10-Minute Cardio Fat-Blast Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 13, 2022 | Workouts

It’s Heart Health Month, so let’s get our cardio workout in with this 10-minute Cardio Fat-Blast Workout! It’s part of my Natural Body Bootcamp 2-Week Challenge on my DeniseAustin.com site – start your free trial today and watch your body transform! This cardio workout is a great example of what to expect – it will get your heart pumping, which is so good for heart and your whole body.

I recommend people get cardio workouts into their schedule at least three times per week, and aim for 30 minutes each time. The good thing about this cardio workout is that you can do it two or three times in a row, or if you are short on time, do it throughout the day! While continuous 30 minutes of cardio workout is the best, we don’t always have time, and anything is better than nothing. So do what you can to get 30 minutes total of cardio workout into your day – today! You can do it!!

And if you like this video or want more cardio workouts to choose from, then try my popular Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge – a super fun, super-effective 2-week challenge. Each day includes 3, 10-minute workouts, for 30 minutes per day of well-rounded offerings will get your heart pumping and your body toned and lean.

So don’t wait – make the commitment to get fit and feel great today! Start your free trial to see everything I offer, and let’s do this together – we can get and stay heart healthy!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ – together!!

Video Transcript:
Welcome to your natural body bootcamp. Today it’s all about burning fat cardio workout. Let’s begin. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale and stretch it out. Warming up the whole body from head to toe. That’s it. We’re going to burn some calories, boost that metabolism, and really feel great. After we’re done working, the legs really helped to get the blood circulating quicker because they’re larger muscles of the body. They demand more oxygen, so really use your thighs, your butt. That’s it. Great. Stretch it up. Feel the late through the spine with a wonderful warmup, dynamic warmup to get you ready for cardio workout. That’s it. Reach out to the side now forward. That’s great. We’re moving up through your back, getting the circulation going through the whole body. We’re going to really feel great. That’s it. The oxygen flows gives you energy. That’s right.

Boost that metabolism, increase your endurance, your stamina, okay side to side. Now, just work it side to side. That’s it. Now, throughout this entire workout, just do the best that you can. My workout is for you, so do what you can do and always it 100, 10 percent because every minute counts to get healthier, to feel better, to really feel great. Okay, so this side bend a little at the waistline. That’s it. Smile. We’re going to burn some fat today. Yes, we are with our great cardio workout. Trying to keep a little low impact to begin. That’s it. Easier on the joints. Easier on your back. Two more. Last one. Okay. Let’s watch it in place. Just march in place. All this workout’s done in just four feet of space, so you could do this in house, apartment, living, room, bedroom, wherever you are. That’s it.

No excuse. We’re going to walk a mile. Yes, we are. Come up, pump it up. Now when you’re doing this, really get those knees going over. Exaggerate the march. That way you burn more calories because you’re really working your muscles. That’s the key. Pump it up. Let me see those muscles. Beautiful biceps. Yes, go right. Pump it up. Good. That’s one. Oh, okay. Now I just want you to do some heel lifts. We’re going to go side to side with your heel, lifting up, working the back of those thighs. That’s it. Now if you can change a little more rhythm, go down and up. Now you’re really burning more calories. Picking that heart rate up, and then we’ll sustain it to burn fat. That’s it. Keep your back strong and straight. That’s good. Now push your arms back and the arms burns more calories. That’s it.

Pull, pull. Good. You got it? Great. Now can you go overhead? It’s a little harder. Yes. Pull. Great. Two more. Last one. Okay in front. Now push it down. Push it down like he’ll taps. That’s it. Push. Use your arm. That’s it. Make it low impact, but still getting that cardiovascular workout. That’s the key. Good push work. Those lungs, push it back. That’s it. Tricep toners are right when you’re working out. Good workout. Hard because it’s worth it. You’ll look better. You’ll feel better. That’s a key. Push it down. Push it down. That’s it. Last one. Okay. Shake it out. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. One more. Inhale and exhale. Let’s go on a little walk forward. Walk it forward. Good, and walk it back. That’s it. Walk it forward. Good. Walk it back. That’s it. Just to space. That’s all you need. Good. Squeeze it in.

