Get Toned and Slim with This 8-Minute Low-Impact Interval Training Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 25, 2021 | Workouts

If you want to tone your body, create sexy, lean muscles, boost your energy and more, then don’t miss this new 8-minute Low-Impact Interval Training Workout! Low-impact workouts are so good for us, especially as we get older, and this low-impact interval workout combines the best of working out! It:

  1. Is low-impact. This means your workout will still help improve your strength and promote cardiovascular health, but with a reduced amount of stress on the body, which can lessen the risk of injury.  Some examples of low-impact workouts include walking (sign up for my FREE 2021 4-Week Walking Challenge – it starts October 4!), swimming, cycling, and – of course – the low-impact workout that my EVER BETTER™ Air Walker provides!
  2. Uses interval training. A low-impact interval training workout combines the best of both worlds, because while it is easy on the joints, it also provides all the benefits of interval training! This means you burn calories, improve oxygen flow, increase muscle mass (which leads to better metabolism – you’ll be burning more calories even when you sleep as you increase muscle mass!), an improve your cardiovascular system – including lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In the end, you will lose weight when you add a low-impact interval training workout to your fitness routine.

It’s only 8 minutes – and you can do it anywhere! There is no equipment required, you can do it in a small amount of space, and it takes just 8 minutes! This really is a do-anywhere healthy workout – you will burn fat and calories, tone up your body, and feel GREAT afterwards!

So try my all new 8-Minute Low-Impact Interval Training Workout today!


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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

8-Minute Low-Impact Interval Training Workout Video Script

Welcome to your eight-minute low-intensity interval training! So let’s begin starting with a wonderful warmup, dynamic stretching to get your blood circulating. Get the oxygen to every cell in your body. Feeling good. Everything will be low impact, low intensity, easy on the joints, but we’ll keep burning fat. We’ll tone some muscle and keep you moving. That’s the whole key with low intensity interval training. Good. Now we’re going to twist it out. Stretch. It really feel that reach the more you feel it, the better it is for your muscles, your muscles work miracles on your body. So we have to keep those muscles toned, keeps muscles looking better. Also keeps your energy. Now you have over 640 muscles, okay, we’re going to work them all today, low intensity. So it means go low, get down the more you go up and down, you’re going to feel perfect. That’s it?

Your muscles working your thighs right now. The arms, everything is a flow, movement. Take it forward, take it back good forward and back. That’s it. You’re doing great. Keep moving. That’s the whole key to burn calories. Burn that fat – Burn that butter. That’s it two more.  Bicep curls and press your triceps. Take it to the other side, triceps and biceps, interval training right now. You got it. Good. Work those muscles. Excellent. See those beautiful biceps. Come on, use them or you lose them. And we need them. They burn calories fast. They keep us young muscles, last one, one more. Okay? Hold your knees up here. Press the arm down. as the knee goes up very good. This is all low intensity notice. There’s no jumping or jarring, but we keep that metabolism revved up by keeping you moving, your back strong and straight. Pull the elbows down. Keep the core muscles tight. Two more, last one. Oh, okay. Just reach it out and exhale. Now we’re going to do a little bicep curl with the hamstring. Okay. This is working in the back of your thighs and biceps – two workouts in one You can do it. Let me see.

Lets see them! Yes, you got right. You rest, you rust. So let’s go together. Come on, get fit. It’s worth it. Exercise is the best preventative medicine there is. I promise keeps your metabolism going, revved up. Boosted up two more. Last one. Oh, okay. Take a breather. Inhale this one. We’re doing pull inhale. Pull down. Inhale, pull down. This is a lat pull down. That’s it. Interval training muscles in the upper back. That’s it really initiate the movement?  You got this last one. Good. Now it’s time to do our triceps to what I want you to do a heel tap with elbow press behind. That’s a tricep toner with low intensity interval training. If you want, you could always add weights to this workout and really rev up that metabolism. That’s it. Good. Keep it low impact. Get lower. Can you get a little lower down? Yes. There you go. Now you’ll really feel it. Tricep, toners. Stretch it back. We got two more. Last one. Keep tapping now. Hold it up. Marching place, press little baby  presses up. Come on. Work at the posture. We’ve got the back muscles. We got it. Presses. Keep walking, keep marching. You can do it two more. Last one. Oh, okay. Let’s tap it behind now. Little taps behind you got this, hold your upper back muscles posture. And we’re pulling motion no more bra overhang out and pull, pull, pull, pull back, holding a pull.

Shake it out inhale and exhale. There you go. Let’s do a side tap. That’s it. So just like a jumping Jack, but a side tap it’s a little easier on the body and the joints. It’s a modified jumping Jack. Good up lift up and down. That’s it. beautiful. You, you can do it. Just keep moving. We’re burning fat. We’re burning calories. You’re firming muscle. Interval training.  Two more last one. Okay. Take it back now. Hold it back here. Lift your arms and back. Great for your upper back. Don’t worry. Back back. Good to keep your legs going. That’s where you’re getting the cardio up a little. Back straight. You can do it. Good tow more, last one chest presses. Good push, push, push, push, push, push. That brings the chest to improve – we must we Must we must improve our bust! Lift it naturally. Yes. That’s what I’m all about. Also improves your posture. Good. Two more push harder. Last one. Oh, okay. Take a breather side to side again.

The cool down stretch your arms salute as you take it down. Take it easy. Just stretch it out. Doing great. Excellent. One more time together. Exhale. Beautiful. And there you did a great low intensity interval training workout. Thanks for working it out with me. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit – Sign up for your free trial now!

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