Beach Time Slim-Down Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 29, 2019 | Workouts

Want to sweat it out in this throwback beach workout? Then grab your bottle of water and set aside 20 minutes today to do my Cancun Slimming Down and Toning Up Low Impact Aerobics workout from one of my popular TV shows! It will get your heart pumping, burn some fat and calories, and will be FUN!!!

I love cardio, it’s SO GOOD for you and your heart (make sure to check back with my blog in February, I’ll be featuring lots of heart healthy cardio workouts!), and I love aerobic workouts because they are such a great way to burn fat and calories, keep that heart rate up, and they keep my mind occupied in a way that makes the time fly by!

You can access more fat-blasting, high-energy workouts like this in my LifeFit 360 Plan, plus do my TV show workouts anytime, anywhere – I am right there working out with you from beach and desert locations while you are in the privacy of your own home! So start your 7-day free trial now for more workouts, a customizable nutrition plan, guidance and inspiration from me and more!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

Video transcript:
Hi, I’m Denise Austin and welcome to your daily workout. Today we’re toning up and slimming down from the beautiful Crystal in Cancun, Mexico. Denise Austin is America’s favorite fitness expert and bestselling author hosts Denise Austin’s daily workout. Welcome to your daily workout. Get up on your feet and let’s begin starting with a wonderful warm up to get the blood circulated. Get the energy flowing through the body, and we’re going to do some low impact aerobics today to from that body fat burning, that butter that’s rise today. We’re gonna. Talk about your gifts and dyes and really zero in on those spots that’s run no more saddlebags. So let’s get started and stretch, stretch. Feel the body stretch elongates your spine. That’s it. Wake up that back. Beautiful stretch for the spa. Beautiful Year in Mexico. Okay, now let’s take it a little further to scratch it out route.
Really Real. The bottom. That’s it. You’re doing great. I’m proud of you. Get up on your feet and do this with me. Feel as though on your personal trainer right there in the privacy of your own home is like great. Come on, keep scratching. Region stretches. Beautiful. Last one. Good. Let’s hold it. Hold it through the calves. Not sick down. Just use those muscles, your tummy. In the end, we all need to practice that stays there naturally. That’s right. Two more. One more. Now hold it there. Squeeze the bonds, holding. That’s it. Hold it. Stretching out in front of new thought quadriceps, right? Turn to the other side and hold restretch calf muscle. Stretch. Ready? Take it forward. Really use your muscles, warm up your body a walk with her. The more calories you’re burning, that way you’ll really slimmed down the bond, working more muscle, more muscles you use, the more calories you for two more. One more. Beautiful. Now hold that stretch. Remember, this is a great strategy for the front of your thighs. Hold it, hold it in the inner thighs.
Great inner thigh exercise. Place your hands on your thighs, the lower spine. If you’re telling me you’re doing great, you got it. We’re going to give you some energy today. Exercise, energy, energy, the energy you need. Two more. Last one. Now hold it there. Hold in, sketching out notice inner thigh, please. Inside those lines, get that circulation right where we need to do the other side. Stretch, stretch in the inner. Come up. Let’s stretch out the back. Stretches up. Really, really excellent for the lower spine. If you have a bad back, this is a stretch to do everyday. This is a great one. Tomorrow one all the way up. Roll up and stretch it out. Stretch it out. Are you ready? Let’s burn that butter. Come on. March in place. Here we go. Are you ready to pump those arms? Pump those legs. No stopping here. Now, here you got to move the body to burn those calories. Burn fast. Can we even have to go through the commercials to really get that fat burning effect? That’s right.
Just pick up those arms. Pick it says you’re doing great. Here’s your chance to burn fat from all over the body. Shed that extra layer of fat right here. Good. Ready and shake it. Shake it a little funky. Push it down. You got it. Press good. Use your arms. Your legs right here. No jumping or jarring to the joints, but you’re still burning calories, burning fat, getting the heart rate up, work in the cardiovascular system. They’ll pump it, pump you up. You got them. Use Them. That’s it. If you rest deal, guys, come on. You could do it tomorrow.
Okay, now hold it here. Great Guy. Let’s get this done. That’s it. You’re doing great. Keep moving. That’s the key to fitness, the stamina to keep it. You’re doing great. A couple more, just like this. They’re going to add on here. Hold it, push it, push it. Push yourself. Given this is where it counts. Now we’re burning that butter. Got Right now, get more energy out. Come on out. Your aggression, Dr. exercise relieves tension. Now are you ready for a great car? Space in your home? Now we’re going to. You’re doing great. Go. You always want. This is how you get it right now, right here. We’re burning fat. We’re accounts right now in the. Hold it right here. You’re doing great. A couple of days. Keep going. I’ll be right back. Going on for you. Right back to.
Welcome back to beautiful Mexico. Are you ready to trim your hips and thighs? Let’s get started. Do the best that you can. Stand up nice and tall. Think about good postures, your tummy. You take it down, take it down and the other leg. We’re now targeting the outer thighs. Take it down and lift out. Beautiful. Really think about using your thigh muscles. This is the best way to reshape those ties. Downsize your thighs. That’s it lifted out. Make sure you’re backstage straight. Your dominant muscles are in the fall. Think about good posture, your hands or on your thighs for supportive your spine. That’s great. Take it down and lift up. Take it down and lift up. That’s it. Really think about your thigh muscles. Beautiful. That’s it. Do you have nice, sexy legs or here’s your chance right now. Do these. This is one of the fastest ways to reshape the look of those guys. That’s good arm action here. Why not use all the muscles? Beautiful. That’s it. Can you feel it yet? I sure can already. Beautiful. Really? Use your legs. These are great guy. Exercising slim, the outer part of your hips, which is great for us women. Those are problem spot. Hit the spot right there. Really use your legs. That’s it. Use your legs. Keep your stomach and you’re doing great. Beautiful contours. Sexy legs. You’re ready to really feel it down.
