Slimming Outfits For You This Fall

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 20, 2021 | Lifestyle

Don’t you wish you could bottle up the feeling on those days that you feel incredible? Well, I’ve come to realize that a lot of those great days for me happen when I feel confident and slim! What we choose to wear in a day is definitely not the only thing that will make or break our day, but it is proven that when we look good we tend to feel good! In addition to what we wear, colors we wear can also impact our mood. As we transition out of the Summer season and move into Fall, I want to share some slimming outfit tricks that I’ve learned over the years. You can most likely accomplish these looks with clothes you already have in your closet, making them super affordable for anyone! Here are some of my tips for slimming outfits this fall:

  • Dark colors. This might be the oldest trick in the book! Dark clothing is great for concealing bumps and lumps that are unflattering. Especially in the evening, dark colors also help you to blend in to the background just a bit more. Making your silhouette appear slimmer.
  • Ruching. Choosing a dress or shirt that is ruched (fabric is gathered to give a pleated look) is one of the most simple slimming outfit choices. Ruching hugs your body naturally at the most slim places and accentuates the smallest part of your waist.
  • High Waisted. High waisted pants are definitely one fo the trends these days, and I am here for it! The high waist is great at pulling the lower part of your tummy in to hide that muffin top or menopause belly!
  • Tuck your shirt in. Tucking your shirt in will draw attention up to your waist rather than your hips, where the shirt would normally hit. You can tuck your whole shirt in or just a quick front tuck!
  • Belts. This is another way to cinch your waist in and bring attention to the slimmest part of your mid-section. You can put a belt around a short or maxi dress or even a blouse and achieve that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.
  • Dramatic neckline. A shirt or dress with a dramatic neckline, not online brings attention upwards again, but it will show off your shoulders and collarbone – which is a fun, flirty look!

As I mentioned before, what we wear can affect our mood and so can the color we wear! Wearing red communicates power and confidence – there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman! Yellow is an energetic color, it’s associated with happiness, laughter and being cheerful – that’s why I love it so much!

I hope you all enjoy some of these slimming outfits tips and tricks and are able to put them to use this fall!! Anything you can do to enjoy life a little bit more is worth it. If you are looking to jump to the next level of taking care of yourself, consider joining at I can help you feel better through fitness, nutrition and more lifestyle tips like this. YOU are worth it!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ – together!!


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