Thanksgiving Week 10-Minute Total Body Burner Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 23, 2021 | Workouts

Happy Thanksgiving Week – let’s enjoy all our festivities this holiday by getting in a 10-minute total body burner workout! This workout is a quick way to burn fat and calories, work your muscles, and get in some movement so you can enjoy your holiday meal! It’s a great way to work your whole body, head to toe… so let’s do this together!

You can also get your family and friends in on the action – make it a group workout on Thanksgiving Day or over the weekend! A little bit of exercise everyone can use to feel great and enjoy holiday dishes. You WILL feel better after you do this total body burner, and it sets a great tone for the day. I hope you like this workout… I will be doing it today and on Thanksgiving, too!

I hope all of you get to spend some time this week with family and friends, and have a little time reflect and be grateful – gratitude is so uplifting, for you and for others!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – love to you all!!

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10-minute total body burner workout script

Hi everybody! Today, we’re doing a 10 minute total body burner. We’re burning fat and muscle. So let’s get started, beginning with a good stretch side to side warming up the body, working from head to toe all 640 muscles in the body. We’ll get moving. Yes. Burn some calories. Feel good. Boost that metabolism. That’s what it’s all about. Okay. Let’s twist it out for the waistline. Just twist you. Got it. Feel it through the back. That’s it. It’s a great warmup. Dynamic stretching. You can do it. We’ve got two more. Really reach out now. We’re going to burn some fat today. Yes we are. And twist it out. Cause the way you twist, I love this one. Just twist the body, pull your belly button up and in. That’s it, zip up those abs and get moving. You can do it. That’s it. Whole body working, burning, toning.Great. We got two more. Just twist it out. Last one. Okay. Side to side. Now really reach from side to side. Really feel it. You’re building through the spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy. Keep it strong. Two more, last one. Oh, okay. And just hold it right here. Stretch out through the legs. You’re going to do a beautiful lunge, go down and back up. Now we’re target toning the buttocks, the lower half to make it your better half. That’s it. Do lunges and squats to burn extra calories. That’s it. Now I have a little bicep curl. Two workouts in one. That’s it, double up with bicep curl and legs. One more, okay hold it there. Stretch. Feel the line through the spine. Bring your arms up and over. Toning and lifting. Okay. To the other side. First of all, make sure your knees stay 90 degree angle.Now we’re going to add tricep toning for the back of the arms. That’s it, thinking about good posture to help stretch you got it’s good. Double up that workout. Yes. Making it very effective and efficient. Good. Really feel the muscles, last one, breathe. Now hold it right here. Stretching. Hold it lengthen the spine. Beautiful stretch. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it great. Now focus on your thigh workout, stretching and lengthen through the leg. That’s it No more jigglies in there. Good. Now toe comes up. Shift your weight a little deeper. Now sit back. That’s working through the booty. Good. Can you feel your inner thighs? Excellent, you can do it, last one. Now we hold and feel the stretch. Can you reach down towards the floor? Toe comes up so you really get that full stretch and to the other side, stretch it out.Hold it. Beautiful. Take good, deep breaths. Inhale and exhale. Okay. Flatten your back. Come all the way out. Let’s do that again. You come back strong and straight tummies in hold fat. Nice and flat back. Good. And come back and jump your legs together. Inhale up. Exhale. Hold right here. That’s it. Just sit back. Bring your knees together. Bring your feet together. That’s it. Squeeze your legs and your thighs together. Great. Sit back. You got it, and release one more. Sit way back lengthen through the spine. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. Chest is up beautiful, long stretch through your spine. And now we’re going to walk our hands all the way down to a plank position. Hold your plank. Your back is strong and straight. Keep your stomach in. Tighten up your abs. Hold your arms. Strong.Shoulders are strong. Squeeze your buttocks. Tighten your thighs and now bring it in to the chest and now bring it up. That’s it. Great for your whole body, especially your abs. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Oh, okay. Now come all the way down to your elbows and forearms. Hold. Cool. Tighten up that tushie. Now a little bit of ab work. The lower tummy. Hold it there. Squeeze. You got two more. Last one. Okay. Knee comes down, stretching up. Hold it up there. Lift. And over the top you got this. It’s great for your outer thighs. Now trimming the waistline and your outer thighs at the same time. Beautiful. Come on two more and that’s one. Hold it up there. Beautiful. Now we’re going to do side crunches. Pull your elbow towards your knee is one of my favorite exercises.You can do it. Cinch in that waistline. Beautiful. Really feel it. Belly button towards your spine. That’s how you do it correctly. That’s it. Last one. And release. Just stretching out the long legs. That’s right. Great. Okay. Let’s switch sides. The other leg out to the side. Reach your hand down. Shoulder and hand in this same straight line. Just slightly right for the outer thighs. No more saddlebags. That’s right. Always do the best you can. These exercises are very effective. Very efficient. Tried and true. We’ve got two more. Last one. Great. Okay. Let’s do our side crunches. Beautiful. You got it.That’s it. Side crunches. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now we stretch it. Elongate the spine. That’s it beautiful. Then come on down now. Slowly roll down. Okay. Relax. Relax your shoulders. Lift your hips up please. And tighten up that tushie here. Look great from behind squeeze. That’s it. Now if you can just lift the leg up, you got this, great, relax. Lift your leg, lift your hips. You can do it. Come on. It’s worth it. You’ll look great. And come down now. Baby pulses. That’s it. Two more. Last one. Hold now. Walk your feet together. So important. Squeeze in your thighs together to shape. Hold it in and relax your chest. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. That’s it. Great. And straighten down and switch and switch, stretch. And you got this. You’re doing great. Great for the abs. This strengthens your legs, two more last one. Oh, okay. Relax.Just lift it. Don’t use your neck to get up. Use your abs to get up and release. Now just for the lower tummy. Relax your back, hands right here on your sides of your waistline. You’re going to bring your knees up and relax. This is now target toning. So really initiate this movement right there. You can place your hands right here. Just relax your neck. Now can you do toe taps and lift down toe taps and over lift and lower. That’s just a couple more of these they work. I promise last one. Oh, okay. And roll all the way up. Let me see your smiling face. Beautiful. Let’s take a deep cleansing breathe together. Bringing in the oxygen, letting out any stress, beautiful, stretch to the side and to the other side. Beautiful. Give herself a hug, you did it! Woo. Proud of you guys. Thanks for working it out with me. If you love this workout, I am so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes. You can love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial.

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