverse it!
  • Helps promote a strong, healthy back. This leads to better posture, a strong sense of self, and perhaps most importantly – less back pain!! Your spine is your lifeline… and my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit can help to keep it healthy, strong and supple!

So if you want to boost your metabolism and transform your body through strength training, try my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit!! It includes the ball and bands, plus a 200-page e-book to guide you through over 90 exercises that use a stability ball and resistance bands to work your muscles – head to toe! It also includes a 3-Week Plan with just 12 moves a day to help you strengthen, stretch and lean your body. In just 12 minutes a day, you can start to transform your body.

It is never too late to start to strength train… I have had so many people tell me they started in their 40s, 50s and even 60s, and got results! So don’t wait – this Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit is perfect for beginners and advanced, and it is wonderful for those with knee or joint problems, as there are no jarring exercises!

My 3-Week, 12-Minute a Day Plan is a great way to make a short-term commitment to YOURSELF to get healthy in 2022! In just 12 minutes per day, you will be working a variety of muscles all over your body:

  • Upper Body moves to help firm your arms… no more jigglies under the arms, no more back fat – just toned arms that give you strength!
  • Lower Body exercises – these will not only tone your tushie and help minimize cellulite, but help promote strong legs for flexibility and stability.
  • Core workouts – help keep your back strong and healthy while whittling that waistline and banishing belly fat. This Kit is especially good for targeting menopause belly, as it works a variety of core muscles all at the same time – so you get more out of each workout than you would without the ball or bands!
  • Yoga and Pilates moves – to help you get and STAY lean, flexible and balanced.
  • Stretching – do these moves morning or night, to help get your blood flowing and loosen up tight muscles.

It really is a wonderful way to get more toned and flexible – in just 12 minutes per day!! I love working out on the ball and bands, and I think you will, too! So check out my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit today!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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