6-Minute Upper Body Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 12, 2018 | Workouts

Hi everybody! Today we are going to do my new 6-Minute Upper Body Workout video! Since popular cardio activities like walking and biking don’t incorporate our upper body muscles like they do the lower body muscles, having an upper body workout routine is important. This 6-minute upper body workout is a perfect addition after you bike, walk or run, helping to keep your upper body toned and firm while also helping to improve your posture and keep your back strong.

This upper body workout includes a variety of arm exercises, including one of my favorites – the tricep kickbacks, which strengthens the back of your arms and helps eliminate that jiggle when we wave goodbye – you know what I’m talking about! This exercise is perfect for when you want to wear sleeveless tops – your arms will be tight and toned and you’ll feel great!

And at the end of the 6-minute upper body workout video, I go through a wonderful stretch to open up your chest and back – a perfect way to wind down after working on your upper body muscles.

All you need is a pair of hand weights and a little bit of space to do this new 6-minute upper body workout, so let’s get started – you and your arms are worth it! And if you like this video and want more arm exercises, start your free trial of my LifeFit 360 10-Week Whole Body Plan. It has dozens of upper body workouts, plus whole-body cardio, target-toning workouts and so much more! Get your body ready for summer with my 10-Week Whole Body Plan – start your free trial today and let’s begin this Monday!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,




Upper Body Workout

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody! Here’s a quick upper body workout to firm and tone our arms, upper back and shoulders.  Okay let’s begin, bend your knees slightly now slowly bring your elbows up, and bring them slightly down –  all the way up to shoulder level, and down. This is now shaping your shoulders, giving you beautiful definition on the front of your arms, and your shoulders. That’s it – notice my back is strong and straight, tummy in, and just raise your arms up to shoulder level and bring them back down, stop right at your waistline, and right back up. That’s it, a couple  more just like that – really lift up to firm your muscles! That’s it – you can use 5 pounds in each hand or three pounds – whatever you have. Last one, up, now baby lifts up that’s right up, lift and lower, lift and lower, that’s it. That’s it – you’re shaping your beautiful shoulders, your upper body. Keeping your abs tight, bend your knees to protect your back. We got two more, last one, okay. Now slowly come down.

And now we’re going to do shoulder blocks, just lift your arms up and down, that’s it, great! Straighten those arms, that’s it, good posture – pull your abs in, that’s it. Think good, strong backs, strong core muscles, and firm up those arms and shoulders. Sexy arms! Beautiful arms! That’s it, keeping them toned and nice and firm… we have two more, last one, and release.

Now let’s slowly bring your legs out to the side. And let’s slowly go down into a beautiful plie. Now bring your arms out in front. And now we’re going to do little lifts – bicep toners that’s it, to firm and tone the front of your arms but extend through your arms, That’s it – is your back strong and straight, pulling the abs in, that’s beautiful – think good form, really extend the arms, really feel the biceps, that’s it, good really tighten up the arms, beautiful, sexy arms! That’s it, upper back and shoulders are in action too. You’re really activating all the upper body muscles to firm and tone. Last one, and release.

And slowly bring your arm behind you, lift it up, and baby pulses up. Now we’re working the back of the arms – so important right, to firm and shape. Notice my elbow is really lengthened – don’t lock your elbow, but keep it strong and lengthened. Bring your shoulder blades together behind you, pull up and in your abs, that’s it, now really lift, and lift – that’s it, we’ve got two more. Last one, and now slowly turn your hand down now, little baby lifts. Now cut it to the side – pull it inside, pull it in, yes! Now you’re target training the back of your arms, to firm it, to sculpt it, to give it beautiful definition. That’s it, last one, hold it, hold it, great!

Let’s work on the other one – slowly bring your arm up behind you, keeping your back nice and strong and straight. Thinking about good posture – pull your shoulder blades together, and baby lifts up. That’s it, working the back of those arms – so when we wave goodbye, nothing will jiggle! That’s it, it will firm it, I promise this works – it’s a tried-and-true proven exercise! Keep your back flat, that’s it, shoulder blades together behind you, to really work more muscles to improve your posture and to firm up those arms. Toned, shapely arms. Last one, hold it up, now turn your hand – that’s it, now baby pulses up. Now in, cut it in, cut it in. Now try to bring your shoulder blades together, that’s it, and back flat. Now you’re really working the low waistline, too. We got three more, two more, one more hold it up, up, up – beautiful.

Now let’s work on those chest muscles – pull your arms together, lift them out, and open and pull. That’s it beautiful, great for your chest muscles and improving your posture. Firming the muscles throughout the pectorals to lift the chest area. That’s it, and to improve our posture – stand up nice and tall. Back is strong and straight that’s great, and really pull together, that’s it, always do the best you can. Form is so important: quality over quantity. Make sure each move you do the best you can. That way you’ll see results quicker. We’ve got one more, last one and release.

Slowly lift your arms all the way up, and bring them behind you and lets just stretch, pull in your tummy, bring your chest up and just hold the stretch. Oh, doesn’t that feel beautiful, stretch and tone. Great, and now slowly release. And lets stretch through the legs, the arms, and slowly pull it all the way up. Open up the chest, stretch and tone. Beautiful, stretch, open up your back, that’s it. And slowly come all the way up, and turn your toes, and let’s stretch to the other side. Lift it up, up,  up, up, with that arm, hold that stretch. Two more, last one, and slowly come all the way up. Bring your arms together, and there you did it – I’m proud of you! Keep it up and you’ll get nice, sexy arms!

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