10-Minute Trim & Tone Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 27, 2022 | Workouts

I have an all new 10-minute workout to get you Trim and Tone!! If you’re looking for the secret ingredient that will give your health journey a boost, and get your body trim and tone in no time… I have you covered!! Strength training is one of the best defenses against aging. Building muscle will also help to boost your metabolism; since muscle burns three times as much calories as fat… the more muscle you have the more calories you burn! Strength training will promote energy and help protect your bones as you age as well. You don’t need a fancy gym or any equipment to properly strength train – you can use your own body weight just as effectively! Push play on this new 10-minute workout with me and get trim and tone with me today!


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10-Minute Trim and Tone Workout Script:

Welcome to your trim and tone workout. Let’s begin. Starting with a good stretch side to side. We’re gonna firm the muscles from head to toe, total body toner, trim and tone your muscles. Great. Our, are you ready? We’re gonna feel so good when we’re done. I promise. Nice and stretched and firm target tone. Those hips, the thighs, the buttocks, your arms, your shoulders, your abs, your legs. We can do it. Okay. Now just reach out. That’s it. Just tap it. All the impact. Easy on the joints. You can do all this 10 minute workout. You got 10 minutes. Use it. That’s right. Keep it toned and trim. You got it. Two more. Stretch it out. Last one. Okay. Now shift your weight side to side. Thinking about inner thigh tone. That’s it toning the inside of those legs. Sit back, hips. Your back. That’s it really shift your weight side to side. This is toning in the back of your thigh, your inner thighs, and now stretch your arms across, open up your chest. Good posture. That’s it. Smile. We’re gonna trim. yay. You got this two more last one. And now we reach down and across. Good. Like a windmill. I love this one because it works your waistline. No more back fat. Good trim, tone your waistline. That’s it. Pull your abs up and belly in you got it. And where we practice pulling the AB up and in the better they’ll stay there. Two more last one. Okay. Hold it down. Their toe comes up. Notice this, hold the toe comes all the way. Now you get that extra little workout inside of your legs. No more Jiggle. Okay. Let’s go to the other side. Toe comes up. Flex that foot. Yes. Feel it in the inner thighs. Excellent. Okay. Turn to the side. Now thinking about good posture, we’re gonna work. Those legs. Burn the back of your thigh eyes from the front of your thigh, your quadriceps also giving a good stretch right through the hip flexors. You’re going down and up just like an elevator straight down and up. Good form is very important in this exercise. Thinking about that need 90 degree, eight angles. Good, good, strong body. Good alignment. We got two more. You got this strain in those legs. Beautiful. Last one. Okay. Let’s shift the weight to the other side. Thinking about good posture. Keep it down and back up. Thinking about that front knee. In that 90 degree angle, you got this good. Just do the best you can. Wonderful straightening all the leg muscles. Great down and up two more. You got this last one. Okay. Now we sit all the way back in a chair. What you’re gonna do here? Squeeze your inner thighs together. Press your knees together. Ice symmetric cold per the inside of your legs. Yes. And also now we’re target Tony to the booty, your bucks. Sit back, chest high, straighten out those arms and pull in your tummy a little there. Now we are doing it perfectly. Good. Good form. Good technique. Good alignment. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. And come on the way. Beautiful. Let’s do your inner thighs together and stretch to the side. Lift up and to the other side. Hold, hold. Good. And now slowly relax. Now I want you to stretch out the hamstrings shift your hips back, hold that stretch. But back is strong in is straight. Kneeing it on the back of your legs are now lengthening the muscles. That’s it. And shift your weight to the other leg. Hip. Your back back is strong and straight. That’s it. Hold it there. Breathe, stretch, and tone that it beautiful. And take it all the way back and walk your hands all the way down to the floor and start off with some AB exercises on the floor. The first one is a plank stretch. Your arms legs strong, straight. Thinking about your back is a old, nice and strong, like a plank. That’s it. Now pull your tummy in through a pelvic till in squeeze the buttock muscles. If you can tighten up the quadriceps, everything’s holding nice and tall through the strength of your arms and your abs. Don’t let the tummy fall down, pull it up. Okay. Stretch it out. Beautiful. One more time. All the way in a plane. This time, go down to your elbows. Lower hover. Hold, hold, tighten up the tummy. Come on. You got this. You can do it. Hold it in. Pull your tummy up and in back to strong and straight. Tighten up those AB you got it. Okay. And release. Then let’s go look to our side, the leg up and balance. Strong arms, strong legs, strong bodies, because you were think great. And now let’s do a side crunch. Good crunch. And that’s it. You’re doing great. Not proud of working your outer thighs, working your sides of your waistline. You got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now hold it up there and let’s try to do it entire side plan tee. Stand, hold it up. Hold it up. Strong. Come on. You could do it. Yes. Okay. Let’s go to the other side. Think about good posture. Your arm is in strong strength in line with your wrist. Your body’s upright. Your tubs pulled in. Keep the leg up it up. That’s it. You can do it. And stretch and crunch, reach and side crunch you got that works. The lower tummy works. The sides of the waistline and your outer thighs. Great. You can do it. Got two more. Your in that’s one beautiful. Now a side body, cold ice melt your cold. Pull your abs in squeeze your inner thigh together. Lengthen the body. Strong. Your muscles are holding you up. Yes, they are great and release. Come on down all the way down to the ground. Lift your legs up and elevate your feet. That’s it. Placing your hands underneath your gets for support. Now gonna bring your body up. Right? Good. And now boomer lay down that pull great down and pull back up. You got that working the lower tummy, tighten up the lower AB beautiful. Just feel your tummy working. Concentrate. Good. Last wanna Lee leg. You got it. Beautiful and released slowly. Roll up and back down and roll up. Hold yourself up there. Good. In boat position. Trimming. Hold up. Beautiful and fall behind your thigh. No one to burn down at a time and let’s begin a that’s it lift and read out in exhale in inhale. Exhale. Two more. You got this last one. Hold it. Hold it up there. Now. Little pulse, little pulse. You got this. Come on. Little baby pulses, press flat. Not tummy. Really flat, flat, flat here. Great press, press, press. You could do it. Two more. Trim and tone the tummy. Your AB workout. The crunches, a work and release. Pull your knees in your chest. Pull it up. And the, can you balance, can you balance back strong and shape? Hold it up. And let’s just stretch out the lights now, lift up and hold that beautiful stretch. Inhale and exhale. You did such a great 10 minute total work. It works your whole head to job. Yes, it it’s nice to just have a nice, you could do every day. That really kinda keeps everything going strong. I love and take a nice deep breath together. Inhale. Bring in that beautiful oxygen and exhale out. Any stress you have, just let it go. Beautiful. One more deep breath, strong body, strong minds, because you are worth it. You did it. Keep it up. See, next time. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much [email protected]. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and rest Stevie friends. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Denise austin.com. Sign up for your free trial. Now.

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