Great. Two more. Just like that. That’s one. Forward and back. Good. Okay. Let the legs lift your knees. That’s it. Good. Now we’re going to do some press pull downs down. Pull it down, pull it down. That’s it. Keep your back strong and straight. That’s it. Pull, pull, greet, pull hard. Great. Pull it down. Keep going. You’ll burn calories. Burn fat, don’t slouch. Keep your back strong. Good posture. Yes. Two more. Last one. Okay. Take a deep breath. Inhale, and exhale. Are you ready to move a little more? Pick up the pace. Now let’s just jog in place a light jog. That’s it. You. You can now. No problem. Pump those arms. Lift off the feet. Come on up. Use your feet lightly. Don’t slam into it. It’s lifted. That’s it. Good. Pump those arms. Here we go. Pump, um, heart. Now let’s work a little scissors. Firming the chest muscles.

That’s it. Run in place and work the arms your chest. That’s great. Good. Two more. Last one, take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Getting that stamina going. Getting endurance in there. Yes, you are. Okay. Now Punch it out. Here we go. Let’s just punch it out. Grade pump, a little lunge. All my favorite cardio moves all in. One 10 minute workout. That’s it. Good. Pump it out out. Great. Wonderful. You could do this. I promise it’s worth it. There’s good purpose in this. Getting your heart rate up, conditioning your heart and your lungs to fight heart disease, to boost your metabolism and lose some weight, but most importantly to feel good. That’s right. Be Healthy. Happy and fit. Two more. Now we’re both arms up. It’s a little harder. If you can do it, great. If not, just tap. If you’re just starting out, just do it like this.

Okay. You’re still working in the body and that’s the key. Good. Take. Nice deep breaths. Inhale and exhale. You got it. That’s one. Now we hold it here. Pump it up, pump it up. Yes. Come on. Work. Those legs. Were those arms. You’re doing great. Pump. You got it? Feeling good? Yes, we’re burning calories and fat. You got it now. That’s okay too. The other side. Pull. Pull. Good. You got it. Oh, pool. Can you pull your tummy in to think about good foster, pull and suck in the gut. I know we all have to be reminded even I do. Two more last one. Oh, okay. Inhale and exhale. Exhale out. Inhale up and exhale out. Good. Little do a little touch. Let’s add a little dance here. That’s it. And just have fun. Good. Just loosen up. Giving to home my favorite moves that I love to do when I do my cardio.

My whole set routine is here for you. This is it. Love it. Keep moving. That’s a whole object of this. Nonstop aerobics. Yes. Good. That’s great. Can you add your arms? That’s it. Move. You want add little leap and jump. You can. Good. Couple more. Last one. Oh, okay. Take it easy. Now. Exhale out. Now. One, two, three. Okay, let’s move it side to side. Good. Side to side. Now push it out. Push it out. Good. Push. That’s it. Really move. The more you move, the better you’ll lose. The weight and work out the whole body. That’s it. More muscles, 640 muscles. We’re working them all. Yes, go. That’s it. Push it. That’s it. Great, and take a breather. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Let me see those biceps. Beautiful bicep curls. Come on, hilltops. Bring the heart rate down. That’s it. You’re doing great. Let me see.

Those are muscles. Beautiful. That’s it. Two more. Last one, and tap behind tricep toners. Just tap behind that said, good. I love this one because it works. Your arms, your chest. Keep your heart rate up. That’s great. That’s the last one. And breathe. Inhale and exhale. That’s cool it down. Now, inhale and exhale. Beautiful natural body bootcamp. That’s what it’s all about. I love it. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. You did it. I’m so proud of you. I go ahead and visit DeniseAustin.com for more exercises, great recipes, and some exercise tips.

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