Take it down. I’ll take it back. Take it down. Take it back for the buttocks and the back of our guy. That’s it. This is for that sexy indentation you can get right there. Looks good. That’s it. Down. Squeeze, squeeze. Really think about squeezing your buttock muscles. That’s it. You’re doing great. I’m proud of you. You know why you’re worth it. You need to reshape the lower half. That’s our problem. Spots for most women were concerned with that lower half will. These exercises do it for you. Toning and shaping and sculpting is the answer. That’s it. Everybody could do this. No matter how old you are, you get exercise with me. That’s right. Even my mom’s 70 years old does it, so there’s no excuses out there. You guys come on all ages. Two more. Last one, squeeze the bottom. Gray. Now legs apart. Watches some nice lunges we’re going to do. Please take it down. Take it up, down this down, little arms. Beautiful.
Let’s make sure you’re doing this correctly. Think about good technique here to your tummy. Great. It’s your back straight. Great, and don’t go too low. Don’t go. Your knees should never go past her toes. Look down and see if your knees are going past your toes. If they are, spread your legs a little further apart to do it correctly, to more. One good. This is a good one for the inner thighs. Now, pull good down. Now pull is excellent for the inner thighs. Pull meaning out near inner legs. No more Jagan Lees in there. Come on, tone and tighten up your inner thighs. That’s a great one. Come on, feel it down and lift up, down, and lived through. You’re doing great. Come on. This is a good one. Noller. Jacob, do you want to have nice from inner thighs? This is the exercise I want you to use your thigh, Paula.
That’s it. Damn dummy and gorgeous. That’s inspired. You’re doing something positive for your body. That’s that stretches to do the best you can. No more jiggly inner thighs. Come on last one. Now hold it. Beautiful. Turn to the side. Ready. We’re going to do down and squeeze and release. Now doesn’t really use your thigh muscles. This is one of the fastest ways to reshape. Who Do you want? Lose inches for toning exercises has become the latest way to lose those inches. Shed away an extra inch or a beach side. If you do this with me on a regular basis, trying to exercise with me at least three days a week, my goal for you to exercise his five mornings a week, that’s what I do. Only 30 minutes, but if we do it Monday through Friday, it’s a complete workout. The bonds that were on different days, so you get all the problems spots done in a course of a week.
Two more. Last one. Beautiful switch side. Ready? Take it down, lift up, squeeze the bottom muscles. This is an excellent way to reshape the back. That’s the bottom. Do you want nice, tight, toned, rear end? Look great from behind. While this is a good exercise, this also reshape the back of your thighs. That’s right. No more cellulite. Come on. All it is is unused muscle, so let’s get that muscle into shape and get rid of that cellulite. Couple more. You’re doing great. Keep it up. He fucked up fitness level. We’re burning calories. We’re targeting rezoning in right on her hips and thighs. Zero in on those spots to our whole beautiful. Finish it off with some nice squat. Here we go. Take it down, down, and noticed that I’m only going halfway. Very important in this way. It keeps your knees healthy. Size, ticket down, and squeeze.
Squeeze the bottom muscles down and squeeze the bottom. Tighten the church. We got a few more you can do it. Come on, get up with me and do it. It’s worth it. Last one, gorgeous. Inhale and exhale. Let’s stretch out the legs down. If you need to bounce on something, go ahead. Bounce on your couch, a wall, whatever you have there, stretch. That’s the hard part’s over. You did it. I’m proud of you. Stomach Gorge. Oh, it feels so good to stretch. One of the best ways to reduce tension and anxiety is to stretch away. The stress feels great. End To the other leg. Lift it up. Try to balance whole hold. Feel that stretch in the front of your thigh. That’s great.
You’re doing great. Inhale, try to hold the stretch for about 10 seconds. Ultimately 15 be even better. It takes about that much time to really loosen up. That’s right. Okay. Swing your arms up and deep breath in and out. Beautiful, and let’s stretch the body. Beautiful. Stretching your legs. We used our thighs a lot today. That’s it. Beautiful Day. You’re going to make it a great day because you did something positive for yourself. Now change those negative thinking and negative thoughts into positive ones. Retrain your thinking. You are worth it. Say you can do it. That’s it. Sweat.
Exercise is one of the best ways to really reduce the tension and anxiety. That’s one deep breath for all of us. Inhale up cleansing breath. Exhale out. One more. Inhale up. Exhale. Okay. Stay tuned like that. Here’s the little denise theology. Today we’re going to talk about presenting yourself, how to have better body language. Did you know that you’re the architect of your own body? By the way you sit, by the way you stand, it can tell a lot about you. So next time, think about it. Sit Up nice and tall. If you’re staying, there was slouched shoulders. You look sad, depressed, but if you stand up nice and tall, you look a little more confident, happier. That’s the way I want you to look. So think about it. Keep your chin up. Your mom always told you that what? It means something, because you know what? This is how the world sees you, how they perceive you. So remember, think about good posture, smile on your face and approach someone with a nice attitude. Walk up there with good body language and you’ll see better response, more positive responses. So today I want you to think about it, good posture. You are the architect of your own body and go out and make it a great day and I’ll see you next, right here on the daily workout.

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