Relieve Tension in Five Simple Steps

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | December 16, 2021 | Lifestyle

Want to relieve tension? At this time of year, many people experience more tension than usual – the busy holidays, getting ready for next year, parties and gatherings… it can all add up. The good news is that you can relieve tension… I use these steps when I feel tense or anxious, give them a try!

Five Steps To Relieve Tension

  1. Breathe. I am a big fan of deep breathing, as it has so many benefits. It helps to regulate pain, improves your blood flow and removes toxins, increases your energy levels, and promotes healthy digestion. This breathing shortcut can do wonders when tension creeps in: Simply slow down your racing heart and relax your body and take a few deep, long breaths. Draw the air into your abdomen, not the upper part of your chest. Feel your belly expand as you inhale, then release all that pent-up stress as you exhale. Within a minute you should feel the tension lessening.
  2. Move Around. Working out can help reduce the physical effects of daily stress. Whether you go for a run or do some yoga, you will release mood boosting hormones called endorphins that help chase away your worries. Whenever I feel myself getting anxious I try to force myself to take a break and get in some movement. Try my Tension Tamer Stretch – a quick and easy way to relieve tension.
  3. Visualize a Calm, Peaceful Place. If you practice meditation, you know how much it can positively impact your stress and tension levels. But sometimes you may not have the time or place to fully meditate (i.e. waiting in a long line at the store), so instead help to calm your mind and body by thinking of a place that is soothing to you. This could be your local park, a hammock on a beach from a vacation you went on, or even your living room. Focus on that place and breathe in deeply, and your tension should melt away.
  4. Straighten Up. Good posture can actually help you to minimize tension. Whenever I feel myself getting anxious, I like to stand up straight and tall, drop my shoulders down, and take a deep breathe. An easy, do-anywhere move that can really help.
  5. Remind Yourself It’s Just a Moment. When you start feeling overwhelming and tense, stop and remember that it is just a moment. You can get through it, and chances are the situation is not as important as it may seem at the time.

If you do find yourself being constantly tense, anxious or stressed out, reach out to a counselor for some therapy – it can do wonders!

I hope these suggestions to relieve tension help you – remember we all have good and bad days, and the more you care for yourself, the better you will feel!

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